Trevor’s Unexpected Ride to Work – Between the Scenes | The Daily Show

– All right dope, anything else
before we move on, anything. Yes ma’am, here. (crowd laughing) – That’s, so lemme tell you. This was the most fun. So normally, I get here
in the morning, right. But now, because of the voice. I have to start my day,
doing vocal training. So I go see my vocal coach, and then go see the
voice doctors, and I get. So normally we start
the day, at like 9:30, 10:30 together here at the show. So today and like this week,
I go to my voice doctor. Then I go to my voice coach. Do like a whole thing with them. Get the voice, ’cause
they look at it. They put things down my throat. I make sounds, eh. And then they look at it. Then, so today,
when I was coming. Today was one of my
favorite days ever. ‘Cause then, when I was on
the way to the show today someone in one of those
sanitation trucks. You know the one that
sweeps the road and stuff? Yeah, they just like pulled up. And then they honked,
and they’re like, yo Trevor, wanna get in? (crowd laughing) And I was like no. And then I was like, yeah. Actually, I do.
(crowd laughing) And then I jumped in
the sanitation truck. And then we just swept
the streets together. (crowd laughing) So, I was supposed to
come straight to work but then I was just like, driving around New York
sweeping the streets. With the person, and then
we’re just like driving around. Like ah sweep there,
sweep, sweep there. Sweep there, sweep
there, sweep there. And then, that’s like
what we did for awhile. And then, then he
was like, all right, can I drop you off at the show? Then, I was like yeah,
drop me off at the show. Then drove me in the
sanitation truck. And then dropped, and then I literally hopped
out at The Daily Show. And there’s some
people who saw me. And their faces, ’cause the
sanitation truck pulls up. And it like opens at the front. And then I popped out. And then I saw
people look at me. And you know immediately when
a person’s mind just goes. No.
(crowd laughing) ‘Cause their face was
like, ah, that’s Trevor. Then there mind was
like that is not, Trevor does not come out
of a sanitation truck, to The Daily Show. So they looked at
me and just ignored that I existed as a human being. And then like I
walked past, and then. Some people were waiting
to come to The Daily Show. And they were just like, nope. That wasn’t him.
(crowd laughing) We will wait for the
real Trevor Noah. Who does not emerge
from sanitation trucks. (upbeat music)

100 thoughts on “Trevor’s Unexpected Ride to Work – Between the Scenes | The Daily Show

  1. He needs more police interaction until the inevitable happens. It could become a regular segment on his unfunny show, until the inevitable happens

  2. LOL Trevor! What were you talking about with the trash-man for so long? Well, I guess he really "has the dirt on EVERYONE!!"

  3. Why isn't he as obviously racist as the other jungle creatures in his hatred of whites?
    His mother told him he's white.

  4. Oh, what a gorgeous warm human being 😍😍😍😍😍😍😘😘😘💟💟💟💟

  5. I actually never ever comment on yt videos – but having seen this I must say that I really love these "between the scenes" clips. These are the best. So authentic and really really funny.

  6. Sounds like a made up story. Still very funny, I love the way he narrates stories.

  7. Don't be fooled by this charlatan…..he's a foreigner who wants to change America and our core values because he doesn't like them…Question why be here?……Go home.

  8. You're in New York Trevor. That was probably in the bottom 20 weird things that those people saw that day😂

  9. When Trump is not longer president, does that mean Trevor Noah will no longer be on TV since all of his jokes basically go "ha ha Trump is racist, ha ha Trump is stupid" or will we see him suffer slowly like other shows?


  11. Crybaby Trump hating Terver looks like Dildo Don Lemon before he was raped by his dad.

  12. trevor, please be careful with these so-call doctors in American, before they damage your voice,

  13. I love how the "Between the Scenes" is sometimes even better than the actual show 😛

  14. He shows up at 3 and verifies that all he will report on is fake. Then he starts the show.

  15. This alone lets you know how Americans minds work even when they see it they convince themselves it’s not true… SMDH we are truly fucked up as a nation!!!

  16. Trevor Noah is the guy your weird brother brings to dinner because they got to talking at a crosswalk and it turns into the best and funniest night of your life.

  17. This man is one of the best story tellers ever. Well next to his grandmother 😂

  18. I think he sent a subliminal message here. Please let us thank the Sanitation department for all their hard work yr after yr to keep our cities clean.

  19. What happened to his voice? I saw some clips where he wasn’t talking at all and brought someone else to speak for him. And now he’s talking about voice coaches.

  20. This was good, this was fun. yes good sir. stray not from the path on idealistic envisioning. Madiba be with you!

  21. Trevor Noah a son every mother wish to have! I hope Patricia knows this. Does your mom get you and laugh at your jokes Noah, too cute for words

  22. Hopefully they can take his gay ass home to his country while he continues to trash mine ,they should coach some bass in your voice so u sound like a man!

  23. I bet Trevor would ride anything if you spike to him in one of the South African languages in NY.

  24. These are the best reason why I love you, man…
    Do you know, you just lift up my heart and my mood…???

  25. Reminds me of what happened to me and my friend:

    We went to an event,and I saw her celebrity crush amongst us, the audience.

    So I whispered to my friend"isn't that your celebrity crush?"

    And she was like "uuh nah, he looks cuter than that."

    Hours later, the MC was like
    "There's a surprise visitor in the audience…"

    And yeah, it was really the celebrity just quietly sitting amongst us.

    My friend was shook 😂😂😂

  26. Being a celebrity and staying humble = great success!! Well done Trevor 😊 You make SA proud… Keep it up!!

  27. Damn him, he made me forget John Stewart. But I didn't though. Hahaha

  28. Hes so down to earth it amazes me. One of the things I love about him.

  29. Behind the scenes videos are much interesting than the actual show.

  30. You have to be a humble person to do that cuz if you are a cocky person…you would even insult the truck driver.

  31. BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  32. Somewhere I read that "a comedian is not a man who tells funny things, a comedian is actually a funny man telling things"… Trevor is a funny man…😍😍😍

  33. How awesome to stay that way…don't think some of us has ever thought of a ride in a sanitation truck. must be a great experience and the conversation that went down 😀 jealous

  34. bathong,, he did not answer the question… What does he do from 3 until the show starts???

  35. It is just amazing how he can make jokes about anything and everything. My african brother Trevor we love you .

  36. I guess this is what's fun about literally "starting from the bottom". It gives you so much perspective and openness of mind. Thats the glimmer in his face, Life.

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