Trump Is Terrible on Trade. Top 2020 Dems Are No Better.

They were the stupid years, what they were
doing was incredible, NAFTA, one of the world’s worst trade deals
ever, I know a couple of others we’ve been involved in them too. By erecting tariffs and threatening to tear
up free trade agreements, President Donald Trump has done more to advance
one of the left’s long standing policy goals than any other modern President. And he also sounds a lot like some of the
Democratic candidates that are running to unseat him in the next
election. Bernie Sanders sill brags about how he opposed
the North American Free Trade Agreement when it was ratified by Congress in 1994. In 2011, the Vermont Senator even went after
the Smithsonian Institution for selling Chinese made toys. We should not be selling statues of the founding
fathers of this country and have them made in China. From the World Trade Organization protests
in Seattle in 1999 to the 2016 campaign trail, The left has traditionally opposed free trade
on the grounds that it hurts American workers. I hope in fact, all across the board, we begin
to focus on rebuilding our manufacturing sector so that we create millions of jobs in products
made in the United States. But it’s Donald Trump who has made at least
some of those dreams come true. We’re asking Bernie Sanders voters to join
our movement. This creates a conundrum: the Democrats running for office in 2020 can’t
say that they like what Trump is doing but they’re also not really willing to criticize
his trade war. Your approach to trade with China is very
similar to the President’s. No it is not. He’s talking about how we’re getting ripped
of left and right on trade. And I think you know I can take that paragraph
and just use it in my speeches since what I’m saying it’s one of my big things. US trade policy has delivered one punch in
the gut after another. Trump and anti-trade Democrats fail to grasp
that nations don’t really trade with one another at all. Individuals and corporations do, and sometimes those individuals and corporations want to buy or sell something to someone in another country. And trade is the source of our wealth, since 1950, international trade boosted Americans’
per household income by about 18 thousand dollars. And the gains flowed dis-proportionally to
lower income households. If they can save a nickel by moving a job
to Mexico, they’ll do it in a heartbeat. Elizabeth is absolutely right, for anybody here that thinks that corporate
America gives one damn about the average American
worker, you’re mistaken. But American manufacturing jobs peaked at
about 20 million in 1979. That’s 15 years before NAFTA. Until bottoming out at 11.4 million in 2011. The reason for that decline isn’t shifting
jobs overseas, it’s automation. Manufacturing output has doubled since the
mid 1980s. America makes more stuff than ever, our factories
just don’t require as many workers as they once did. Even supposedly centrist candidates like Senator
Kamala Harris have shifted into protectionist mode. In an interview with Jake Tapper in May, Harris said she wouldn’t have voted for NAFTA
if she’d been in the Senate when it passed. I believe that we have got to have policy that better protects American workers and
American industries. Harris did criticize Trump’s use of tariffs, calling the President’s habit of conducting
trade policy, economic policy, foreign policy by tweet ‘irresponsible.’ But that really drives home my point. Democrats seem happy to criticize Trump’s
haphazard handling of the trade war. But many of the 2020 candidates are at least
tacitly endorsing the same protectionist views. Even Joe Biden, once a pro trade Democrat, is now backing away from his record for fear
of upsetting the progressive left. I would not rejoin the TTP as it was initially
put forward. The Democrats are essentially arguing that all we need is a more competent protectionist
in the White House. I think Trump gets it wrong in terms of implementation. But there’s no way to correctly implement
a policy that stops individuals from freely exchanging
goods and services just because they live in different countries. Thanks to President Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders’
vision of restricting our ability to peacefully trade
with one another has become policy. And that’s a catastrophe for all Americans.

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  1. we shoud make trate Agreemants that cut regulation but we shouldn't make Agreemants that make it more complicated. I think it is better to just cut the regulations or "standards"in America. But it is also good to just cut them condition less and just accept goods with different standards than America.

