Trump’s Reelection Crisis? Polling Lower Than Pres. Since 1938 | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC

100 thoughts on “Trump’s Reelection Crisis? Polling Lower Than Pres. Since 1938 | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC

  1. Don't worry,the powers that protect the USA are at work right now on an plan to remove Trump by the end of the 2020 election and if he gets in again by god just know they have a 4 year plan to get him out by 2024 or else!!!!😂😤

  2. Our system is badly broken when we can't impeach a highly impeachable president due to political concerns. There is also a problem in our society when even now, a majority of people apparently do not support impeachment. This is a frightening time to be American, because the country is rotting politically and even morally.

  3. Trump is talking about buying Greenland, while China invested, and just inaugurated, a 700 million dollar highway to cross Jamaica from east to west, in the Caribbean. Is investing in Africa, and other parts of the world. China has long been becoming, The New World Power, thanks to Trump.

  4. Hey Trump! We know that you have your supporting base but most in America donot like you! They know that you are a pathetic human being! One of the worst America has ever produced!

  5. So glad when rappers, "reverend's", & other non qualified people stop being invited to represent so called "black" people on topics that are outside of their area of expertise; simply due to their skin color. We have too many actual scholars, & the ones we do have should not be placed on equal footing (same panel) with those that should be their student.

    The professor should have not have had to share time with the "Reverend", just imagine if you had her level of subject matter expertise & scholarship & someone told you that the pony tail, podcast- reverend is going to be presented as if you are both on the same level.

  6. MSNBC polls told us they attempt controlling elections like Russians only dreamed of !

  7. More racists drive trucks for a living rather than push racism to put food on the table, like Trump.

  8. It’s important to understand that impeachment is a political solution.. So, yes, politics are considered when considering impeachment..

    I empathize with Ari’s point, that it is, or isn’t, but it’s just not that simple, but more importantly, it’s not designed to be that simple..

  9. do trump supporters know trump wants to gut their Social Security and Medicare?

  10. Trump is lower than anyone we've ever had for a president!!! He is Putin over again!!!

  11. New poll shows Trump winning his second election and then Pence for 2 terms.

  12. A 41% approval rating for trump is like a 41% approval rating for cancer.

  13. MSNBC is a propaganda Network, they have lied to the American people about Trump's collusion with the Russians. They lie of how Trump is weakening, just as they thought Hillary Clinton would be elected. It may be true that in the Polls, those who back Trump do not feel comfortable telling pollsters. They, MSNBC, always try to put Trump in a bad light, and they have underestimated him time and time again.

  14. At 0:20 on lower left side of screen it is written in red print " Demon Pelosi " !!! Aint that the truth.

  15. The fact that he STILL has about 40% approval should worry everyone! That means that there are a lot of American mentally ill racists in America. 🙁

  16. Sorry, but what role does the female journalist on the right in the blue dress have?

  17. its repub economics that are causing the economic downturn and once again they blame the dems for everything…nothing new here

  18. Moral high ground republicans, what planet are you living on, myself being in my 70s and have gone through many presidents. I can say I have never seen a honest religious republican. What I see are narcissistic mentally illiterate greedy people.

  19. Aei Meber is so talented. Cracked me up when a guest of hi s his sai to Ar: "Just let me meet Rachel".

  20. I wish this president the very worst I hope he suffers the rest of his Iife i hate him and I hate him for making me hate.

  21. If in 20 20 if their isn't a rightious democratic president in office .I'm moving to Canada maybe Mexico for sure !!!

  22. The MSM business gurus and politicians say everything is great with the U.S. economy , then why have Wall St. Insiders been in a selling mode ???…..they don't want to panic the general public , meanwhile they are moving to the sidelines or investing in gold and silver. …. Spot gold prices at $1530 per oz. , …the worst is yet to come , the clouds are forming before the major storm hits in 1 to 2 years. 😣😣😣😣😣😣

  23. Yeah, get that nut case outta the White House, as well as, this country!!

  24. There should be an intelligence test to be president. You know, math etc. That would have saved us from Bush and Trump (Drumph) Plus, you must have served in the military.

