UNL – Department of Textiles, Merchandising and Fashion Design – 360 Virtual Tour

Welcome to the University of Nebraska – Lincoln
Textiles, Merchandising and Fashion Design Virtual Tour. Take a look around and use your
mobile or desktop device as a lens into your future. Make sure to utilize the full 360
space by moving your phone or dragging your desktop cursor up-and-down and side-to-side. First, you will walk into the Mary Mitchell
Fashion Studio, where Dr. Sandra Starkey works with graduate students to develop their creative
and technical skills in all aspects of apparel product development. Research informs the
process and students analyze and develop structural designs using both flat pattern and draping
methods. This studio allows graduates to explore inclusive design, user centered design, functional
design and experimental design. Next, you will find yourself in the Robert
Hillestad Textiles Gallery, which is displaying a graduate exhibition titled, “Canary Concepts
and the Hidden Danger of Ubiquitous Things” by Ph.D. student, Stacey Skold. The exhibition
is the basis of Skold’s dissertation and acts as a bridge between transformative work and
the textile industry. The tour continues as you move into the TEXTILE
SCIENCE LABS , led by Dr. Yiqi Yang. Those interested in textile science have the chance
to work alongside Professor Yang and focus their research on the development of materials
from agricultural byproducts and co-products; on the recycle, reuse, reduction and replacement
of materials; and overall textile processes. Examples of
research include the development of new lignocellulosic, protein and synthetic fibers from agricultural
byproducts and coproducts; application of green materials in textiles,
composites, cosmetics and medical industries; and reuse of waste carpets and garments. You will end your tour with a behind-the-scenes
sneak peek of The Fashion Show, which is the biggest fashion design event of the year.
You are witnessing a pre-show dry run, where graduate students are encouraged to become
involved or even lead the entire showcase as “Show Director.” This year’s theme
was “Elements” and students were instructed to create pieces inspired by earth, air, fire,
water, and recycled materials. Students spend the entire academic year making garments before
submitting them to a jury. This year alone, 120 garments were selected for the show. Do you see yourself here? Earn a Masters or
Ph.D. degree in Textiles, Merchandising and Fashion Design to showcase your creativity
and work collaboratively with students, faculty and staff. This is your opportunity to exhibit
a high degree of construction skill and create a body of apparel design work that is unique
to your own perspective . Take the next step into your future by pursuing
your graduate degree at NEBRASKA. To learn more or apply to the Textiles, Merchandising
and Fashion Design program, visit graduate.unl.edu.

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