UW-Stout: B.S. Retail Merchandising and Management

(airy music) – I was just kind of
looking for this program. I had a huge passion for fashion. As some people might
say, and I guess I was really up on trends, looking at different bloggers and kind of very interested in retail in general, and I knew Stout had a great program for that,
and so it just kind of drew me here and I fell in
love and it became home. Essentially with the Retail Merchandising and Management program
is a program kind of dedicated to the side of retail, instead of the side of design, and we do a lot of selling
and buying of clothes and merchandise. Our trend analysis class,
business analytics, and some of our retail math classes, I just knew it kind of set me apart from some of those other retail students in other retail schools. Our main retail professors
have such a passion for their jobs, and I think that that kind of made me fall in love with the program. They’re so knowledgeable,
they know everything there is to know about
this retail industry. I think The Niche is definitely,
that was another sell point for me, I know that coming
here and seeing that we had our own little boutique store on campus was the coolest thing, and it’s completely run by students. How awesome is that? I’ve never seen another
university with that before. As a buyer at The Niche,
you are expected to go to market, and you are expected to find those new trends and see what’s out there. Our buyers in The Niche
go from the Twin cities, to Las Vegas picking
up on what’s trending, and what are people wearing. My internship at Von
Maur, I actually got to travel to Chicago. I was traveling to New
York, I was all over the place, with some
of the biggest vendors, such as Nike and Adidas,
and The North Face. We were buying products from
them to sell in our stores. I wanna be a buyer I wanna
be in that corporate setting I wanna be choosing product
for my own department and making a difference
in that corporation. I’ve done so much here
that I never thought I would ever do, and I’ve met so many amazing people
that I never thought I would meet, that have
just influenced my life in such positive ways. How do you not be Stout Proud from that? (airy guitar music)

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