  25. If a RECESSION comes under Trump's watch, he won't know how to fix it, because he never had to do it before.
    Trump was handed a healthy economy…and falsely braggs that the great economy was due because of him.
    To see him attempt to 'Fix' this economy, should it slow down, would be a comical sight!

  26. Republicans- let other guys in the party attempt to run on your ticket. Then stand back & don’t support any of them. Give the appearance of “Let’s see what goes down??
    Unless this is broached, the Republican Party will definitely lose stature, beyond

  27. Nancy Pelosi who is Speaker of the House, says something about money, and Trump furiously wags his tail, and the billions and billions of dollars that Trump wasted.

  28. I know a few American's that voted for TRUMP. They have all said they made the biggest mistake in there life doing this. They all will not vote for him again and they are republicans. So all voting for democrats unless they get someone else in their.

  29. While we need Trump out the GOP needs a whole house cleaning too.
    Make America Proud Again.

  30. God almighty am I the only one seeing this guy lie so dam much, and when he lies it's like he wants us to believe his lies… he's lost his friken mind or he's gonna ruin the country even more before he leaves in 2020…watch he thought china wasn't suppose to do nothing, he's playing with flames 🔥 and are country is gonna hurt worse. He's the friken type if I don't get my way he will take everything and everyone down the toilet with him!!

  31. Yes trump's behavior has been normalized which I find to be unacceptable… He's a racist a conman a cheat and a sadist… plain and simple…

  32. Ryan got out early. He supported Trump, but now acts like he didn’t. Many enablers will leave the sinking ship, they help keep afloat.

  33. Please abandon boycott Trump not another 5 years more please. We have seen how rude crazy he is. He is exposed, let us take back sanity and abandon Trump

  34. I lose President Donald J. Trump on America for his 4th term Presidency in 2020. President Donald J. Trump 2020 maybe indefinitely.

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  36. 41 % Don't give a rats ars to care. They're or think they are getting their "cake". Just the idea of someone promising "cake" convinces them, the "dumb demographic". Cake equals total ban on: abortion; regulations reducing profits; and social welfare of any kind. Support for trickle down and the other false messages. Despite loss to democratic principles oversight truth and rise of tribalism rife with white supremacist values and principles…lies racism.

  37. EXCUSE ME I CHOSEN President Donald J. Trump for his 4th term possibly indefinitely!

  38. @ Brett rules where is your source that people have fatter wallets because of trump? True facts not alternative facts!

  39. I'm with the Cheese burger,and please get out and Vote,but we can't forget about the(Families)locked up over a yr now,Come on man(Farmers)losing their land,looks like the only thing the W.H(Nut)Cares about is how(Vladimir Putin)is going to get in the G-7 can't forget Rocket man(Kim-jun)playing with Rockets like toy's but hey he's only got(Nukes)but hey the W.H(Nut)is supposed to be the Guinness??

  40. Just as a question, anyone suffering from Trump fatigue? As a young girl I saw this, it was called battle fatigue and one family member came home with it bad. I sort of feel that way now. Don't want to talk about him or even think about him. Also I wonder if we will separate times like I still do, Before the war, after the war, the depression or after the depression. Will we say when this is over, Before Trump, during Trump times or after Trump? Just wondering. Seems these times have a war, depression feel to them. But enough, I am going to treat myself to Trump free rest. Do the same wary ones. He is just too heavy to keep carrying around.

  41. @ Brett rulez wow a whole 30.00 extra! What a joke.

  42. @bfett rulez So you’re getting 30.00 more in your paycheck? Wow that’s substantial, not!

  43. @ Bfett rulez,

  44. Take your vitamins, eat right, exercise, sleep well, and keep a positive outlook. That’ll help you build up Resistance, and help you to get to the polling place in 2020 to end this disgusting disease and start fumigating the White House.