  2. WRONG! POTUS Trump does not have a problem with "Free Trade", because that is the problem there is not such a thing as "Free Trade" for American products! American goods take a beating out on the world market, because other countries put HEAVY "Import Tax" on them! You YOUNG guys that talk this nonsense about POTUS Trump's "Tariffs" haven't been alive long enough to know what you are talking about. And no, college professors and their text books don't do the scope and spectrum of "Trade" justice! The only one "Terrible on Trade" is this channel and the YOUNG talking head babbling on CONTEXTUALIZED nonsense! Never mind the total lack of HOW and WHO controls something called "Commerce"! The idea that some YOUNG dude talking about "Peaceful Trade", should consult the OLDER people that ACTUALLY do it for a living!

  3. Bad economic policy without a doubt. "Saving jobs" is a load of BS since despite all the supposed job offshoring, we're still at the lowest unemployment ever. Democrats and their outdated conception of workers, and Trump and his irrational obsession with China creates all this insanity.

  4. There are other ways to try and weaken China that doesn't involve taxing your own citizens to death! Example: the kinds of economic sanctions we did on Russia or Iran.

  5. Trade inequalities benefit the country that gets more goods, not the country that gets more paper. And tariffs are a tax on your own citizenry.

    If the other country spends the money received from trade, it must ultimately be spent on US goods or services. If the original trade was Chinese goods for US money, when they trade back it is US money returning for US goods. The aggregate exchange is Chinese goods for US goods. If they never spend the money then we trade nothing but paper for real goods. We can cheaply and easily make more paper money in order to replenish our money supply (sound monetary policy discussions aside).

    If we trade a $20 bill for $20 in goods, we have really traded 10 cents worth the paper for $20 in goods. If they trade it back for $20 in goods, it was goods for goods – an even exchange.

    A currency imbalance is a terrible way to measure trade. In the case of US and China, it signifies that China is trading goods to the US for cheap paper, but not using that paper to buy from the US and complete the overall barter of goods for goods. They are screwing themselves. Even if they spend it later, US monetary policy penalizes savings – money now will buy more than money later. Therefore trading Chinese goods for $20 today, and back again for $20 of US goods next year, is a trade which benefits the US. This is one of the few benefits of current US monetary policy. Note that the erosion of savings also has a domestic effect – likely far more serious than the international trade benefit.

  6. Let me tell you something certified fresh…..China and other countries are subsidizing trumps tariffs for most of their companies affected. It still isn't helping. We are the most powerful nation when it comes to finance. What trump did was wage financial war. Lucky for us it costs as many lives as it saves and defeat for our opponents is swift.

  7. Dumping, China is dumping, with the end goal of destroying America when they fully control the supply. And sorry Reason, but you are incorrect, private citizens do trade with the county of China. China requires a 51% stake from a Chinese National to do business in China, and generally speaking this is a communist party member, thus China itself. China is not trading with good faith.

  8. All the recent conservative subscribers realizing this is a libertarian channel… Notice the anti free trade comments being totally void of content backing up there claims.

  9. It's incredible how Trump supporters so perfectly mirror Obama supporters, neither no matter how poor their policies, can do no wrong. What's sad is the Trump supporters regularly chastised Obama supporters for their inability to separate emotion from logic, yet now they are on the same short bus. Both supporters even use the same tactics, if you disagree, you're obviously a paid shill. Am I in Hell, I honestly wonder if I died and didn't realize it, and now I'm in a hell that repeats itself with subtle changes, so I won't notice it's the same regurgitated shit.

  10. I think a lot of the misunderstanding of this issue comes from the incorrect western perception of Chinese goals. China doesn’t want to become rich or have reciprocal trade. They want to control world production.

  11. Yeah, Trump is a free trader but China limits our access to its markets. It does so through requiring technology sharing. It violates our patent, trademark and copywrite laws and by tariffs. The elephant in the room you miss is that China is a communist country and collectivism and centralize power mean your not dealing business to business as the Government can support dumping policies, drive American businesses out of business and thereby control the market. They did this in selling tires for an example. So should China stop using these anti-competitive practices the "trade war" would be over.

  12. Trump is a far left anti-capitalist. I genuinely have no clue why people continue to to call him conservative.

    Comrade Trump the Soviet is just a sentient Hammer & Sickle

  13. Im all for free trade but one has to have enough sense to know the difference between a dollar you spend in your community vs one that leaves the country. Being purely a service based economy is pure shortsighted and dangerous to national security when it comes to communist countries like China, who could care less about libertarians or anyone else.

