True Horizontal Air Curtain | Commercial Refrigerated Merchandisers | Impulse Beverage Sales

True’s horizontal air curtain series
place maximum attentionn on merchandising and allow easy access to displayed
products, resulting in high impulse sales. Ideal for packaged, fresh salads,
sandwiches, desserts, and beverages. THACs are available in three sizes. The exterior is
a non peeler chip powder coated steel, durable and permanent. A stainless steel
option is available for an upcharge. The interior features an attractive NSF
approved aluminum liner with stainless steel floor. High illumination LEDs
enhance the lighting and brilliance of the product. Units come standard with a
three year parts and labor warranty with an additional two year parts warranty on
the compressor. True’s exclusive reversing condenser fan motor helps minimize
periodic maintenance, keeping the condenser free from dirt, dust, and debris — keeping coils clean and optimizing the unit’s performance, providing colder
holding temperatures and increased energy efficiency. Accessories such as a
dry goods area are available for this product. Please contact your local food
service equipment provider for more information.
Certain features and benefits may vary by country or location. True’s commitment to
using the highest quality materials engineered with balanced fully
self-contained refrigeration systems provides colder product temperatures,
lower utility costs, exceptional food safety, and the best value today’s food
service marketplace. True’s horizontal air curtain series.

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