US, China officials confirm trade talks will resume

100 thoughts on “US, China officials confirm trade talks will resume

  1. Resuming trade talk is bad news for CNN and other liberal networks for their recessions narrative!

  2. Throughout the trade dispute between the U.S. and China we have seen some outright lies, we have seen some miscommunications, we have watched things fall through the floor, we have watched as we were told one thing and then they were going behind the scene and doing something else. All of this has been to prolong while they were working things out behind the scenes. Right.

  3. Make China Play fair! Americans need to be working. After all we make the best products & innovations in the World!

  4. I don't want any trade talks with scum I don't want to trade with scum in turn we need to brake all trade with China

  5. There are long term problems that this trade war will produce that won’t change when it eventually ends.
    The soybean, agriculture and livestock markets are being scooped up by Australia and South America…those won’t be coming back to American farmers and ranchers. They are screwed long term.
    Companies that were producing big ticket items in China are now having to relocate to Vietnam, Indonesia and India….that means pouring money into new manufacturing plants, warehouses, transportation systems and employee training……lost profit that won’t be sent back to America.
    Trump doesn’t care. Trump’s worshipers don’t care. They pretend to be all about “America first “….yet, they got no problem f*cking over American farmers, ranchers and companies.
    Good job guys.

  6. China is get to big. It's time to take back the power. We need to make our own products and whatever else. No China no Democrats no gays. Back to old school. Bring God back in our country. Amen.

  7. Every time US and China makes a trade agreement then when the agreement supposed to go into effect then China backs out.



  10. Better for China to make only 5 cents rather then lose 10 cents.

    If China were to buy more Made In U.S.A. they will soon tire of the cheap disposable Chinesium they are now forced to buy!

  11. I already know what going to happened. He going to tell his Trump supporters that he won. Just before the reelection. Which is a liar. Fox news is fake news anyways

  12. The Chinese goons giving it another try. Maybe if they quit lying, cheating and stealing, the trade talks would go a little smoother.

  13. China talking is good. They probably need to run away a couple more times before they learn our resolve is steadfast. They have been dishonest brokers far too long to just give it up. They want a weak president like Obama to manipulate.

  14. How to Commit Crime in 21st Century IC

    Now, it is public knowledge that the
    NSA, the FBI & the CIA collect & have been collecting for decades, everything they can about everyone in the world, including citizens of our US but nobody is supposed to look at the collected data without special authority. This is a 'generally speaking' statement.

    Imagine you are a writer/author of pulp fiction and you have access to the above 'raw intelligence '. Do you see how tempting it might be to cherry-pick certain specific events in a target's past and write a story, completely fictional, that fits in the framework of actual, real facts?
    This is what the Democrats, likely, did to Pres. Trump, utilizing Christopher Steele, a foreigner, to do the deed.
    Evidently, the Obama Admin (Clapper & Brennan), ILLEGALLY, gave 702 access of 'raw intelligence ' to Christopher Steele & other contractors prior to the composition of what was to be, the Steele Dossier!
    Then, incredibly, that dossier was used to retroactively authorize the initial spying!
    Does anybody, reading this, think they want to ever vote Democrat?

  15. This senator is betraying America, he respects China more than American people 👹👺👺👺

  16. Look at where America is at with Trump in office in just 3 years while getting stabbed in the back the whole time. Just imagine another 5 years with his last four with real Americans in Congress! We haven't even seen the tip of what we call winning yet!

  17. Shut down outside nation buying on ebay, legislate google on fair advertising, where you get the product advert that's from a company nearest yourself, if the product is $2 dearer, it still a huge contribution to your own country.

  18. Trump invited Taliban Terrorists to USA on the anniversary of 9/11. Republicans are all TRAITORS if they support Terrorist Trump.

  19. Bring back our jobs and our money!

    Tariff to 100% like India does for all imported items viewed as luxury!

    2020 King Trump! Long live the Trump Legacy
    2024, 2028, 2032, 2036, 2040, 2044, 2048

    Legacy take the U.S. beyond the Communist Mao's 100 yr. goal to take over the U.S. by 2045!

  20. Theres always an enemy.. Its geting old… From Russia Russia.. To Iraq Iraq, To Libya Libya To iran Iran to NK to Venezuela . Then China China China..

