Truvada commercial (Not HD)

I’m on the pill I’m on the pill I’m on the pill I’m on the pill too But it’s not birth control It’s TRUVADA for PrEP a once-daily perscription medicine for adults that when taken every day along with using safer sex practices can help lower my chances of getting HIV through sex I use condoms, but i talk to my doctor about doing more He said that because i had a higher chance of getting HIV through sex TRUVADA for PrEP could be an option for me She also told me that TRUVADA alone may not keep me from getting HIV and it does not prevent other STI’s or pregnancies You must be HIV negative to take TRUVADA for PrEP so you need to get tested for HIV immediately before, and at least every three months while taking TRUVADA I wanted to know about all of my prevention options so i asked my doctor about TRUVADA for PrEP If you think you were exposed to HIV or have flu-like symptoms tell your doctor right away They may do more tests to confirm you’re still HIV negative Serious side effects can occur including kidney problems, kidney failure and bone problems which may lead to fractures Real life-threatening side effects include a buildup of lactic acid and liver problems Tell your doctor about all the medicines you take, if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, or if you have kidney, bone or liver problems, including hepatitis If you have hepatitis B do not stop taking TRUVADA without talking to your doctor Common side effects include stomach pain, headache and weight loss Ask your doctor about your risk of getting HIV and if TRUVADA for PrEP might be right for you I wanted to do more that’s why i’m on that pill TRUVADA for PrEP

100 thoughts on “Truvada commercial (Not HD)

  1. There are more important diseases out there to be cured like how to stop a mosquito bite from itching !

  2. I’m a gay man and I find this to be one of the most obnoxious and condescending ads on tv in recent years, maybe of all time. They should be advertising for mental health services to coincide with the man-in-a-wig bit too.

  3. The thing with the white hair is the transvestite right? Bahahahaha 🖕🏻💩🖕🏻

  4. At least there is somewhat of an admission that this is a high risk lifestyle. and the black girl just wants a normal relationship but apparently the commercial implies her mate could be on the downlow so she needs the pill! No wonder pro vaxxers are coming out of the woodwork… people want to do whatever and take a shot or pill to cover the mess.😑

  5. Thanks fuck sticks now I have to explain to a 5 year old about this bullshit.. you know I get you think of yourself but think of others once in awhile jerk offs

  6. Haha wtf! I saw this on YouTube then after the video it came on a commercial on my TV 😧

  7. When you have to take a pill daily to avoid getting aids maybe that's a sign that maybe your lifestyle is kinda extreme lol

  8. Is it me or is there no white chick in this HIV prevention commercial a white hoe can catch AID's tf

  9. I think the tranny, will need alot more protection when her date finds out its she is a man

  10. California… where it is now legal to knowingly give some aids. Good tmes, good times.

  11. They can use all the pills and condoms they want but the fact is, have sex with negros or participate in homosexual activities you WILL contract and DIE from HIV/AIDS

  12. Only black dudes would date/sleep with a life ending diseased infected females. No wonder blacks/Africans are #1 carriers of STD's/HIV/AIDS.

  13. I hate this dumb ass watching espn and this shit done came on bout 4 times in an tired of seeing these confused aas mofos..what the hell ..i miss the old days that's all you see on tv is shit like this..😠😠😠

  14. Dude out here thinking a wig gone make him look like a woman! Sheesh! My boy, you as tall as Anthony Davis and you look like Chance Da Rapper! Gtfoh!

  15. Geez-Louise, they couldn't find ONE straight White person for this supposedly "progressive" ad?

    I mean, I know the statistics but NOT A ONE? So confused- especially in this age hyper political correctness.

  16. The apparently straight female in this ridiculous ad represents all of the dumb bitches that have sex with every freshly paroled thug that crosses their path.

  17. A commercial full of gays and minorities… yeah go figure it's something negative and stereotypical.

  18. If you have to get tested before taking it and every three months while on it, what exactly does this medication do to protect you in the first place? Seems like a medication meant to help prevent contracting a disease should at least allow for enough peace of mind that testing can be **cut back**… not INCREASED.