  45. I've seen some of Trump's base say they love him cuz he's 'one of us'. That's not really true at all. The interviewer responded to the particular farmer that made the comment who was working on getting his car started and said, "you mean you're both NY billionaires"? The guy just looked perplexed and nodded. This isn't reality or honest. I pray we begin to heal in the ways best for us and move forward.

  46. When Trump doesn't win in 2020, look for Republicans, headed by Moscow Mitch, to claim the election is void. We voters have to make this a landslide win for Democrats in the Senate as well or we may end up with a dictatorship headed by Trump. I know, it sounds wonky to me, too, but look at the past and how quickly other countries have become dictatorships.

  47. I feel afraid for America and the next generation. Caged children deprived of their parents in America Will not forget when they grow older. Hate and racism may be reversed thanks to the president.

  48. White Americans need to realize, racism is NOT toungue in cheek. BTW, Donald Trump is controlling Google word check. It's very obvious!!

  49. What r u talking bout end of the day ,economy is good.
    The Impact of Trump will last for years.
    On the world scene we are somewhere back in the pack.
    We should be leading the world on immigration, working w Mexico and other South ameriçan countries for the future. We need things, they need things let's work t9gether.
    We should be working with China but be on guard.
    Clean up our individual cities towns by using programs from the government that increase labor…
    Wow so much to do for the people.
    It's we the American PEOPLE.
    As opposed to America Me the country of DTrump and his base.

  50. America will never be free country as long as trump is in ofgice please vote him out before our kids future is ruined

  51. insiting violence is a crime in the united states, if trump is doing that he should be jailed for that crime if his base reacts with violence when he loses in 2020.

  52. The blonde bimbos at FOX..all previous beauty pageant contestants for Trump, and the peroxide is clearly frying what little GRAY matter they have!!!

  53. I hate to admit it. I'm sorry America has been put in this position but I rather have a recession than have this monster in the White House. He needs to Ieave the presidency. He clearly cares nothing about this country. Forgive me for this but in my opinion he is a threat to the country.

  54. FYI: 1700+ polling stations across the United States have been closed since 2013 when the SCOTUS gutted the Voters Rights Act. Even if we have a humongous blue tsunami in 2020 how will we know if any of the voting actually gets through? We need to secure our election process internally and externally immediately including cyber security and paper ballots. Otherwise, 2020 will be a landslide for Rethuglicans as they keep STEALING ELECTIONS by every method you can think of and then some!

    PLEASE contact local state and federal representatives and make comments to this effect to get this talked about and some action taken… Obama promised action and did nothing!

    If you have contacts, please forward this message to them because we must protect our voting rights before they are taken away from us in 2020! It can happen. Please, pass this message around on every posting on the Internet… This information must be brought to the attention of the American people. NOW!!

  55. Impeaching Trump was always going a slow process. Because they needed to dot all the “I”s and the “T”s because his layers will scrutinise they impeachment and if the evidence is 100% right and the Republicans say. Okay we agree to remove Trump from office.

  56. There cannot be a recession because there are to many rich people in America. The most feckless statement I’ve ever heard.

    I don’t want a recession because if there is a recession it has a domino effect across the markets and could trigger a recession in Europe and the United Kingdom.

  57. Watch "House judiciary committee considers steps for Trump's impeachment – watch live" on YouTube

    Watch "Brennan discusses Trump sharing classified intel" on YouTube

  58. I DONT BLAME THE LADY WHO RESIGNED FROM LBGT FOR ENDORSING DONALD..Has this NEW MORON LBGT LEADER forgotten that because of a DEMOCRAT PRESIDENT, PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA, that they have EQUAL RIGHTS, AND THE RIGHT TO MARRY..This is BACKSTABBING AT ITS FINEST FOR LBGT to even consider ENDORSING DONALD, unless, they are AS COO COO, AND RACIST, as he is..So KUDOS to THE SMART, AND INTELLEGIENT lady WHO RESIGNED..and because of that endorsement , we will probably see RIGHTS decline within the LBGT . boo hoo.

  59. Did Trump attack the Saudi oil refineries to start a war because he sees signs of recession and fears losing the next election and his eminent incarceration?

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