Volvo Trucks – Our first commercial autonomous transport solution

Now, standing here,
in this huge limestone mine, watching it in operation, it’s amazing. Yeah, I agree. It feels like
our business took a major step today. Volvo Trucks’ assignment
here in Brønnøy, Norway, is to take over the transportation
of extracted limestone from the open pit to a crusher, using six autonomous FH16 trucks
that operate both day and night. A boat is waiting by the crusher and needs to leave
with a full load of limestone. We need to do our part to fill it up. This step is crucial to us. The competition in the industry
is tough, and we have a clear vision
at Brønnøy Kalk to see new opportunities and technology
and digital solutions. Today we are doing
the first technical tests with the safety driver in the seat. But in real operation,
the trucks are totally autonomous. OK, let’s try
the first autonomous lap, guys. The Wheel Loader operator
calls on a truck, stops the truck, fills it up with limestone
and sends it away. We are rolling. The truck runs 100m in an open pit… The first curve is here, slight bend. …and then enters a 3.5km long tunnel. 60m to tunnel entrance. Entering tunnel now. The truck takes a sharp turn before
navigating through a second tunnel that stretches 800m. Signal still looks OK. At the end
the truck enters the crusher site. Entering crusher area. OK, great. Let’s see if the truck
will proceed with the unloading. This is our first autonomous solution
where we run in a real operation. Start reversing to crusher. We will offer our customer
a transport service, and Volvo Trucks
will take the full responsibility of moving the limestone from A to B. This is really a key milestone for us. Starting to unload. Our aim is to provide
greater flexibility and efficiency for our customers, and with that a rise in productivity. With this new technology,
we are able to offer an optimised, tailored solution
for each customer. We know this is crucial to them, and it feels great to drive progress
together with the customer. It worked out well,
everything according to plan? – It did everything.
– That’s good.

46 thoughts on “Volvo Trucks – Our first commercial autonomous transport solution

  1. I’m sure robots could do these engineers jobs a lot better and quicker and for free.
    What a joke VOLVO!!
    I’m sure a robot could do the CEOs job and make more profits too

  2. hi volvo. would you make someday as commercial that little boy almost hit by your truck but.. your best volvo truck save the life of that kid.

  3. I really like Volvo Trucks. But I've always thought that Volvo was about creating the perfect truck for the truck driver, so I'm not the biggest fan of this autonomous prototype. Maybe it's just me and I'm missing something, but I don't think that tens of thousands going into unemployment are… driving any kind of progress…

  4. How will it handle winter/rain/fog and changing routes, and what if the sensors get muddy and fail?

  5. Do you have any videos on the actual technology behind this? I'd love to know more about how it operates – for example at 1:41 I'm guessing you have a lidar system to detect the surroundings.

  6. Да вы просто гандоны ворующие работу у водителей. Самих в расход пустить надо

  7. And that Tecnokar Adige semitrailer looks stunning hooked up to your Volvo truck! 😃

  8. Lets see it loading a big 360 in the pouring rain. Then chaining it down and driving it through narrow lanes to deliver it to the mine.

  9. Para un proyecto minero está bien la amplitud d la cabina , pero para rutas prolongadas se necesita más espacio el área d descanso del conductor me parece muy reducida , c empeñan en hacerla más hacia arriba q hacerla más hacia atrás , e incluso mejoraría la estética del camión , gracias

  10. Fantastic explanation of the meeting of a need, Volvo Trucks makes the future as always.

  11. Very cool indeed. On a side note I work for the company that designed and built the self-unloading conveyor system on the ship shown in the video. Pretty cool to see them in real life.

  12. This is exactly why I am teaching myself to code. This is a snowball you can't stop. Get a plan B drivers, before it's too late.

  13. Компания Volvo нашла первого клиента для своих беспилотных грузовиков

  14. ммм…. так он оказывается по меткам едет, которые вдоль дороги стоят…
    ну, на все дороги метки не натыкаешь.

  15. Интересно! Как себя поведет электроника в условиях зимы и -40 градусов Цельсия? А так же в тяжелых условиях например Россия…

  16. Whatever company filmed this for you, Volvo, made a huge mistake in the edit. I, as a viewer, part from a super short clip, never sees that there is no driver basically. Outcome is, it's a truck driving, like any truck. And since I don't see this non-driver situation visualised, well then there is a driver. Film production company fail….

  17. Thanks for forcing me to find another job.
    Kind Regards
    Truck driver

    That's not the type of improvments in this industry we've been hoping for..

  18. Sinceramente,tenho Grande Admiração pela Empresa Volvo e seus Veículos. 👈👍💎

  19. Wtf happens wen a tire blow out or major mechanical failure or brakes stuck ..

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