U.S. Marine Corps Commercial: A Nation’s Call Extended Cut

It’s not just the ships, the armor, or the aircraft. It’s something more. It’s the will to fight and determination to win found inside each and every Marine that answers a Nation’s call. Battles Won.

100 thoughts on “U.S. Marine Corps Commercial: A Nation’s Call Extended Cut

  1. Never underestimate the tenacity of a United States Marine and the proper application of well-placed explosives

  2. Anyone know who shot this? Looks very similar in style to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tywNtJSk1no (US Navy) and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tm4e86NVP1o (US Air Force)?

  3. I was at my parents with my 2 yr old son, they had the tv on and this commercial came on. Halfway through it my 2 yo says “Pew pew go go!” I chuckled and said “Yes baby the Marines do some pew pew go go just like you all day but they do other stuff besides that!” All he does is run around and shoot guns (mostly NERF) which he calls pew pews, I taught him guns go pew pew lol.

  4. Anyone know of good civilian jobs I can take in the Marine Corps? I was PDQ'd for kidney stones, have extensive security training, and completed a college course in private investigations where I learned about surveillance, espionage, cyber security, intel and a multitude of other things. In my security work, I've been trained in hand to hand combat, arrest procedures, communications, and CCTV operations. Also I have experience working security checkpoints (access control). And plan to do corporate spy freelance work in the future. As much as I love the private security sector and working for high tech corporations, I want to honor my uncle who passed away recently, he was in the USMC as ground infantry in Vietnam. Died from lung cancer. Any suggestions?

  5. War will breakout 19-25 months from now on. I'll be back to this comment if internet is still available in that time. You have been warned.

  6. It was going good until they put fuckin women in the commercials!! Marine Corps commercials SUCK now. Just as cheesy as Army commercials!!

  7. I want to join the Marines man but idk I heard everyone hates their life. Maybe I’ll do Reserves?

  8. Don’t join the Marines YOU WILL REGRET IT!!!!!! Trust me worst decision I ever made. DONT DO IT !!!!

  9. guy in last scene: "hey guys, watch me shoot this wall 2 times then turn around in an active combat zone and show that I am the senior person with commands." dumbass commercial coordinator, or dumbass boot-tenant, you decide.

  10. I want to lick some American military machines. Can you guys let me lick up your v-22? Will you guys let me tap a f-35 up in the exhaust nozzle while engine's on? Or will you let me forced harpoon up in my arse? I mean harpoon the missile naw.

    Im happy to let us rule the world. And i would be no problem letting them all the world's territory! I couldn't understand why are peoples are fucking nationalistic in nature when it comes to territory!? C'mon fucking have to the one who can handle, can give freedom, and will improve your country's growth, science, education, and the people's standard of living

  11. They forgot to depict what happens as a result of all that shooting and bombing. Oh and the enemy who shoots back.


  13. I am a combat soldier in Givati Brigade (amphibious infantry of Israeli Army). We love the Marines. I had the opportunity to meet some when their ship came to Haifa and they became my friends. Respect to USMC and all Marines, from Israel
    🇮🇱 🇺🇸

  14. Is it just me or is this a play on the Philadelphia experiment? Maybe?

  15. Is that normal protocal to throw the drone right above an Osprey's blades?


  17. Marines, the shock troops of the U.S military, respect from a Brit you guys are awesome.

  18. Fucking sickening propaganda put out by the US military. Cinematic camera angles, intense action music, shooting guns, flying aircraft. War is not a movie. The target audience is kids and young adults and this ad reflects that. I like how they show a plane bombing a village. Good shit. If you sign up for the marines you can bomb 3rd world countries for no reason other than you were told to. The US military looks OP as fucc and it is but they left out the part where US soldiers are more likely to kill themselves after they return from war than actually dying in the war.

  19. Amen. Thank you for your Service.because I went to applied the Green Card lottery of the USA. However I pray with the god.if I am the Green Card Lottery of the USA. I will go the USA sure.i swear with the God. I want to go to the USA. I want to apply the US Marines. I swear. However everybody pray with the god for me. Because I will inherit from you.

  20. We just gonna ignore the face that the Marines just invaded and occupied a dirt filled place with houses made of clay in under 2 minutes with Apaches, f18s and tanks?

  21. 4 YEAR OLD: Oh my gosh! FORTNITE!!!!


  22. I knew they were gonna put a black guy in befroe the video finished

  23. 0:43 Who throws a surveillance drone next to the rotors of any aircraft😑

  24. well they predicted a war with iran, i say bring it on 🇺🇸

  25. I want to serve in the US Marine Corps. I served in the Russian army, in artillery and it was a circus. We swept the leaves all day in the summer, cleaned the snow in winter, rubbed the wheels of the cars with shoe polish to make them shine. We went to the shooting only two times. They lived only for photo reports, which were sent to the division. Then these photo reports were sent to the media to lie that the Russian army is strong, but this is all a lie.

  26. Totally agree, it's not the ship, the armour or the aircraft, it's something more…, it's a determination, courage and honor, Sempr Fidelis, Sempr Marine!

  27. Anyone who voted a thumbs down has to be the biggest POS on the face of this earth!!!!!

  28. Is this why America is losing in Afghanistan in regards to the peace deal with insurgents?

  29. I had to watch this to get those disturbing British recruitment ads out of my mind.

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