Wearing a Headdress Is Not Racist (and Cultural Appropriation Is Dumb)

100 thoughts on “Wearing a Headdress Is Not Racist (and Cultural Appropriation Is Dumb)

  1. As a Native American, it isn't offensive. You aren't even using the correct colors. This shit is just stupid.

  2. I am American, but a very small part Sami from northern Europe, a damaged/exploited native group in Sweden and other northern countries. I don't feel offended when I see people using Sami designs or clothing. As long as they're not mocking Sami people. I love seeing people appreciating Sami art and loving it enough to put it on their bodies.

    Sometimes Sami clothing or designs are used to market Scandinavian countries. They use Sami clothing as "traditional Swedish clothing." That's a little different. They're using Sami clothing to generate money for those governments to support further depletion of Sami culture and lives. I think it depends who is doing it and why.

  3. Wearing a "headress" is like wearing metals of honor. Wearing metals of honor is illegal if you did not earn or them.

  4. Hey there! I know this is an old video, but a bit about me as well that would sum up the validity of this video and "cultural appropriation". First, I say to you as who I am, rock that shit!

    Exactly who I am; long story short (or as short as possible), I'm black (My dad), white (My mom), and native american (Both, two different tribes). Throughout my life, I was told and given the impression that I'm too much of one of them to "officially" be the other 2. I couldn't use the "n word" without being ridiculed or prove my "blackness", I wasn't "enough" to be a part of a tribe of any sort, and I was "my blood was dirty". I found interesting that the "n word" was meant as a cognitive appraisal therapy to teach others what the black community went through and goes through against racist people. But my apparent right to not be able to say it kinda kills its context, finding this out in high-school however, I got people demanding that I start using it or that they will just dismiss me as a human being to protect the context of the "n word". I went thought this same issue when I was interested with headdresses. I couldn't even do anything that was inspired by a headdress but looks nothing like it due to that same exact "sacred" context; all of this "context" is what Cultural Appropriation is. The whole thing is a contradiction; meant as a way to "fight fire with fire" figuratively speaking, but said method is meant literally to stop an incoming forest fire from spreading by using up the fuel it is about to spread to. Better to use water or sand anyways. But what it's really doing is being a crazed pyromaniac, setting fires everywhere that won't go out unless the entire area is burned down and ignorantly believing something is getting done from this. It's a Rainbow of Repression (awkward choice of words, I know) that is counterproductive against anything "cognitive appraisal" directed.

    Headdress meaning too if your interested in it which was something I learned from their history. It's more over a "badge of honor" to anyone in a tribe that has done their tribe well, ergo defending from invasions, gave food to everyone in the tribe during a food shortage, gained a breakthrough of wisdom that would help the tribe and the land. Stuff like that. But not a single headdress looks like yours though, so your not necessarily "mocking" or "offending" anyone, they are just power tripping. Next time, just say your a Heyoka…hopefully they will know what that is! XD

  5. As a native American I think this shit is racist because fuck man what else do we have from our culture do peoole recognize but nah you can wear it all you want and forget it's actually meaning. This is just disrespect

  6. Lmao, goodnight to all of you who claim you're Native American and "don't find this offensive." Specifically to those who claim they're Native American who are also fans of this person and purposing choosing to overlook his faults. If you don't know why this is offensive it's most likely because you care more about sympathizing with a white man than trying to educate yourselves on the racism and oppression/colonialism that Europeans enforced onto Native Americans.

  7. For some reason white people are called racist all the time. This whole racist commentary is just stupid. Look around this day and age most of the world is free. I think head dresses should be used by any one. If I were a native I think it would be cool to see others enjoying my culture in some way or another.

  8. You're a garbage human. You walk around in public like that, which is your right, but you act shocked and chagrined when people stare at you – which is exactly what you want in the first place. You thrive on the attention. That's the sole purpose for everything you do, including this channel.

    You have no understanding of what white privilege is and all your arguments are disingenuous at best. You really make me sick.

    Take that headdress off your fucking head.

  9. Make a video about all the ways you’ve suffered as a white American male. Oh wait..

  10. I to Native American I am also Irish and English but it look more Native American it is okay to wear that type of headdress there are people that come to powwows and they are not Native American and they join in and dance with everybody so you do you don't give a f*** what anybody says

  11. I haven't even watched the whole video but dafuq?! Bitches run around in tiaras and not a single one, at least in this country, is a princess XD I'm just.. Fucking ppl. Ignore the hate and keep that talent flowing.

  12. Native American here, don't listen to my tribe who are saying it's disrespectful. It's only disrespectful if you disrespect it you know?

    It looks better black.

