Trump impeached after historic vote | NBC News (Live Stream Recording)

100 thoughts on “Trump impeached after historic vote | NBC News (Live Stream Recording)

  1. … these ' HOUSE of REPRESENTATIVES ' politicians pro-impeachment , expressing themselves through their emotions and subjective ' opinions ' , picking up details , not factual , are making confusion between his PERSONALITY and his POLITICAL MATTERS . one might not ENJOY his PERSONALITY , but this is not base on impeachment … gosh , what a level .

  2. LOL!! I can't contain myself! The retorts of 'Doughie' Collins (R-GA) are simply 'classic' comedy! More. please!!

  3. This is disgusting… You want to know corruption? Tyrants that don't allow a man to defend himself. Tyrants that won't allow the function of the protection of three forms of government to operate. tyrants that sit on the stand and lie about information and admit they lied. Tyrants that publish lies and refuse to testify under oath. Tyrants like Adam Schiff who did illegal activities breaking the fourth amendment.

    One another form? One of the guys I work with, his mother apparently just moved to California and started voting Democrat, years after her death. Want another example question? attacking the rights of honest and law-abiding citizens because you want criminals to control them. What do I mean by that? Democrats justified gun control because criminals exists. That is letting criminals control the innocent. This won't remove guns from the criminals. This will allow the tyrants who side with the criminals to control the good people. Tyrants that break the second amendment because their control is more important than your freedom. The tyrant Hillary Clinton paid Russia to make a dossier that her and the FBI then tried to make it look like it wasn't a Russian document to frame a presidential candidate. This from the woman and President Obama, whom helped Russia by uranium one and helped them annex Crimea so they could build their military strength.

    but you want to know tyrants? How about the fact that the tyrant Clinton foundation used poor people to raise the most money in human history worth more than most world economies and gave none of it to them… That's a f**** tyrant…

    but Nancy pelosi slams the gavel and gives all her party the evil eye saying "shut up to her party. Be good little slave masters. We will control the slavery of the United States again."

  4. Trump wasnt impeached until the articles are sent to the Senate. At this point Dims know they have made big mistake.

  5. Obama administration illegally spied on the Trump campaign and Joe Biden shook down a foreign government for personal gain. I support a full investigation and punishment at the highest levels!

  6. Its time to remove this infestation of communists Democrats my patriotic Americans. Stock up on water, ammo and food. The civil war will be short as wars go but nonsense in giving the dims any foot hold.

  7. Trump should absolutely be removed, but we just happen to know that the GOP Senate is bought and paid for, and will block impeachment, in spite of his compromising national security, concealing documents from investigators, defying subpoenas, obstructing justice, undermining the Constitution, and tampering with witnesses. Seasons Greetings to Putin from Moscow Mitch and Lily Livered Lindsey.

  8. Thanks Democrats showing us the issues that are important to you. Trying to overthrow an election. I will NEVER vote Democrat again!!!

  9. LOL Pelosi says no impeachment without bipartisan support and lied. She said we have to get Trump out NOW for the integrity of America and stalls passing articles to the senate. She knows Trump is innocent and yet they hate. Wake up democrat/socialists. The same horrible travesty will happen to us all if you want a socialist government.

  10. President Trump, a Christian president, is NOT impeached so long as the House has not received the signed papers from mafia pelosi. And it will never be completed.

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  12. For thirty years I have been the only republican in a huge family of fake news following liberals that fell for every California wives-tale the media told. They hated me as much as Trump not long ago. Today, most of them support him, thanks to this phony impeachment fiasco. They saw through the phony Russia story, but still hated Trump, because they were told to by the media. But when they read the transcript of the phone call, and the way the media kept pounding a misquote and twisting it, they now see the bias. Also, I'd like to say thank you to Nancy Pelosi, for admitting you made your choice based on polls, for not being a good actor, and for being so obviously fake. You helped me make the case I have been trying to do for 30-years.

  13. Yes, these last three year will live forever in infamy because of MSM, Nancy and the rest of the cabal… But it won't make politics. That's for adults to do.

  14. How do even this group of Dems,,let this Blatant corrupt Pelosi go on without replacing her quickly. The Nays were much louder than the yays. this is  Communism dictatorship NWO  infected in the U.S. They are so afraid of the Trump antibiotic. to clean up D.C. politics.

