Visual Merchandising Going Wild | RMIT University

As teachers within the diploma of visual merchandising
here at RMIT, we find it imperative for students to actually engage with industry jobs. We
find it very exciting for students to actually go out to industry, work with clients, have
meetings, design, concept….. come back here to RMIT University and actually produce and
manufacture and install under the guidance of industry and the teachers within the RMIT
visual merchandising program. When Kylie came to us with the brief about
getting the students involved, it was very much… well a lot of it was in collaboration
with us, so it was what did we have that we wanted to get out there.
We have six really strong community conservation campaigns from recycled toilet paper, to recycling
phones, to demanding certified sustainable palm — a whole range of different issues.
And so to be able to get all of them together in the one project was a challenge, but we
actually managed to get six of them really strong environmental messages out there in
this one project. Initially Kylie our teacher gave us a brief
that we then split into smaller groups and worked on each different campaign that we
were given, and we took those developed ideas to the zoo and we showed Jacqui and Emily
the different concepts that we had come up with so that they could be approved by the
zoo and we could go forward with developing and creating our window displays. The students that we worked with were so professional,
the sort of people that I would expect to be dealing with in my day to day job. It was fantastic. The students were really
responsive and really open and really interested in what we wanted to get out of the brief,
and really great to work with, really fast to come back to, and it was a really pleasant
experience the whole thing. With Industry projects such as the Zoos Victoria
that we’ve just completed with the students….it really gets them work ready after completing
the diploma of visual merchandising. They’re very enthusiastic, very passionate,
but the most important thing is they’re confident and ready to go out to the workforce. Loved the outcome of the window.
I’d definitely work with RMIT again and we hope that in the future we can do more work
particularly on the window display with them.

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