Try Not To Cry Challenge (Sad Commercial)

Alright guys today. We’re gonna do the cry on to try it cry I’m already crying today. We’re gonna do the try not to cry challenge. I’m here with my friend. What’s your name Jose Canseco I’m you know my friend Jose And we’re gonna try not to cry, but you know since we’re really tough and we don’t cry over anything We’re gonna have to prop ourselves up to make ourselves a little more sensitive So you know we’re gonna come back after we propped up our emotions a little bit. So be right back alright we just watched a dog get killed by his owner and Let’s do this try not to cry challenger you guys ready. Let’s do with us This is trying to cry not trying to laugh Why finally below oh, I love it. This is Slant amarduoa Is that Parkinson’s no way sure Tonic Parkinson’s you have shaky stuff? La do La potato feminists I’m not What happened? Little my thoughts yeah, I don’t know was that him yeah, oh when he was young when he was younger. Yeah She fell the trials cried she failed the try not to cry challenge,she failed the challenge I know why I’m some age Oh that makes a lot of sense. Why he’s like really cake being a hit No, I think he fights. That’s why they showed us the guy that was bleeding He fights to make money for his family as a family’s poor and he has no money That’s so messed up. You still get paid if you lose, that’s like . What do you mean? It’s like? He’s like basically a you’re gonna lose but you’re still gonna get paid yeah You just say like no matter what you still get paid you just don’t get a lot of money So scrawny I feel bad for him. Oh he won though.How do you know though. He’s not dead Isn’t it obviously why this sister’s so calm like you just see on his face cuz maybe he liked on to a bucket That’s Pakya all right. Let’s pack y’all know kid oh Yes, support his sister. That sucks [claps sarcastically] Still 30 seconds late I know but like I thought he still lived with his grandma or something or something Damn whoa….did he get knocked out yeah i think he got knocked out Do you think she knows not really she’s like? Boy get polite. oh yeah. She knows yeah fine thats so sad many Feel like something bad yeah, that sounds something really bad, huh? Why? Damn, she’s alright. What don’t fuck was that I guys mean destroy Are you alright? you do not look alright Oh, I do have a find out hey help me already Not even a scrub fuck this guy so scary. He’s is so scary not even a scratch on it Holy shit that is so creepy, bro Imagine fighting that Jesus did he just go for his nuts. Oh, yeah oh The human head is not meant to take that many hits alright, bro. That’s like getting hit by like a truck . That’s going to help you. I don’t oh no, he is done, no that is nasty Always gonna see you sister. Yeah, I already know he’s gonna seehis sister own everyone [bitch slaps him like a boss]None what? Why what? We can save him withmove]are you to say we can I say we can take him there? I know, but a different abilities and fill it against you just laugh. I know it out of him. I mean He’s just trying to help Yeah oh shiz Fuck I knew it whoa, oh What? It’s weird for you next for the bulldog It’s one from set I know every boy like my emotions are just lies Like Crying hi Hey, what’s up homie? That was the try not to cry challenge. It was really sad, but really happy. I don’t know here’s everything Yeah, it was everything a woman video the hell was that dolls I got ten minute commercial I don’t know I said it was a try not to cry commercial, but that was a ten minute I got ten minute commercial who watches a commercial for ten minutes the guy? It was like a show but thank you so much for watching guys um I didn’t cry no cry let’s let’s let’s see the replay right now don’t He look in that people hug He’s made of steel apparently and uh I’m lean or less made of a bunch of beans liquor and bad decisions You know even twenty whoa all] right? I’ll just shut it crying on a video. I Can’t cry. I can’t cry you can’t just guys see you next time have a go on don’t cry and peace out

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