Trigger Warning: Cultural Appropriation

Greetings ladies and gentlemen my name is EJ Spurrell and today we’re tackling the issue of cultural appropriation. Welcome to Trigger Warning. So, what exactly is cultural appropriation? Wikipedia calls it the adoption of some specific elements of one culture by different cultural
group and it’s very closely related to acculturation, which shows the progress of a culture while being inclusive of smaller cultures held within. Which on the outside seems fine, but online it has taken on a life of its own. It’s seen as a negative thing that oppresses people and relegates their cultures to costumes and little else. So to help you get
a better idea of what these people are saying about it we’ve put together this little public
service announcement. Let’s check it out. Narrator: This is Jon. is a white man yep John is thinking
about growing his hair out do dreadlocks I was considered it yes I wouldn’t do
that John why not because up cultural
appropriation cultural appropriation let’s not
cultural procreation is when white man like yourself steals the
cultural identity a minority I’m not showing anything I’m just now charge people already think
you’re racist you don’t wanna dig yourself deeper hole
now do you %uh no fire John just doesn’t understand how
hairstyle he likes can be racist not really now but John doesn’t have to understand how it makes
the cultures he appropriates field wait a second John his battle that
piercing yeah for shame John does she know that
you’re now culturally appropriating indigenous people am on you are John your number things shouldn’t culturally appropriate
for indigenous peoples or other cultures here’s a good list for
you just keep in mind Rico John now don’t you feel better
knowing that not really now geared you one step closer to being not
racist you look hungry John why not have a bite
to eat well I have disparate oh no john you’re doing it again doing what you’re
not Mexican John does she know that eating Mexican food
when you’re not Mexican is cultural appropriation but Taco Bell it doesn’t matter Shahn after all you don’t want to be racist
now to you now I guess I can order Chinese I definitely wouldn’t suggest that John
let me guess culture appropriation now you’re getting
it so Larkana here you go John enjoy its a potato it is its ninety think know John cooking food was infected by
caveman you don’t wanna proofread caveman
culture do you i’d don’t want you to either where you’re
going to have to deal with it John to help you on your way bill here’s
another handy list to help you understand what kinda foods you’re not
allowed to eat there you go John now doesn’t that make you feel more
enlightened makes me feel hungry that’s great John now you understand how ethnic groups
feel when you appropriate their cuisine writer was that Spanish John I think so for shame John don’t you know
you’re now proof reading the language other cultures your white man speaking any language
other than your own is oppression Indus racism you’re
serious of course I am I spent 12 hours talking with people on
the internet about this and we all agree careful there john shaking your head is proof reading
Middle Eastern culture this is getting ridiculous that’s just
put a racist but say John is there anything that I can haz course
John you can have respect for pressed
minorities the rest is off limits after all way people
invented bitterly nothing and have no culture
their own her don’t you feel less racist now John pay that white guys eating a burrito
care in but old soon now that you have a better idea on
me claims are being made about culture
appropriation it’s time for the issue little Imperial with these claims are actually
trying to say now I am by no means suggesting all world cultural appropriation are
okay in some cases such as the adoption of Latin American headdress is for
costumes and whatnot it can be considered fast but the reality
is that the city is taking on a life of its own is clearly gone too far in making the
claims that so much has been here country that is
not one your herself is in itself racist idea is clearly being hurt how do you expect to learn or get out your bubble if the idea %uh visiting another country or learning
another language is oppressive how do you expect to
actually understand other cultures if by simply expressing
appreciation I’ll set culture is considered racist
will you call somebody who appreciates ethnic cuisine racist for enjoying the food Jersey
literally encouraging them to stop supporting
ethnic restaurants which are you sure I’m by ethnic
families you are literally taking the food
directly from their children’s mouse point yes that there comes a time when the fight
against racism goes too far nobody suggesting that racism is the way
to go it’s an outdated vastly outmoded method
understanding other cultures has rightly offensive any
thinking individual ultimately cause somebody offered
joining aspects someone else’s culture does more harm in duration of that culture been good
you are tempting to alienate that culture from outside
support and from the wider world and that
cautions far more curious sure that anything else not to mention the fact that by taking
such a hard line approach is alienating yourself and your car us from being taken seriously most people
will agree that racism is bad but cooperation not so much I argue that it’s hopefuls these
cultures just as much as you can twist logic around to suggest that is harmful to their also I’m gonna venture to guess to say that
unless you originate from Sen culture you have exactly 0 say in the matter
take a look at yourself in the mirror are you Indian now stop calling out
those who appreciate Indian culture are you Asian now they stop calling out who’s who cruciate
Asian culture weary bindi doesn’t harm anybody
dressing up and come home now is not harming anybody white person who
goes to Japan is not only welcome but expected to her to speak the local culture and
that does include out only specialist thing I what’s my name is DJ
Spurl yourself so feel free to let comment and
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arsons let me know like to hear mineral pt is beautiful and that there’s something
wrong with the society that values pick this Intel or fried chicken in cupcakes so hard to