  15. This is where the special needs people play…Nothing But Crap nbc! Get ready to put those vagina hats on and scream at the sky anti Americans!!!!

  16. Historic vote, Really! It was only Democrats
    That is not historic. That is FAKE NEWS. AH HA HA HA

  17. STOP LYING !

  18. Anyone else seen the new Wendy's ad? "2 for $5."

    God, I want a spicy chicken 🐔 burger so bad.

  19. All I want for all of us now and for future generations is to preserve the U.S. Constitution as the law of the land. I can't tell you how many times Democrats who push socialism have agreed with me wholeheartedly!!! They don't know that socialism (the biggest farce in political history) and the Bill of Rights can't function together…because socialism will remove those Rights, and our freedoms.

  20. The Dems have forever shamed the House of representatives. They even prevented the person who wrote the report from being questioned by the Republicans. Truth was the last thing the Dems wanted.

  21. look at the top of the video. it says in God we trust ..I dont think these cats care about the real Americans working hard everyday. Tell the truth

  22. Me: Plays Impeached Game
    A Moment Later: Trump is getting Impeached.
    Am I controlling this president?

  23. You congressmen who tried to impeach trump will see the consequences if he is ousted, america will fall. Dont do it.

  24. And now, after all of the faux urgency to save our country from evil dictator Trump, ole marble mouth Pelosi won’t send it over to the senate. MAGAKAG2020 guaranteed

  25. A majority of registered voters believe that President Trump will win the 2020 presidential election, according to a Morning Consult/Politico poll released on Wednesday.

    The survey shows that 56 percent of voters believe the president will be reelected. Eighty-five percent of Republicans and 51 percent of independents were confident in Trump’s reelection effort, compared to 35 percent of Democrats.

  26. It's day 3. Democrats everywhere, some with somber and prayerful bibles in one hand and impeachment party hats in the other, left wondering, what's happening with the impotent impeachment process and left looking for the stain.

  27. Idiots all of you, you don't impeach a POTUS unless you have both parties that want him out due to high crimes, Trump has committed none that are impeachable and half the country does not want him impeach. So no you don't impeach when it's all left wing loons that just hate him, that's it. Your impeaching on hate and hate only. He will win again due to this blunder.

  28. Because it's real ABUSE and discrimination7+ touching used treated force H 🧛💿🙍🥃🚔🧠🦎🌈🚫💚🖤🧠🔇👃👂🇺🇸🌁🇺🇸🙍🧛🚔💪🤲🗣️💩💩💩💩💩-👁️+🔇🚫🧠🚔💩+🐀🥃🧛💚👍+persecuted 💩🚔👃👁️🇺🇸🚶💚🚫🔇🌈🦎 alright just 👃👂

  29. The stupid Democrats have decided to "lead with their chin" going into the 2020 election.

  30. He is NOT impeached. He has been investigated by people who don't like him. They think there is enough evidence to bring him to trial. But, they are afraid to transmit the evidence to the Senate for the trial, and until he is voted by the Senate, he is NOT impeached. And then would come the long-drawn-out process of attempting to remove him from office.

  31. He's not impeached unless the process is complete. It will be dead on arrival in the Senate and Trump will win reelection. Democrats will wonder why Biden isn't president because all of the liberal polls will have him winning. Not a chance. Not a chance.

  32. landslide victory for Trump 2020 guaranteed – thanx dems, keep up your silly attacks on the president USA its helping him to no end

  33. Seriously Trump impeached before fact. That earns a thumbs down. Try a better by line.

  34. Trump is not impeached. There was a vote by house. The only way he's impeached is there has to be a trial in the Senate. Your a bunch of idiots spouting lies. Fake new. Your not journalist your idiots

  35. What a joke the democrat party has become. How embarrassing it must be to be a democrat these days. I know a few democrats, and they are absolutely EMBARRASSED to be affiliated with these bumbling idiots. They should be eliminated or sent to “The Wall”

  36. Trump never did get impeached apparently – that’s according to professor FELDMAN from Harvard! Way to dodge a bullet bro!! Nancy fumbled the ball at the 1 yard line😂


  38. Cnn could make a anything look bad FAKE NEWS NETWORK OF THE YEAR AWARD GOOOO’ CNN – what a incredible achievement won by a country mile unbeaten champions. Filth should be banned I have never herd sos much hate in one place no wonder trump won

  39. So what about the millions of people who had to watch the 2016 election as outsiders? You know, the millions that couldn't bring themselves to vote for Clinton or Trump?