  14. You are ignoring the strategic element of crippling China as a competitor for "The Mantle" so to speak and that there are other countries happy to take up the "Cheaper Labor" slack.

  15. Trump's winning. We ain't taking those shitty ass deals no more. China will come to the table on a lot more things now. We aren't just going to be walked on.

  16. Here is the thing. There are things in this world worth more then the dollar. At 3:50 we get to the crux of this issue. Yes, there is a way to justly implement policies that restrict people's privilege to trade with people outside of their nation. Your right to free trade exists within your nation, and does not extend outside of those bounds. This is a consequence of civic duty, that for rights people gain obligations commensurate to them. When people fail to meet those obligations, it is the power of the state then to curtail those who do not properly uphold their obligations. One of those tools is tariffs when our people conduct trade with the outsider, the other.

  17. Trump is using tariffs to fight for open trade in both directions. I can see no higher goal. Keep it up Mr. President!

  18. I notice that whenever the topic of trade comes up on a Reason video, the comments are full of people regurgitating Trump's twisted logic on trade. The only way you could conclude that free trade is only beneficial if it is reciprocal, is if you didn't understand the concept of comparative advantage in the first place. It is a sad fact that to become President you have to buy votes somewhere, and Trump chose to buy his votes in the rust belt, and his twisted logic on trade is just the way he rationalized doing so.

  19. This guy clearly has no idea what China is up to. Maybe we shouldnt have started terrif wars with Canada or other allies but we NEED to stop China from stealing our tech, expanding their military influence, killing and torturing it's own people, ext ext. F this guy

  20. disagree with your reasoning on this one, reasontv. trump's playing the long game

  21. Bernie needs to learn to be a better human being rather than a racist, and killing babies from other countries.

  22. Fuck you you Nazi commie MOTHERFUCKER. Lecture this TRAITOR🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕

  23. I want cheap Chinese-made TV's, and Korean-made appliances. Guess I hate America.

  24. Sorry I agree with tariffs. Why Build in United states when u can move to another poorer country Build cheap and ship here for free

  25. I love Trumps trade policies. We are sending all our jobs to China. Free trade is important unless you have an economic crisis where all our jobs are going to China and Mexico and getting ripped off by other nations we need tariffs. That’s why I’m a conservative and not a libertarian.

  26. This also says to something that I've been saying for almost a decade now (You haven't heard it because I'm a nobody). Both parties and really politics/politicians in general share the presupposition, that government should be commanding the economy and it's government's role to do so.

  27. Libertarians with zero loyalty to any country salty that the U.S. is giving back a fraction of the shade thrown towards it by Parasite government "allies". There is nothing quite as enjoyable as savoring the tears of you people squealing about making slightly less money. Anyone standing up to China for any reason should never happen in Libertarian fantasy land. What if I told you, that you would make less money if you were in a Chinese Gulag? But lets not worry about the future. Let us only view the world in Fiscal Quarterly Increments. Short sided sociopath trash who would cut their dicks off tomorrow to save a toenail today.

  28. Trade with China, (and others), as it has existed, is nothing LIKE "Free Trade". Left/Right does not change the facts. btw, if one does ANY business in China, you're doing business directly or indirectly with the CCP.

  29. So…a President who wants to build America’s worker base has trade issues? Good, I hope those issues get worse!

  30. Our Government was actually "For the people" prior to the 16th Amendment. I wonder what changed…

  31. Its not the media's place to make these judgments. Its the citizens who elect the officials. Stay in your lane and fucking report world events. No one cares about your stupid uneducated reporter opinion.

  32. I've said it once and I'll never say differently:

    Libertarians make great watchdogs, but poor statesmen and policy makers. If you think Trump is doing that bad, well, thank fucking god you aren't making the choices yourself…

  33. China has always put tariffs on our goods and heavily manipulated their economy and currency, yet libertarians still call trading with a free market.

    What you are calling "free trade" is actually flooding labor markets and sabotaging American companies by dumping cheaply made foreign goods here. Goods made by slave labor. Goods made in countries with exactly the opposite ideology from capitalism and that would prefer to see us destroyed. STFU, you completely clueless moron.