12 thoughts on “Trigger Warning: Cultural Appropriation

  1. Well, as an Australian, we have basically no uniquely Australian food (the only ones I can think of are Vegemite and Lamingtons), so… shit!
    Actually… I'm using a language we culturally appropriated from the English. Fuck!!! Also they appropriated the basis for their written and spoken language from the Greeks and Romans… so, who does it actually belong to?
    Modern medicine is also a mix of Greek and Middle Eastern (mostly Turkish) traditions.

    Oh, and as someone of Irish heritage, I'm claiming all alcohol as part of our culture!
    Also antibiotics were discovered by an Australian, so that's part of Aussie culture too.

    I think white people invented bread… according to SWJ logic, are we allowed to be dicks about that?

    This vid made me hungry. Made some Asian style food… delicious. Tastes like social justice warrior tears.

  2. He can't eat that potato either. That is cultural appropriation of Irish food.
     Edit: Another thing that really fuck gets my goat about this. We are raciest if we learn another language and we raciest if we don't? what the hell?

  3. Food and hairstyles huh? Maybe they should start counting lands as well, suddenly these antiracists would realize their stupidity or start telling people to gtfo of their countries.

  4. I'm drinking Irish coffee, while eating Chinese food, while my Hawaiian mother Is making Tamales in the other room with my two black cats and my fat white and orange tabby.

  5. I disagree with you saying that a "head dress" is not ok. That too is just another part of a culture and unless you want to argue that crowns and laurels and knight helmets and samurai helmets and any clothing of any sort are not ok then you can not make it for the head dress. The sooner people get over this nonsensical special pleading the sooner people can express themselves freely and we'll get new and unique things built of those older cultures…

    Oh yeah, btw… considering it native american culture is kinda messed up and similar to saying that there is no difference between french, english, scottish, irish, american, canadian, etc. We wouldn't say that because we have learned enough to see the difference. The reason we don't see the difference with native americans or whatever other groupings out there is because we're ignorant of where those dividing lines are and so we shouldn't assume that things like head dresses are representative of all those cultures which were surely different.

  6. a) no one argues that eating a burrito is cultural appropriation. 

    b) for a white guy you're awful cavalier  with granting people permission to wear bindis something of a rather significant importance to East Indian culture. 

    your whole argument is like a combination of slippery slope and strawmanning.

    and not it's not ok to dress like a Harajuku girl when you can't even spell it. That's the difference between culture appreciation and cultural appropriation. There's a difference between liking the way the culture looks and truly appreciating the value in the culture. Wearing a headdress as a Halloween costume is on the former side of that line.

  7. Oh my gosh!!! This is perfect!! Thank you!! People nowadays are way to over sensitive! Your videos basically define my every belief!

  8. Stealing the culture of a minority is like a rat jumping ON TO a sinking ship.

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