Verified Survivor – Debbie Wasserman Schultz: The Daily Show

(soft music) – [Debbie] Trump has tweeted
about me quite a few times now. But the earliest was
before he was President. I don’t really have a
clear memory of when he attacked me with his tweet
in 2012 because at the time, he was just a grumpy misogynist
and cable news addict who woke up early to
spew his hate on Twitter. Now, not much has changed
expect that grumpy misogynist spewing hate on
Twitter is president. We’ve heard him time
and again demean women because of how
they look or talk. Well, the good news is that
we are strong and the weakling in the White House
can’t change that. This is not how a
real man behaves. Somehow, he also seems to
think I was responsible for everything happening
in the country, which was news to me and
rich coming from someone who doesn’t take personal
responsibility for anything he says or does and who
now actually is responsible for what happens in the country. Despite all of his
despicable actions, I would never say this
country is going to hell. As for Trump himself,
well, you’ll have to be the judge of that.

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