Trump Defends Russia, Ups His China Trade War… And Tweets About Bed Bugs | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

100 thoughts on “Trump Defends Russia, Ups His China Trade War… And Tweets About Bed Bugs | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

  1. Big agriculture,big oil have gotten billions in subsidies,the auto workers got help in bad times but we're cut off day one of recovery,but both don't want to stop paying the corporations their welfare,and the working class people pay the give away,pacs win and the poor lose

  2. Trump: Best President America has ever seen or had Trump 2020 & Jr 2024 for the big Win.

  3. Bed bugs and cockroaches in the kitchen. And with over 500 health violation in just 2 yrs or so. Nasty…lol

  4. Is it ok to unemploy half of the American workers so we sell over produced soy beans. How about pork exports the china owns or does anyone remember us allowing the biggest pork company to sold to china. How about Jimmy Carter and his crap with the Russians. How the farmers strike? How about the farmers that were on strike renting land out from underneat there neighbors. How about the farmers who are on the farm ebt system. I an say this because i did farm but left it because the i realized farmers are there own worst enemy. This purchasing of overpriced equipment and farm trucks will you out of business before a trade war with china. I am ashamed that farmers would be so selfish as to rather have America go broke than see America get truly back on its feet

  5. "China called last night, said let's get back to the table."
    China said, nope no calls from us.

  6. The incoherent ramblings of a man on the verge of going completely insane, he is at 99.9%

  7. 2020 – Vote this unstable imbecile out.. he''s so stupid, makes a pig look smart

  8. Only two ways that this all ends. Trump in prison or Trump hiding out in Russia.

  9. There will be some "bed bugs" in that cell bunk he will share with few "black friends " of his lol.Fake president.

  10. Trump is under direct order from Putin to crater the US economy and destroy the Atlantic alliance. If he succeeds he may not even run in 2020, but will flee to Russia to collect a fat $20 billion cheque from his Russian bosses and retire to a nice, secure dacha on the Black Sea. All for a job well done.

  11. Donnie cmes out iln support of Bolsonaro who is burning the Amazon to create soybean fields. Our farmers, whom he already has harmed, will find, if they ever do business with China again, competing with Amazon soybeans from Brazil in a buyers market. Basically Bolisnaro is st on taking over a US market, and Donnie is all for him.

  12. 후쿠시마 방사능 귀없는 토끼 급증. 2020년 후쿠시마올림픽 위기 – 아베 때문에~
    Fukushima radioactive earless rabbit surge. Fukushima Olympics Crisis in 2020-Because of Abe

  13. crook crook clown crook 👋 👋
    who cares trump you is a whimp
    dam fool ✌ out

  14. Time to turn out the lights on trump his party's over. Vote out the Moscow Bedbugs that infest the republican party.

  15. No sir your not making extra money at YOUR RESORT!! You need help! Oh yeah there is no fake news! Yeah Kim's gonna do the right thing and he's building a nuclear submarine!! Quit your bizarre lying!!

  16. Like many of his Florida and New York properties, the Trump administration is infected with PARASITES!
    Trump has turned the White House into a Roach Motel of loathsome corruption.

  17. Lmao!!!! Well it’s documented that he is a lying draft dodging coward with 5 fraudulent military deferments! It is factual that he stands as an accused sexual pervert/predator/offender! It is factual that he has many several bankruptcies, and is definitely working on another bankruptcy as the U. S. President! He is the most corrupt person to ever be illegally elected with Russia help….a big 🖕🏼🖕🏽🖕🏻🖕🏿🖕, to his boifriend Putin! The pos anything about being a true American Patriot! How could he when he disgraced the country, the constitution, the flag and every true American Patriot! He proudly has soldout the country to Putin/Russia and the Saudis! He is a treasonous traitor coward commie!

  18. trade war damaging us and china, eu. pushing china and eu close to ruassia and russia is getting stronger and stronger.

  19. There may be no bed bugs at Doral , because the infestation is already in Trump's freaking brain. 🤣🤣🤣

  20. come on congress! TRUMP IS INSANE!!!!!!!! DO ANYTHING TO REMOVE HIM TO A STATE HOSPITAL!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. The problem with china is that they feel so entitled to everything. They are all hypocrites .

    1) china called US big bully while they took away south china sea territories and resources from ASEAN countries like they own the place.

    2) Xi attacked protectionism but look at how much they subsidise their state owned firm,forced tech transfer & limit market access for foreign companies.

    3) China asked for free trade deal but free comes with huge cost as they used it as political tool to threaten smaller countries when they are not happy.

    4) China has been violating intellectual properties but they demand a fair 50:50 trade deal?

    5) they called cultural superiority stupid , look at how they treat Tibetan & uyghurs.

    6) China criticise foreign hypocrisy over Hong Kong. What about their own hypocrisy to take away HK people’s right to vote ? And hire mobs from Fujian to attack protesters?

    7) China movies and media love to villfy western countries and make fun of people with colors. When it’s them being made fun of, they just boycott your products.

    And of course if you tell Chinese people the things above, they believe it’s all conspiracy theory from the west to bring down their country. They never admit anything.

