Trump Changes His Tune on Celebrating Ramadan | The Daily Show

As you may know, this month is the Muslim
holy month of Ramadan. And last year, President Trump
received a lot of criticism when he became the first
president in two decades not to host an official
Ramadan dinner. In response, Trump said,
“I have no problem with Ramadan. I just don’t like Muslims.” But it looks like this year,
he’s changing his tune. WOMAN: Tomorrow, President Trump
will host a dinner recognizing the Muslim
holy month of Ramadan. The event was not held
last year. The move is a return
to White House tradition. So far, a guest list
has not been made available. Yay! President Trump
making Ramadan great again. For more on this news,
we wandered around the building and pulled in the first Muslim
we saw. Hasan Minhaj, everybody! (cheers and applause) -What’s up, Hasan?
-What’s up, man? So, uh, Hasan,
The White House Ramadan dinner is back on the calendar
officially. -How big of a deal is this?
-I mean, it’s huge, Trevor. Ramadan is the month where
Muslims cleanse themselves by fasting all day. That means no eating,
no drinking, no cursing and definitely no face filters. We know you’re not a puppy! No lying
during the holy month, okay? Ramadan is like Lent
and Yom Kippur combined– it’s the ultra-marathon
of sacrifice. So it’s nice when the president
acknowledges that with a dinner. Yeah, but, Hasan,
how does it feel to have Donald Trump
host that dinner? You know, I’ll be honest,
Trevor, um… when I heard the news,
I was deeply offended… -Of course.
-that I wasn’t invited. Wait. What,
you want to be invited? ‘Course I do. I mean,
it is gonna be a train wreck. (laughter) Trump and Ramadan. That’s like Mel Gibson hosting
a Passover Seder. -(laughter, applause)
-Who wouldn’t want to see whatever that is? Okay, well,
if you weren’t invited, why not just find another Muslim
who is gonna be invited and then just try
and be their plus-one? Oh, just chain-migration my way
into the dinner? I wish. I don’t even know who’s going. I’ve asked all my friends,
I have scoured the Minternet– which is, like,
the Muslim Internet, it’s like Black Twitter–
um, nothing. It is killing me. I just want to sit there
and share some halal KFC with my man Dinesh D’Souza. Hasan, Dinesh D’Souza
is not a Muslim. I know that. You know that. Trump doesn’t know that. I will say this, though– any
Muslim who goes to this event -is truly devout.
-What do you mean by that? I mean, this is the month
of enduring hardship, and this dinner is gonna be
Hall of Fame hardship. You are coming off
of 16 hours of no food, no water, you’re tired,
you’re delirious, and then Mr. Travel Ban
walks into the room, and because it’s Ramadan,
you’re not even allowed to curse that orange-tinted,
mother… I’m sorry, I’m fasting. See?
Now, that’s a test from God. Yeah, but…
I’m sure you know this, Hasan, but there’s a lot of speculation about why Trump is hosting
the dinner this year, right? Some people think
it’s because the Supreme Court is about to rule
on his travel ban, and he doesn’t want them
to think that he hates Muslims. Other people think he’s doing
this because he’s planning to do, like, a Game of Thrones
style Red Wedding. -(laughter)
-Oh, okay. Or… or… Trump is finally thinking
of converting to Islam. Wait, what? Think about it, Trevor. He doesn’t drink alcohol,
he doesn’t work on Fridays, he named his casino
the Taj Mahal– he’s already 90% there. Plus, it would be so dope to have our
second Muslim president. What’s up, Barry? (laughter, whooping, applause) You know what, I mean,
Trump converting to Islam? I’d have an easier time
believing that if Trump didn’t hate Muslims
so much. You know who also
hates Muslims, Trevor? Muslims.
Iran hates Saudi Arabia. Turkey hates Syria. Hasan Minhaj hates
Kumail Nanjiani. Now, Kumail, I told you
to put me in The Big Sick, it was the perfect
role for me, but no… you had to go with Zoe Kazan,
and look what happened– your movie was
barely a major hit, you selfish mother fasting… I’m fasting. Sorry. Hasan Minhaj, everybody.

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  7. Ramadan Kareem to all of you. Remember allah doesn’t only wants us to control our hunger. But also our thoughts and actions. Plz brothers and sisters I know eating less food makes humans vulnerable to impulsive and misjudged actions. But that’s the test. Allah wants us to pass it. Stay strong 💪🏾. Thanks you to our non Muslim brothers and sisters who are standing with us during this month. Trying to make things easier for us. In all aspects of daily life. Stay blessed y’all

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    Me :i will make him 99% Muslim and i will invite him for dinner 😎😎😎😎


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