  19. Great commercial, lol.
    “Truvada… it might work.”
    Parachutes should advertise like this.

  20. Thankfully this disease isn't prevalent amongst the white straight community. #whiteprivilege

  21. There's a pill for these low life disease spreading ass pirates. But nothing for breast or prostate cancer. Way to prioritize your research you worthless doctor fucks

  22. 0:18 ik this is gonna sound wierd and random but i swear to god thats nic sampson who played the yellow mystic force power ranger its gonna kill me cuz ik its him

  23. God’s judgement on the sodomites. They’re acting all proud that they’re “on the pill” lol how about just not be a queer and your chances of getting a deadly virus will decrease and you won’t need a pill, freaks

  24. Just wanted to come here to say that the black dude's hair is a fucking travesty. Looking like a stalk of corn head ass.

  25. Notice how they left white females out of the commercial. She can never be exposed. Really??

  26. Warning, side effects may include a small tree growing out of your head.

  27. Shouldn’t this be a pill for prostitutes?
    Why is the liberal world trying to teach the world to be a whore?
    This is just wrong

  28. The biggest prevention option for HIV is not sticking it in the butt of a random guy every other night.
    Fucking degenerate hedonists

  29. A medicine just to take. No definite affect. Just take it. IT IS A JOKE! Plain and Simple. Since when has a persons chances been predictable?

  30. I hope it doesn't work… and all these freaks, well.. you know, do I need to say it? 💀

  31. There are no words harsh enough to describe my hatred for this commerical.

  32. 0:42 I'm confused. So the guy is dating a man pretending to be a woman? Does this make him gay, straight or attracted to the mentally ill?

  33. VD babeeeeee….never had one and never will, so don't have to worry about pills with side effects.

  34. Prevents HIV infection but you still have to get tested every 3 months for HIV? Sounds like they're admitting a lie.

  35. 0:06 Looks like Donkey from Shrek is scared of getting aids from smashing that dragon o.o

  36. Why didn't they put a catholic priest or an anti gay republican congressman in this commercial? Oh because they only jump kids

  37. I dislike these places alot but, In Iran, Sudan, Saudi Arabia and Yemen, homosexuality is still punishable by death, under sharia law. The same applies in parts of Somalia and northern Nigeria
    All those places have the death penalty for the LGBTQ community.
    You guys should be thankful that all you get is hate words. Freedom of speech. Imagine if there was a freedom to purge? Lol🤣

  38. So it may not prevent HIV, u still gotta test every 3 mo, AND side effects. You gotta be highly confused to think that'll work…. oh., wait ….

  39. i find it funny how these big tough guys go around hating gay people in the ad, but i bet they go around fucking a girl's ass not giving a damn about her hypocrits.

  40. Now I know I'm living in Sodom and Gomorrah. And Trump is president of Babylon. Sad day for America. Do your thing Jesus

  41. Truvada is a product created by a white pharmaceutical company why not use gay white men there's certainly not a shortage and stop your propaganda

  42. What's good about this commercial is white women can't be affected. It's white priviledge baby!!! 😇😇

  43. Ass goblin pills. I'm so sick of it. They play it on Comedy Central 69 times a day. 👎🏽

  44. Man chick 2 – grosses me out soooo bad. THEY ALL GROSS ME OUT – obviously all the "women" shown are transvestites.

  45. Anyone notice the actors are brazilian (with us engish accents)? Makes me wonder if this is "unfortunately" shown in the UK, do they keep the fake "US accent" or come across as fellow irishman by faking an Irish accent?

  46. Every time I see this commercial, I'm coming to this YouTube page. And making homosexual jokes. Tired of it. Starting now.

  47. notice the cum burper says that the Dr. told him he was at a higher risk for contracting HIV…yeah,
    as in, ass-fucking(sodomy) spreads disease at astronomical rates.

  48. Son introducing "girlfriend" to Mom. Meanwhile, dad is at home dragging that chair across the garage floor, trying to get it right under the support beam…

  49. MAGA!!!…The first 3 people you show in the intro of the commercial are black but any and all other commercials from other and all companies that advertise for a product the first one in the intro is white…

  50. Is this a cure for Soy Boy syndrome?? does it also treat Trump derangement? or does it make it worse??

  51. What this commercial is really saying:

    "This pill is for you if you're gay and a whore."

  52. Hey which pronouns should I use when taking this medicine?? will certain pronouns cause side effects?? and what about trannies with adams apples??

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