We Can Do IT (:60) – University of Phoenix

♪ [instrumental music plays] ♪ ♪ Oh my life ♪ ♪ Is changing every day ♪ ♪ In every possible way ♪ ♪ [instrumental music plays] ♪ ♪ I want more ♪ ♪ Impossible to ignore ♪ ♪ Impossible to ignore ♪ ♪ I want more ♪ [music fades out]

100 thoughts on “We Can Do IT (:60) – University of Phoenix

  1. I just love this commercial… the part where the kids are sleeping in the bed with mom.. *tears.

  2. this is really motivating and i like that you used a song from the Cranberries. RIP Dolores O'Riordan bless her heart

  3. Looking at these comments, I realize that we are doomed. Please smarten up and stop giving this piece of propaganda your sympathy.

  4. I don’t understand what she changes the poster too at 0:53…

  5. I saw this as an ad and searched for the video just so I could hit "dislike".

  6. Just saw this ad come up. As with many other people commented here, I couldn't just skip it. I watched the whole thing and then looked it up so I could watch it again. Thank you for inspiring me! Now I have bookmarked it so I can watch it again when I need to get motivated!

  7. This commercial makes me feelSome kind of way -✊🏼✊🏽✊🏿❤️

  8. Notice how she was the last one to get fired. It’s like the boss was like “I really don’t wanna fire her because she throws great office parties but, the industry’s evolving.” Just shows that if your an awesome person, your far less likely to get fired.

  9. Did her man get replaced by a robot too? This fictional woman is not a positive role model for young girls.

  10. I know this this somewhat old, but I just recently saw this on TV. I'm not a guy who likes commercials, but this is genuinely the ONLY commercial I actually liked and watched through until the end. In conclusion, this is beautiful. Thank you.

  11. Yeah I'm pretty sure that poster was nazi propaganda of some sort.

  12. The fact they used such a great song makes me so happy. Make those dreams come true! 🌠

  13. This is one of thee saddest commercials.  I'm a big barely trucker, and this gets me emotional every time.  Great ending though.

  14. This commercial is harsh.single mom.replaced by automation. Rips my heart apart because it's so true.its so cool that she made a career of controlling what replaced her.great commercial.

  15. I love this song with the cellos in the arrangement. It makes me cry too.

  16. Can someone please tell me why she rewrote "It" at the very end?? Confused..

  17. I have the we can do it poster in my room and every time I look at it I can't resist smiling

  18. Looks like she should have been fired a long time ago. There's nothing on the table that she's even working on, shes just lowering and raising the drill into nothing

  19. I love this commercial, it makes me want to cry everytime.

  20. I'd love to hear who specifically is singing. Given the answers I've seen, I'll ask a different way… Whose vocal chords are those?

  21. University of Phoenix. I don't know who idea was this, but please thank them for me. This is my life. I am in school now. No…not Phoenix, but I won a scholarship elsewhere. Its been hard and I wanted to give up but each time I see this commercial, it encourage me to not give up but press on. MANY THANKS!!!

  22. Doesn't everyone wish they could reinvent themselves?? University of Phoenix is the way to go. But they need to cut their prices first and be more affordable to all.

  23. I love this ad so much! The animation style is so cute : ) I actually stopped fast forward the commercial because I thought it was a short film.

  24. In the 90’s I heard a hauntingly beautiful song promoting Irish tourism….I didn’t catch the name of the song. Hit the “fast forward button” 20+ years..hear this commercial, with a version of the same song…google University of Phoenix commercial…and mission accomplished. “Dreams” Thank you. Cute commercial, by the way!

  25. I love this commercial despite believing most schools are a horrible investment. Nothing but a debt and credit racket. How is this cutie single by the way?

  26. This is the only commercial I've ever looked up, because its so meaningful. Love the song (Dreams), and love the whole aspect. Wonderful, made me cry.

  27. This was me after the Marines…. getting told no no no no no by every police department I applied to. Then I got fed up. Used my GI Bill and in 10 weeks I’m getting my bachelors in Criminal justice….now I get to tell them no no no no

  28. I just submitted my final paper for my final capstone class today…. I’m done….. got my bachelors!!!!!!! WOOOOOOOOHHHOOOOOO

  29. I personally think this commercial is depressing. First that woman loses her factory job due to automation, and then she reluctantly agrees to attend University of Phoenix. But yet she fails to realize that it’s a for profit school, and she could easily be screwed over due to massive student debt and failing to obtain a job in light of many employers rejecting those who attend such schools. Of course the commercial didn’t feature that, because what you saw was a dramatization.

    Now moving on to the grim realities of for profit schools, which are one of the biggest scams in human history. So many people have attended then eventually got fucked over so badly, especially by having to pay the horrendous debt obtained by attending, and failing to obtain a well paying job, and instead having to work a half ass job by working at a fast food place for the minimum wage.

    Don’t attend any for profit school, and U of P is no exception, unless you want to be fucked over so badly.

  30. very good. Love it. However, in reality, it is not that easy to turn anyone into coder.

  31. The Kangaroo sends his regards. This is the kind of ad that we need. Not bashing men for doing their job. Just encourage women to do it too.

  32. So, what will be the landscape of the economic classes when human labor is obsoletized and more and more people are left without incomes to support the American economy?

  33. If you want to credit a strong woman/female – then like the singer/band/video from ten years ago (The Cranberries) from which they used this song for this ad on tv…


  34. Of course when automation eliminates manufacturing and machining jobs it will OVERWHELMINGLY be men who lose their jobs. But, by all means let's show a woman getting squeezed out 🙄🙄🙄

  35. That was surprisingly touching. Good job UoP. We need more positive messages in the world.

  36. University of Phoenix good job with this commercial!❤ This story is a lot of single women whom want better for them and their children. This had me and my daughter shedding a few tears

  37. Why would you use this retarded voice for the commercial ? why don't you just use the original song from the cranberries ?

  38. Gotta make sure your cartoon family doesn’t have a dad. Who needs one of those? Certainly not that little boy. Surely his mom can show him how to be a man, since women are awesome at EVERYTHING 🙄.

  39. September 20, 2019 1:19 am just saw this add on lifetime and the song drew my attention. Her voice is incredible.

  40. Who sings this song version? NOT the cranberries, but who sang in this video, and what is the song title and artist?

  41. This reminds me of my mom, growing up I never how hard my mom worked as a single parent but no I understand love you ma❤️

  42. I enjoy the commercial but that whole scenario is like me using a typewriter in a room of people on gaming PCs.

  43. This resinates with me.. I put myself through an IT program while working full time.. we can DO IT! YASSSS!

  44. This made me tear up! I’m not a mom myself but I feel that pull of what she’s going through.

  45. Over 400k in advertising, thanks but I'm no longer a target, try selling fake dreams to foreign students next..

  46. Can people stop disrespecting the memory of Dolores O'Riordan by making this awful hipster covers of her songs to use in commercials? This song is one of the most beautiful love songs ever written and you're stripping the soul out of it each time you do this. Thanks.

    And PS the only thing you're accomplishing with this is to make me personally boycott whatever it is you're advertising. Because any time I see your brand I'll just remember this commercial and the rage it induced when I saw it.

  47. 80% of drill press operators in America are white males. We won't see them represented anywhere though.

  48. A woman bad at blue collar work turns into a seat-warming desk jockey. How typical.

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