  35. IMO, okay yeah sure, free trade is great…
    …but how exactly do we maintain an illusion of caring about human rights, while rewarding inhumane working conditions with our money? Why not just hire our own child labor?

  36. Well China is a bloodthirsty regime that killed between 50 to 80 million people.
    Are these guys the best we can do!

  37. i guess youre just going to ignore all the good deals trump has made including the usmca which saves the US BILLIONS in trade with mexico

  38. The issue is government subsidies and trade barriers i.e tariffs. It costs more money to ship a first class envelope across town than the shipping of goods from China bought on eBay or Alibaba. One can buy 1000s of items for under $10 with free express shipping from China. China manipulated its currency to give their exports a price cut and their imports a price boost. Its not about "Trade" but about equitable trade.

  39. No, tariffs/export taxes are responsible trade. NAFTA put most of the farmers in Mexico under and that's why we have the border problem.
    High and mid range goods there's less reason, but low end and raw materials should definitely be controlled. Look back to colonial times, finished goods upset the craftsmen but the large commodity imports is what harmed the poor of the colonies and the farmers in the colonizing nations.

  40. Right now China can pressure American companies to do their bidding in exchange for access to their economy. They've already made one airline fire an employee because they criticized the Chinese government. That's scary.

  41. Trump wants free trade, he even offered to remove tariffs if other countries would. He isn't, because they aren't. We want fair trade

  42. Really? This is your "Reason", free trade? No mention of ip theft, force technology transfer, enabling mass polluting, and outsourcing our wealth to a 1 party dictstorship which is bullying its neighbors snd has a litany of terrifying humsn rights abuse? No discussion of how the US CREATES INCENTIVES TO OUTSOURCE, through world bank loans and not taxing overseas profits on goods sold in US? No discussion on how WTO, NAFTA, Fast Track and TPP were all vehicles designed to outsource sovereignty to globalist, unelected, unnacountable bodies. No examination on how the rise of the 1% and the fall of the middle class coincide exactly with outsourcing? I know one of the Koch bros. has died, but you guys need to get over it if you're going to seriously shill for the Globalshits. Thanks for trying anyway; but I think you've been dismantled and I'm not even a PhD!

  43. Countries don't trade with one another, individuals do. Yeah sure except in the case of China the govt.literally decides weather to import something or not. All your free trade talk is lovely. Textbook libertarian policy. Sadly it all falls flat when you are dealing with a totalitarian mercantilist regime. The fact that you can't change your theoretical framework to adapt to the facts on the ground really shows your dogmatic thinking. I'm a libertarian myself and completely for free trade. But not when one side constantly cheats and steals. That's just being naive.

  44. again! It's not about tariffs and…. It's about china's communist party

    when we talk about china… It's not the people treading it's the ccp sending people to labor cams and secret prisons… Automation has nothing to do with that china manipulates it's currency and practices in a anti competitive way the government subsidizes all shipment for example to western countries….
    it makes it so no free market free economy could compete… It's all about power…
    And what about all the IP china steals…
    Blocking trade is also a way to slow down china's economy and IP theft….
    China constantly tries to undermine the us to crash the dollar to crash the world super power to make sure communism would allow them to steal billions… As the ccp members all ready do….

    China is corrupt and the biggest danger to the free world

    we all know it's not about the trade deficit it's about the communist party….

    The us has huge trade depecits with many free countries you don't see trump going after them…
    But why the authoritarian regime and consistently steals cheats lies undermines bullies and….

    China Google china and flung gung… The ughers just Google a bit about china's secret prisons and the truth about what's going on over there…

    Twain's trade depcit in 2018 was around 15.5 billion nothing close but still a lot…. And yet the us never had and will never have any issue with Taiwan… Do you know why….. Because Taiwan is free! Because Taiwan is fair and doesn't cheat……

    Taiwan is ethnically and…. The same as china only 1 difference…. a different government! a democratic one! a government where people can trade among them self's and the government doesn't interferes much with it…
    a libertarian heaven relative to china…!