  22. Holy crap, just how bad do you lunatics want another cold war? Please leave the Russians alone. All of you "Russia is to blame" garbage is why they are taking the stance they are now against the US. Why is it always some kind of warmongering with you people. Nobody NEEDS to be stopped. Nobody NEEDS to be dealt with. Nobody NEEDS to stop them. We just have to see they are in fact a sovereign nation. One we have no authority over. An equal nation under international law. If the US government under Obama DIDN'T push an agenda to start up old cold war tensions, we wouldn't be in this mess in the first place. Before even one of you fruitcakes tells me I don't know what I am talking about try to remember, Obama isn't scared of Putin. No need at all to hold any fear of the leader of a nation that has 1000+ more nukes than we do. As for China, their economy is about to collapse under the weight of the tariffs. They are scrambling to manipulate their currency fast enough to keep their businesses from going under. These tariffs are also hurting the loan scam of the Belt and Road plan they have going on. The fact you don't say the to the American people is a show of how disingenuous you really are as a news organization.

  23. I literally think that he's trying to make China the escape of the real problems in the USA instead of addressing them correctly. I have no idea how the USA can benefits from the trade war, at least not in a short time.

  24. Will he or wont he tarrif China again this year His base won't be able to afford to Christmas shop if he does

  25. Trump will back down his trade war to save his re-election bid. Xi is an eternal president and he can wait. His people deal with poverty and hardship better than Americans! Good thing is Trump will claim victory either way: Trade war is fixed and beautiful.

  26. Oh god alot of. Dreamers we still have 2020 trump wins crying towels go out to losers who need hugs to survive.

  27. My farms are doing so well under trump. Fake news. I make millions of profit. Thks trump. 2020

  28. Tweeter Trump you embarrassed this country at G 7,you are the reason a recession is coming. You lied about China calling, much more. You are a criminal conman who will be put in prison soon🤘🐀🐮👹🐘🔚🔜🙏🇺🇸🔍⚖⛓

  29. Stupid president dig a graveyard bury himself and all american.Claimed will win the war.Who win has eventually surfaced.Look who is in hurry to make a deal.

  30. Probably the only thing I agree with Trump on is the trade issue. I believe that balancing trade will benefit all countries, as it would mean a stronger domestic economy, higher paying factory work, less imports. And for the U.S.- a return of the factory jobs lost under free trade as well. If it's done gradually, with tariffs, or preferably, phased-in international barter-only trade. The losers would be the outsourcing conglomerates behind free trade.

  31. I love how the yang gang went after CNN when they showed Beto in 6th place with 1%, and not even showing Andrew Yangs picture despite him getting 3% in the same exact national poll they were posting. Then CNN said “oh 💩 they’re exposing us, let’s show another list with yang in 6th at 3% in less than 24 hours. NBC you shouldn’t have messed with us because we will expose you for your numerous attempts to silence Andrew Yang. Look, I get it, you don’t want everyone to have $1,000 extra each month. But that’s too bad, you may control the narrative, but you don’t control our vote. The Yang Gang is growing every day, who’s with me yang gang where you at?! #yang2020

  32. Wouldn’t it be crazy if Trump really WAS chosen and began having his people gather information that could lead to the arrest of the satanic New World Order, arresting people like Alison Mack, Claire Bronfman and Jefferey Epstein?

  33. USA is allowing this moron to tear whatever moral fabric we have left in our world apart. It's depressing on uncountable levels.

  34. $30,000for a party? Where did Barr get that kind of money? He only been working for Trump for about a year. Sounds fishy to me, wouldn't be surprised if it was a Campaign party for donors for Trump. Conflict of interest?

  35. You do nothing for politics but money lmfao @Presidnt Donald J. Trump haha America


  37. Go ahead trump fire the fed you can do that you fired Janet yellen so fire jay powell but you won’t because you need jay trump you are a coward

  38. Guess what this means trump does not give a crap about anybody except himself and his company

  39. is there anybody who has stayed at trump's doral that didnt get cannabalized by bedbugs?

  40. you would support Russia and of course you would thats why you are desperate to get him back in and you and him are part of the mafia isnt that right

  41. trump is running the USA with iron fist… his approach to China and Iran are jextremely unwise because he has opened the Pandora's box. . he is risking the destruction of Chinese economy and ours, Iran is already suffering
    from many angles…mr. trump China and America need each other…. make friends not enemies, it's nicer…. where is diplomacy?

  42. The US President complaining about how the world takes advantage of the US is a monster of a joke, a monster that spews irony like no other -.-

  43. The GOP representatives are doing and saying nothing. What a bunch of weak, pathetic, selfish and fickle individuals.

  44. The people spreading lies about the bed bugs must have a time machine because the place was sued years ago over bedbug bites.

  45. Wow.. PPL..WOW ! Now lets play a game called "WHAT IF OBAMA DID IT" ⁉️… WOW❗❗

  46. This Trump guy is a piece of trash. Another short sighted leader that going to not ends well for the country.

  47. All I hear in this video is a few gaps and sensoring with what people have to say.

  48. If the news about bed bugs infestations are a lie then sue them so they can write a redaction, very simple very simple, the trumps are so fast to go to the courts and fight this do it


  50. TRUMP is the best president ever. You guys should stop listening to fake news. Learn to think for yourselves. We welcome people that see the light

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