1. Wow just needed this when I just picked up the book. Thanks!
    Could you please do a summary on "The Five RUles for Successful Stock Investing"?
    Thank you so much!

  2. Hello, can you do a video about the book "How to day trade, by ross cameron of warrior trading". Thank you. I enjoy your videos.

  3. cant agree more with you…
    All in in 1 trade….boom
    discipline and money management is very crutial

  4. Hi Bro can you summarize books of Mark Minervini as well? Thanks in Advance

  5. What is your guys experience about setting a stop loss at the low of the previous day?

  6. You cannot simply say that the EMA is better than the MA. Not a true statement.

  7. This video save time before reading the whole book. The book is about 200+ pages takes a time to read it.

  8. Informative and elementary I love this its usually advice but nothing to better us traders. I 've been on your channel for sometime now but I still lost money trading. I recommend Arthur Winchester he has me making the best out of my trades for months now. Thanks for the video anyway!

  9. Super video! From an old timer I appreciate the time and effort but its not enough to make us consistently profitable traders am sure a ton of us agree. Ever heard of winxinvest?

  10. Hello bro. I like this animated presentation. Please, can you tell me which software do you use for this presentation?

  11. Your breakdowns are helpful and insightful. Have you done one on real estate investing yet?

  12. IF you are fat and ugly, goto – no hunger, no jojo-effect. Happy days to come. 😉

  13. hey! TSI could you make a quickie about "Reminiscences of a Stock Operator" too 😀

  14. Bro TSI your the ultimate GOAT love your videos.
    I've been telling all my colleagues about you!

  15. Emotions management is the main tool to get success in trading either its forex trading or stocks.

  16. i'm having trouble with stop losses.

    Often when i set it at a reasonable distance below the recent resistance level, it will fluctuate on its journey and ping me out before continuing in its planned journey towards the profit i've now been denied. i set it wider and the market flips, carries on going and pings me out so i lose more than i should, only to be kicked while i'm down cause the market soon changes and hits my now non-existant TP line… i mean not every time, but it only needs to happen once to wipe out most of the days profits… ughhh

  17. Even though, I believe Freddy’s example in the book was Alexander Elder’s friend’s wife, non the less, great video!

  18. Thanks for the video. Great work. If someone needs indicator to figure out if they are in a trend they should probably paper trade. A great quote I got from the option trader john carter… enter your trades where you would be tempted to put you stop. Not the most comfortable place but you will at least be trading along some big.players that can move the market.

  19. One of the best videos on Trading Introduction i've ever seen! Well Done!

  20. Trading is never a child's play , I rushed into trading when I first started I almost lost everything not until I got a trader who helped me recovered all that I lost

  21. 12:13
    (Account size): $10,000 X (Max Risk): 2% = (Max risk): $200

    (Stock Price): $100

    (Share bought would be): 2 Max, Not 20
    Am I missing something here?!

  22. Very helpful for newbies like me. Thank you. Please do a complete tutorial of basic to advanced TA.

  23. I had that book on my reading list, but thanks to this summary video, I won't read it. Those concepts are for newbies and never gonna make a profitable trader. Thanks for preventing me from wasting my time reading that book.

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  28. how come so few of this trading icons is talking about fundamental analysis ? isn't the price action moved almost 90 % by big financial institutions or even countries themselves with their big orders ? its really hard to believe for me that those individuals are using those indicators which can only analyse the past rather than economic data when they are handling bazillions of dollars … would you put 100 billion to risk just because a line crosses another line ? and if only those big individuals move the price, would it not be more logical to interprete their ways ?

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