    To think i used to like reason magazine… But with such half baked shit going pro china…… China is one of the least free countries of the world and you complain the us fights the communist party….. Unbelievable

  45. So, who are you going to vote for? If you vote Libertarian, your voting for a Democratic Socialist and against where the majority of your political views lie, Republican. Your  criticism of President Trump on free trade is dead wrong! These countries are seeking world domination through lying, cheating, and stealing and your forgetting the policies of deregulation, tax cuts, and rescinding crippling treaties and accords that bind us to a U.N wanting to destroy freedoms around the globe. Your seeing a man that watched America fall further away from freedom and now says he has to restore our way of life in 2 terms as president. I'm a Libertarian that votes Republican because your picks for office get less than the Green Party! You SUCK on your messaging when you put up KOOKS like the Johnsons and Welds of the world. You could have put up Trump because he is Libertarian at HEART!

  46. We have been sold out decades ago and it never stopped until now. Is Trumps policies the right way to go probably not but it's a breathe of fresh air compared to outright fraud and possibly treason that BOTH sides of the isle were complicit in.

  47. Tariffs should be in place, not for protectionism, but as a means of revenue. Tax out going raw materials and incoming finished materials, to get rid of the tax burden on people and businesses in the US. We will never see it though, the government wants the population to be burdened.

  48. Chris, your first clip was from Trump speaking on the new USMCA, which is like NAFTA but objectively better for the US. Sort of takes the wind out of your sails.

  49. Is NAFTA really a free trade agreement? I mean, c'mon. Genuine free trade should not need so many pages in a document…

  50. "Dems Are No Better" instead of "Dems Are Infinitely Worse" so as to appear less Republican

  51. Truth be told, the Democrats will have to be tougher in order to finance all those Fkn FREEBIES Their asses are promising.

  52. Because Communist China isn’t working off of open trade they’re working off of mercantilism. The whole reason we opened up to them was so that Kissinger could undermine the Soviet economy. We never rectified the cost disparities between something made in the US there and something made in China here.

  53. How can you even compare those Democratic villain's to our President Trump ? Pay attention now, The democratic party works to support its self- not to make the lives of Americans better.

  54. ReasonTV employees and Democrats are great at checkers… while the rest of the world is playing chess.

  55. Hobo Hint for the Homeless: Take empty containers to local casinos just after any meal time rush and collect all the half-smoked cigarettes you can hold. It's a Hobo's Paradise.

  56. Automated robots don't pay taxes, the more automated the country becomes the worse social infrastructure becomes.

  57. As a Libertarian we need to give this man his just due. If we pride ourselves on reason, then the evidence supports that President Trump is doing right by the economy.

  58. No, Trump is smart on trade. I'm mostly libertarian, but Chinese Communist Party is clearly using OUR free markets, and not only to get rich by completely ignoring WTO rules, which gives them a huge advantage because no one can compete and follow the rules at the same time, but they also use "private" Chinese investments in our economies to discretely spread the influence of the CCP and gain control over our sovereign nations in order to win the war against the West and take control of the rest of the world without ever firing a bullet or launching a missile. It's war by literally any means except kinetic warfare, and they have been waging this war ever since they "opened their economy", which is a total sham, because foreign businesses and companies are de facto owned by the Chinese Communist Party once they set up shop in China. CEOs get verbal threats from CCP officials in person that if they don't take the party line, they're screwed. Foreign businesses are constantly at risk of suddenly failing on the Chinese market because their intellectual property has been stolen and can suddenly be used by a domestic business if the CCP wants. The CCP then also makes sure your business fails fast by telling everyone not to do business with you (or else). And all medium to large Chinese businesses are of course totally controlled and owned by the CCP, and by extension the "People's Liberation Army", especially since Xi Jinping instituted a national policy of "Civil-Military Fusion" (which means they don't distinguish between civil and military industry and technology.

    Their strategy is subversion, and they are masters of it. Libertarians are sadly easily tricked by their disinformation and doublespeak, but also by their obvious and direct lies. When the CCP calls something a "win-win situation", you can be damn sure it is a win-lose situation in total favor of the CCP, like their investments in Sri Lanka, Montenegro, Pakistan, Djibouti, the Maldives, and many more African and South-American countries.
    You can't do business with the Mafia and come out on top.

