TV commercial film for Mobil “demonstration”1966

This demonstration is being brought to
you by mobile. We are going to put a car on the roof of a 10-story building and
then push it off to make a simple point. If you drive at 60 miles an hour and hit
something it’s exactly the same as driving off a 10-story building and it
will get you into exactly the same place the morgue when you drive fast remember
this is how it is but it doesn’t have to be at 60 miles an hour you need 366 feet
to stop if you leave 366 feet you make it if you
don’t you don’t we add mobile hope you’ll remember that fact our business
is to sell you gasoline and oil and we want you to be around to try them we
want you to live

4 thoughts on “TV commercial film for Mobil “demonstration”1966

  1. Based on the city skyline in the opening seconds of this commercial, I'm pretty sure this commercial was filmed in Los Angeles.

    I wonder if the building used was home to a branch office of Mobil??

  2. I wonder if modern cars still need 366 feet to stop at 60 mph? I always remember the rule of thumb– 1 car length for every 10 miles of speed. It seems to have worked, because the only crash I ever got in was a guy pulling in front of me while I was travelling at 60 mph and he was going about 15 mph, and there was no way I could stop in time. I even recall like it was just this morning thinking "good God, I'm gonna hit this guy!". The CHiPs blamed the other guy for the crash, as well as three witnesses who pulled over on my behalf. (I must be the only woman who gets nostalgic over car crashes)

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