  21. China should be saying soon that they dont know anything about any talks. No calls were made. Yet again.

  22. I think there will be no deal, China always play in the edge.. Before Trump, US government will usually follow the deal but now Trump is also playing without any obedience, both sides do not believe each other..

  23. Dum dums, China is waiting for election, in Hope's to get a demo so they can continue to screwing us.

  24. the talks will continue with tRump on his knees BEGGING the Chinese to lift their retaliation against his tariffs. The Chinese will most likely request one of those blow jobs that tRump always gives Putin.

  25. Fact: China already control half of the entire World and they have better infrastructure, Economy, Weapons and high tech than us( USA) in other words: is their time, we are history, we(USA) belong to the past!

  26. Did you know that China has been buying ports close to America with their windfall from the unfair trade deals?

  27. Even if an agreement gets signed, with the current mentality of the CCP, it will all be a delaying tactic till the Communist party gets another dem in power. They look nice in the meantime, and hope they can get enough idiots to go for Kamila Toes, or Liza Hontas?

  28. Keep in mind China is alowed to buy American companies but American always been banned from ownership of Chinese companies only as conowners

  29. At least 49 of Trump’s trademarks are up in 2020 and the estimated $1.5 million lease the Bank of China has with Trump Tower expires this October.

  30. that is a great tie on the first dude they interviewed, love the stripes, like Michael Corleone

  31. China has essentially got rich from joining WTO which assumed
    that China would do business as clean as all other countries. This assumption
    was assumed by many naïve leaders in USA. But China  have followed the path of getting rich by cheating,
    stealing and using all kinds of tricks including making fake brand names, fake
    products and technology thefts.  This is
    opposite to the way that other countries such as USA, Japan, South Korean or
    European countries that have made them rich. 
    These countries got rich through the inventions and making of authentic
    products. Beijing leaders have used the money they made this way to buy leaders
    of poor countries setting up debt traps in these countries while solving the
    unemployment in China. Beijing leaders also use the other countries’ debts to
    take over their harbors and lands. They also use this money to established Confucius
    institutions around the world used for spreading bad Chinese characteristics
    including bullying, threatening, assimilation, social control etc. Chinese
    leaders will do whatever they can do, honorable or not, right or wrong, to get
    what they want. It does not matter whether the cat is black or white, as it
    catches mice, a quote made by Deng Xiaoping. All developed and advanced
    countries must unite to make China pay for what it has done including demanding
    China to significantly cutting down trade deficits and compensating all loss
    due to China ‘s thefts of intellectual properties.

  32. hey fellows, i have a sollution on this trade war, i know you guys have suffered from global trade and you want a fair play. how about raise same tariff on all countries? china will stop tariff either.


  34. Send a message! Do NOT buy Chinese goods. Especially after this. Items could be bugged, tampered with, or made to fall apart within a year so you buy the same product ALL OVER AGAIN and get ripped off each time. DO NOT BUY CHINA GOODS

  35. Long standing issues on our own making.
    China long issue. NAFTA long issue of trade/commerce. Now tariffs on these long issue's and shorten the long's until it disappears.

  36. Thanks to Pres.Trump that China has finally been exposed for the lying cheating thieves they are. China should never have been trusted and never made a favoured trading partner. They are real evil and finally Pres.Trump has nailed the bastards to the floor!

  37. Trade talks are cheap propaganda for the White House. Trumps very simple and often repeated tactic is intended to boast the stock market following a downward trading from Trump's action of cancelling another peace deal in Afghanistan and more large scale bombing in Iraq.

  38. The Red Chinese communist are using our open capitalist system against us. Capitalism only works with nations who are free, value liberty and fairness. Red China has exploited this, The weakness of Western capitalism is that a powerful totalitarian regime like Red China can send it's millions of millionnares around the world and buy out strategic lands and assets worldwide.. When a Red Chinese persons buys it, He's doing it for the country. When a westerner does it, it's 99% for individual means. Meaning that the Red Chinese use cash to invade and take over.. Dirty cash = bullets. Suitcase with 2million worth of banknotes = big artillery shells or missiles.. so all Red Chinese owned lands and assets are basically occupied territory. The soldier on the ground is the person running the Red Chinese owned cafe. The Cafe business operation = artillery or tank group. If Red China own enough of all the businesses or lands in any country. It's game over. Meaning non Chinese are serfs with nothing or no future. By this stage of domination and with enough Han Chinese population due to pressure from within. It's officially a Red Chinese state. Red China have mastered the art of economic warfare for a long time. They're economic imperialists and we'll become serfs to them if nothing is done asap. It's time for the West to set up military academies on how to fight economic warfare and Economic Imperialism.. Red China will show no mercy to individual minded and God believing people's. It's up to us alive now to do something…