  59. Trump is the best president for trade. The people from reason tv would rather have past presidents who did jack shit for trade

  60. 1:46 , nations don't trade with one another at all, people and corporations do. Words of wisdom.

  61. ReasonTV pushing corporate lies and bs. We American workers know our jobs are being sent to Mexico and China, not replaced by automation. We can tell you the address of where our jobs went. Corporate overloads often ask employees to train the new foreign workers. There is still no answers, Why does everything sold in America need to be made by slave labor in Mexico, China or other third world sweatshops were workers are often chained into buildings and unable to escape during a fire?

  62. Corporate propaganda in the interest of corporate greed. Stfu
    No one is in danger except your marriage. Because when you're not able make windfall profits and finance your wives in other countries the cat will escape the bag. People aren't stupid.

  63. I think trump's using tariffs to go to economic war with China. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe we had to impose tariffs to many other countries due to china dumping in their countries then selling said products to america for a profit.
    There is unfortunately no such thing as free trade, since there is war and enemies. Everyone has protectionism is one form or another. Which is fair since, god forbid a war breaks out and you dont have the industries to last in a war since you bought the cheaper goods from the country you are at war with. Trump has good points, unfortunately at the expense of free trade. You have to take a few punches to deliver the knockout punch.
    I'm glad we have someone in office with the balls to take the punches for long term benefits, instead of short term benefits.

  64. Why no mention of Andrew Yang? He correctly puts the onus of manufacturing job loss on automation. Number six in the polls and rising, and not a peep from you.

  65. when other countries tariff our goods at 250% and yet we give them free access to our markets that isn't free trade trump has repeatedly stated and SHOWN that tariffs are a means to an end to get real free trade. reasontv doesn't give a shit because they're just like any other globalist media outlet pushing mass immigration and throwing away our manufacturing base to save .01$ on some lead infused chinese pacifiers for our children. normally reasontv is very good until they have their agenda to push

  66. No on this one guys, sorry. Strengthening other counties with remittances thru free trade isn’t helping us.

  67. As a european, I a protectionnist. In the EU companies play by different sets of rules: there are restrictions and governmental help that is different from the rest of the world. The goal of those different rules is to make the interest of companies aligned with the interests of the people. The problem is that when our companies need to play against, let's say, american companies, they are at a disadvantage because the american don't play with the same rules.
    Now you could say that we could remove our restrictions, but then we would enter a game with rules that don't benefit the people.

  68. They don't require as many workers as they once did because capitalists automated low skill labor. Try being honest there Reason tv.

  69. Read Peter Zeihan’s book the accidental superpower to understand the global trade order the US created after WW2 and how it’s not in our interests to maintain it. The trade wars are a good thing not a bad thing

  70. There is no such thing as free trade it is a myth for mediocre economists, just like there is no such thing as a frictionless plane for Physicists. Every country has governments, everyone anywhere close to a monopoly position works every day to create barriers to entry with the power that gives them and everything that facilitates transportation and other facilitators of trade is paid for somehow, either by the government or through fees. Free trade is a fantasy discussed with passion by mediocre thinkers who are not directly affected by the harm done to industries that are destroyed in countries that do not protect their workers at all. It is also a mantra for the monopolists who want the marketplace to be as unfair as possible.

  71. I heavily disagree with libertarian argument on trade. There are many industries that we have to protect for national security purposes and well paying working class reasons. We need steel, auto, aviation, aero space, defense, ship yards, energy, agriculture, etc. Isolationist and protectionism is only obtainable by the us due to high diversified resources and production, as of right now we only import and export a combined 10% of our economy… let’s get that down to about 4%

  72. Unfortunately you misread trump's policies. China is not respecting commercial laws and practice dumping on us economy, destroying American industries and taking a monopolistic position on the us market. Trump is pro trade, but has to react in order to counter dumping. Strange that you seem to understand basic economy but you didn't get to this knowledge yet

  73. As a Democrat, I totally agree. I think their scared to get lumped in with Trump. But Behind closed doors they agree it works. I don't like Trump, I do think he should be kicked out of office, and I definitely think that what this trade war has done to US farmers is despicable. but we do have to fight China. I don't have the solution for the problem, but I do'nt think this is it.

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