TV commercial film for Volkswagen Beetle “Funeral”

I’m naturally stably being of sound mind and body
to hereby bequeath the following. To my wife, Rose, who spent money like there was no tomorrow, I leave 100 dollars and a calendar. To my sons, Rodney and Victor, who spent every dime I ever gave them
on fancy cars and fast women, I leave fifty dollars in dimes. To my business partner, Joules, whose only motto was
spend, spend, spend, I leave nothing, nothing, nothing. And to my other friends and relative
who also never learned the value of a dollar, I leave a dollar. Finally, to my nephew, Harold, who ofttimes said, ” A penny saved is a penny earned.” and who also ofttimes said, “Gee, Uncle May, it sure pays to own a Volkswagen”, I leave my entire fortune of one hundred billion dollars.

42 thoughts on “TV commercial film for Volkswagen Beetle “Funeral”

  1. heh, yeah. I'd seen it before on those "best of commercials" shows, but it was a trip to find it here on youtube XD

  2. That's how it should be when I die. "You guys screwed me over when I was alive, and now you can suck it. except you, I always liked you."

  3. This commercial was on this special known as "The World's Funniest TV Commercials".

  4. @Val4n Maybe his nephew was more financially responsible than his wife.

  5. This is how to make a commercial. Funny as hell and it actually makes me like Beetles even more.

  6. i like the way Victor looks at Rodney in the commercial. it was sorta funny.

  7. I wish Volkswagen would re-make this ad involving with the Jetta & the Beetle.

  8. In todays money (according to CPI) he would have gotten 675 Million Dollar.
    If one invested 100 Mio Dollar in the stock market in 1969 one would have 1.75 Billion Dollar in 2013.

  9. "And to my other friends and relative, who never learned the value of a dollar, I leave–a dollar." A dollar each, or do they all have to split just the one? 

  10. The year was 1969. We only assume that the fortune described likely came from either an elitist bankster or a military defense contractor. It was the time like now of turmoil. Micky Mantle died before our Yogi. The Supreme Court in California ruled that the State of California anti abortion law was unconstitutional as we find attacks on Planned Parenthood and fetal tissue. USA proxy imperialism was being rejected by France with Charles de Gaulle requesting that NATO leave French soil as most of the world gazes in disbelief at the hypocrisy of an African American President lecture the world at the UN on the wonders of capitalism and the need to ally the world against state sponsors of terror. In medicine a study revealed that MSG- monosodium glutamate caused brain damage in mice and today we have the Environmental Protection Agency releases of the lawyer inspired trade secrets/intellectual property of Monsanto toxicology research of the worldwide contaminant cancer and cataract and lung damaging glyphosate. Penthouse magazine began publishing an upscale version of female sex without love and today females run for President from both Major Parties in a modern version of politics with love of money instead of love of humanity.

  11. Yes, it was only 1969…how far we have not come. Oh well, at least the illegal, conflict in Vietnam did not get me killed. Just saying its a timeline that we laugh at but did we learn anything?

  12. The Beetle is pre 1968, or so, VW had a FLAT windshield on the bugs, and didnt ROUND it til the 69 model, AFAIK.

  13. I wonder if Cadillac and Ford were upset by this commercial. That's what all the spendthrifts who got a dollar (each, or to split? good question) were shown driving.

  14. My all time favorite! I often think of it because my brother and his brood, got plenty of financial support from my mother, but as she was i hospice, all I got was a call to ask how much money they would be getting…such good "evangelicals." She managed to change her will, an although there was one chunk that had to go to them, the rest went to me ….I have been asked by one of the brood if he's in my will already! LOL, all my money is going to CHARITY, in my mother's and my names….poor children, food banks, and every animal species on the planet! Et tu!!

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