Trading Places (9/10) Movie CLIP – Down & Out Santa (1983) HD

(water dripping) (thunder clapping) (gun clicks) (gun firing) (glass shattering)

51 thoughts on “Trading Places (9/10) Movie CLIP – Down & Out Santa (1983) HD

  1. This is one of my favourite scenes from the movie. The other is near the beginning of the film where the police chase Billy-Ray Valentine to get the briefcase.

  2. OK had a few days off, but the Colonel Christmas clips continue with this one … enjoy back tomorrow

  3. The look of disgust on that lady's face is priceless… Genuine revulsion.

  4. This movie is hilarious!!!! Best part of the movie is this part!!!! LOL!!!!!

  5. at the :11 mark, am I correct? is that a young Edie Falco on the bus.. c'mon, got to be..

  6. Dan Aykroyd steals the movie, he's just brilliant. This scene and the one on the train are FANTASTIC………

  7. didnt take more than one time to go from laughing to tears………………………..

  8. So the U.S. economy is running on part time Santa's now LOlz

  9. when winthorp is eating through that ratty, nasty santa beard, it is one of the grossest scenes in movie history.

  10. Hilarious e.g. (s) of being forced to put things into perspective, and eye opening karma.

  11. Saw this in the movies, and actually felt terrible for this character……he was shattered.

  12. si on ne vous fait pas confiance, cherchez la sympathie. ça marche très bien.

  13. I fuckin lose it every time when the gun goes off!! By far my favorite christmas movie of all time!

  14. The best Christmas movie ever and one of the most quotable films of all time….The End.


  15. When the World piles up on you and nothing's going right. If you've never had a day like this, you've never truly lived. Time for another brew, beans and franks on tonight's menu.

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