TravelSafely Commercial

Meet TravelSafely. The app that helps you get where you’re going, safely. TravelSafely works if you’re driving, walking,
biking, wheeling, scooting, or skating. Get real-time audio notifications. “Red light.” So you can focus on your surroundings. Get notified when you’re approaching a red
light, or when it’s time to get ready for green. TravelSafely works with local emergency vehicles,
helping them respond to calls faster. Get notified when an emergency vehicle is
approaching. “Emergency Vehicle Front.” Or when to share the road with your two-wheeled
friends. “Cyclist.” “Vehicle Approaching Cyclist.” TravelSafely tells you when you’re passing
a school or work zone. And if you need to slow it down. So whether you’re on the road, or just crossing. “Pedestrian.” Every time you open TravelSafely you’re helping
make a better community experience for all of us. Together. Download the TravelSafely app today and join
our community of users committed to making our roads safer.

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