  40. Cool since NANCY is dragging here feet to turn in the BS Impeachment articles the Impeachment is Nulled and Void…. hey Nancy the Senate makes the call not you, your done! Turn them in chicken!

  41. He is not impeached because the dems have not turned in their phony papers yet….abc learned propaganda from the Russians and it shows, they are liars and commies….worthless to Americans…WWG1WGA…Trump2020…TrumpJr2024

  42. Don't listen to the DEM scum! Value your support, as we are always here. GOD BLESS REPUBLICANS! TRUMP 2020 BABY!

  43. People's democratic will being dismantled this is overriding democracy by rich and powerful war profiteers

  44. Fabricated lies done by CIA brennen should be considered as treasonist and a performed attempt to commit a over throw of the presidency of the United States why isn’t there an indictment on CIA brennen he needs to be on a firing squad

  45. Trump isnt actually impeached until the house transmits the articles to the senate.
    This is where the problems for democrats comes in.
    Democrats corrupted and weaponized the judiciary and used it to try and oust the president as a traitor.

    When that failed they tried to dictate to the executive branch how to conduct business, and used the only weapon they had – impeachment – to further harass and try to intimidate the president.

    Now they are trying to dictate to the senate how to conduct ITS business.

    This isnt going to end well for pelosi and co

  46. Cal & NY do not control this Country. That's why we have the Electorate. Now look at Schiff, Pelosi, Swallwell, Maxine Waters, Jerry Nadler, and Chuck Schumer – WHERE ARE ALL OF THEM FROM? Cal & NY.
    California House of Representatives: Democrats – 45 Republicans – 7
    New York House of Representatives: Democrats – 21 Republicans – 5
    2016 Election Results California: Hillary – 8.7M Trump – 4.5M
    2016 Election Results New York: Hillary – 4.5M Trump – 2.8M

    Those 2 States are the ones trying to take over this Country. High taxes – rich people – problematic for 48 other states. The Dems could not do it in 2016, but look at how many are in the House 66 vs. 12 = thus the majority and Pelosi + Schumer. The rest of the nation needs to SPEAK UP and not let these 2 States take over the other 48.

  47. That any "sane" person would choose to actually quote Donald Trump is beyond me…I have no words.

  48. 93,000,000 people voted for him?!? This is exactly the problem with these republicans…over and over again they prove they have no idea what they are talking about. And if one more of them states that the American people agree with them, I swear to God. Donald Trump was put into office by the electoral vote. He was NOT the choice of the people and more Americans do NOT agree with him or the Republicans. The Republicans are just ridiculous…

  49. 33% of Democrats thought that he was going to be removed from office because he was “Impeached.” First of all, until Piglousy files the articles with the Senate, there is no impeachment, it will be null and void when McConnell seems it so. In America the accused is granted the right to a speedy trial. Thanks for handing Trump a landslide in 2020 though demtards.

  50. Democrats for Trump 2020! Tell your friends, spread the news! Trump best represents the moderates too! Because of the fascist nature these impeachment articles have been made under, I actually donated money to Trump's adminostration today. I would have never believed in a million years that anything could make me vote for a republican…but modern dems are prioritizing fascist action over liberal ideals and have totally alienated me.
    Trump 2020! I vow to vote 100% republican for every position out of spite until democrats wake up and return to liberal values. I cannot support fascism.

  51. We love trump, if you try to impeach him, you're impeaching US. Trump talked about US in the phone call, we talk about US in impeachment 🙂


  53. Great way to admit you're fake news the vote was for the articles not impeachment itself still has other processes to go through.

  54. The fact that people are so stuck on political parties and are unable to see abuse of powers is beyond belief.

  55. YOu liars you telling democrats you impeached trump to collect money from the suckers , fraud trump was not impeached.

  56. He is NOT impeached. This is a SHAM. MEANWHILE….. LQQK! It’s FINALLY starting! 🇺🇸🎉🇺🇸🎉🇺🇸

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