TRADING FROM NOTHING TO SOMETHING!! (Trading to White Dracos from Nothing in Rocket League) – Part 1

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back to another video hope you guys are having an amazing day and in today’s
video I’m going to be starting a new series called um basically from nothing
to something I see a lot of youtubers doing this that play rocket League and I
decided to try and see where I can actually get with this our goal is to
try to get to the white Draco’s I know that’s a huge goal to try to get to but
it’s really big big my nothing is going to be this vector type s but I know has
a victory and I know it’s pretty big for like from nothing but I’m gonna treat
this as a regular type best um so just pretend that that Victor certified or
like certification is not there so we’re going to decide the regular type s which
is about like a 2 to 4 Creed’s so without further ado let’s just get
straight into this from nothing to something video okay our first trade is
the Kree of sky blue boat whatever and super Ellis yeah that’s I mean that’s a good offer I
mean it’s a Victor type fest the lake meeting everybody we’re typos I’ve got our second trade prowess for a
cheese oh my god I see actually accepts this trade oh my god we just got to
night shows for spiralis that’s a that’s a really good trade okay I just got
proton an optimum jt8 for free I mean I say that’s a good trade so I’ll do that yeah I can watches oh my god were actually getting an endo
for these two crates Oh we’ll still have on you got a dawn GT blooper reel and it’s
a KU New York y’all have fun showing the Brodie helmet
oh so that’s a good shirt and I realize I’m sorry oh yeah okay thank you yo I just got like receipt okay we got two on Commons for one I can
easy get creeps for those two now using so we got these great summer
alright thanks peace money got a nitro in the season
okay thanks for trading with me bro you said G Tina said it’s all weak enough to
that Rick come on all right so we’ve got easy zombo’s and
discos those are you happy true I would say when you carry hope I find
all the service okay young meets enduring invite her painted alchemists
would you do painted Octavian’s I’m sure here you watch it again for your bowler
huh did you do Wildcat years okay you’re
less easy painted items right there yeah I could do that alright so for furry and
in blue invader wheels we got blue wild cat yrs on nitro and lime pork pie I
mean I think that’s a good deal so for discos I just got roulette wheels okay
if I get this he actually did it oh my god okay so I just got a certified on GT
for like a stupid hat Xander okay yo look at this trade though did you actually accept it
oh my god we got a painted chainsaw painted and certified episodes a
hypernova a Brodie helmet and these are all painted too yeah alright so for
saffron at the cells we just got a mantis a nitro a turbo and crimson OMS
oh my god damn that’s but that’s a good trade and that those are harder so
that’s why I sold them oh my God look at this inventory just from the type s I’m
done alright guys this episode is coming to an end and I have to say we did very
very good from just going from a Type S to all these new items we have in our
inventory so these are all the items we have we have like a couple painted on
Commons like they’re pretty good the chain saw is like I’m one of the good
items and the Wildcat yours definitely is one of like the really good painted
uncommons and then we have the Mantis which is unbelievable you know how we
got the Mantis and then we have the oxygen zsr to GTS and the type s we have
to do and I chose I mean like a couple crates that’s pretty good
to always have and then get Zombo wheels and a pair 2 kilos I mean for my first
ever like this is my first ever time doing this actually just like going from
nothing to something and we freaking made progress like oh my god we have
actually pretty decent stuff so if you guys ready to like this video make sure
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see you guys in my next video peace

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