  39. Good luck, freemarket rules agreed to by centrally planned communist economy. The PROBLEM is China is communist! That's NOT going to change soon. Eventually China will abandon communism as the looser scheme it is.

  40. China has already lost 30% of its production, they are not getting more orders for goods because companies are pout sourcing from vietnam and south america, alot of other countries produce textiles China doesnt have a monopoly on factories.

  41. China needs our pork ! Swine disease has wiped them out. Pork is a way of life in China. Once you get your 1st taste of Mc rib, you don't go back to eating fish heads,chicken feet and rice cakes! This should be great for the American producers ..seriously tho..also we need to get the MCA

  42. i support trump, trump for 2020.. never back down from communist. raise the bar higher. thank you trump making america better, america first.

  43. China has been ripping us off for billions  because of past weakness in leadership ..Even Mitt Romney told that crook BO that we cant just allow them to roll all over us …but Today is a new day ..NO MORE !! DT2O2O

  44. That's good If the talks resume. I just want fair trade. China is a rich country. And it's just time for them to pay there fair share. It still pissed me off if they stole technology. But what can you do every country steals technology. It's nothing new. But to rub it in our faces. Not good. Plus China needs to have a more social society. And open there boarders too More white people black people brown people. To be a world power. They are very much a segregated society. Chinese people are very polite and family oriented. There very good people. But China politicians needs to open there horizons if they want to compete in the world economy. It's healthy for countries to trade with each other. And I'm all for that. But I'm glad China is negotiating again. It's a good thing

  45. SO DAVID PERDUE WANTS THE 2020 POTUS TO CUT MEDICARE AND SOCIAL SECURITY TO PAY FOR TAX CUTS FOR THE RICH ("THE DEBT CRISIS") — THE SAME OLD REPUBLICAN LINE, WHICH THE VOTERS REJECTED IN 2016, AND WE'LL REJECT IT AGAIN IN 2020. EFFU PERDUE. Trump had better not even think about it, or he'll be out too. Sounds like Perdue wants someone else, though, to do the dirty work.

  46. We have our past Presidents to blame. Their poll numbers were so great. Their job of taking care of Americans…not so much.

  47. In glad to hear this. I am not one who worries about war with China over talks about trade. We have got to get on a more level playing field across the globe.

  48. I don’t support trump views on many issues but putting pressure on China is right move. 👍🏾

  49. i will negotiate with china as well as trump when i myself can help the worlds economy with my knowledge and gifts that i possess we can all sleep better and rest. i will do my job to my greatest capabilities to make sure our world economy doesn’t go into another recession trump is our president and captain i am a world leader that is open to china’s ideas and philosophies

  50. How many times is China gonna dangle a carrot and we put off increasing tariffs, then we get nothing after. How about refusing all Chinese ships and planes until they bring us an acceptable deal

  51. China Russia sy 50 50 % Russia Canada Amrica or Brazil sy trade kry yh mashwara hy es mai jo mazed working wo ap khod karlen

  52. Apparently they're looking at implementing a floating tariff pegged to the Yuan, so no matter how their currency is manipulated, the tariff auto adjusts, based on an economic formula so they gain absolutely nothing in terms of trade advantage, by currency manipulation. It's a no win for them. As a result, the US is in a stronger position than ever. The west should stop importing crap from China and bring the jobs home. The way things are currently heading, the west is fueling its own demise and historical irrelevance. Boosting jobs locally will set the stage for the grand plan for jobs growth into 2020.

  53. Who makes the thing China makes, no company in the USA? They make little thing, middle and large items. With the tariff war, america farmers are not selling soy bean. They are losing thousands and thousands of profit

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