  13. Congrats for the 1M subs, I know this vid is old af but… Why is people nowadays so offended by everything? The first time I saw your headdress I thought it looked great and I felt it was maybe like some kind of tribute to native americans, so… Is like being offended by black people (or white or rainbow, whaterever) dressing a kimono, I just don't get it =/

  14. you monster! im of Taino blood which are the people who are the only people columbus interacted with! your head dress has nothing to do with my native culture but do you know that you wearing that is a slap in the facece to my culture who never wore that head dress is racist? how dare you rock that stuff so fabulous! im so offended that you could posibly have actual native culture and not even know it, i will let you know you suck cause aparently i cant understand why you would love or respect other cultures outside "white" life and culture. im of native blood but i learned that we were not as peacful to eachother as much as we are historically viewed as peacful. i tottally wore green this year knowing im not irish and i dont look and my friends who are loved it!


  16. Just another colonist culture thief . Just like your colonist ancestors who stole our land and our culture.

  17. I am enrolled in the Colville confederated tribe this isn't racist anyone no matter what religion color or where you come from you can be whatever you want to be dress up however you want to be whoever you want to be its not racist if he's not saying anything bad about native americans im fine with that.

  18. I refuse to waste more than a minute non this ignorant ish

  19. yes, it's late, but here's my take:
    (and yes – i am a native american. navajo, if you must know-)
    i think the problem that people have is that headdresses are 'restricted' and 'limited' to those who have earned them. it's somewhat similar to making your own college degree; there's a few problems with that.

    however, what he's doing isn't terrible, of course, and it could be muuuchh worse. i'd like to point out one major flaw in his argument; where he states something along the lines of "just because my ancestors did this terrible thing doesn't mean that i did that/believe that" and then he goes on to say "well, ACTUALLY, my ancestors aided the native people," so be careful with your wording.
    and yea!!! thank you so so much for understanding there's not a "select few" who run the entirety of the native people. i- errughh. it's like one of your- and i'm not going to coat it nicely to satisfy others, because it's just what it is. it isn't supposed to be rude- anyway- one of your black friends can't give you 'permission' to use the n-word because there will be people who take offense to that. one cannot justify for all.
    it's the same way i feel for using the term savages… but we won't get into that.

    overall, i think that as long as he respects the native people and our heritage + beliefs, the mock headdress is okay for him to wear. he simply must remember he is not "one of us" and that he cannot seriously mock the native american culture.
    thank you.

  20. simply put I am not trying to talk to Richie. I know he uses this for views and just wants a response. I do know though, that a lot of uninformed people come into his comment section defending him, so maybe someone will see this and do some of their own damn research rather than just listening to a random white guy who doesn't even seem to know the history of the cultures he comes from???

    I am 1/2 Irish then the other half of my family is mostly Native with some Norse mixed in, so I can talk on both of your main topics with complete background as well.

    St. Patrick's day was originally to celebrate Catholicism coming to Ireland and it changed over time to become what it is today.

    your headdress doesn't need to be the same as the historical ones because the reason we are offended is that it was used the same way as black face and yellow face and their headdresses weren't accurate either. they used them to otherize and demonize us, as well as to make us think we are inferior because of our culture.

    my tribe wasn't recognized by the government until 2001 and not given any land until 2014 I couldn't have lived on a reservation, yet my culture is still a huge part of my life, I go to monthly tribal meetings along with pow wows and classes for native art, so saying "I talked to real natives like from reservations" isn't exactly what you should be saying? a majority of the tribes who were displaced were never given land

    I had something else typed but it got deleted so this is a lot more crapily written but whatever. i hope people get my points and can find some shit out themselves.

  21. Are you serious? I'm half native american (Navajo and Hopi) and was raised so. But you seem to be ignoring the fucking fact that this isnt YOUR culture. You can WEAR jewlery and other things like small clothing items that you find attractive or like…. But War Bonnet's are extremely religious that only warriors and chiefs could wear, which by the way, some traditional Great Plain's natives still use to this day in traditional pow wows. You're not justified. Just because YOU THINK that it's okay. These freaking traditions are still alive today minus the freaking part with war. You're disgusting.BTW, i hate SJW's and hate affiliating myself with them. And culture appropriation is NEVER okay. Just because google says the definition of culture appropriation doesn't mean that it applies to you because that's just a VAGUE definition. Btw, it's not ok to wear it at coachella either. Why? because the outfits are never even accurate or reflect certain tribes and sexualize native american women. Fun fact, did you know Native American women are the most kidnapped and raped race in the USA? Shit… I wonder why….. I'm done with your bull. BTW Jaclyn was lucky you cheated on her.

  22. Fuck st. Patrick first off there's no snakes in ireland that's just fancy talk for Celts (which my all of my dad's side is) that st patrick essentially murdered so he could get higher up in the church's hierarchy.

  23. White people ENDED slavery – Native Americans were genocided by Spainards more so and they owned their own slaves and fought wars and rapped and killed children too
    White people Stopped more Genocides than any other race
    Black People had slavery and genocide – Rwanda/Zulus/Somalia – for starters
    Middle East had it too as did the Latin Americans and Aztecs and Myans had it
    Even Maoris in New Zealand Genocided The Moriori whom were saved by German Missionaries, Tahitians conquered Polynesians, Samoans and Tongans had Slaves

  24. so listen was he there when the war was going on was he in the war killing natives no do shut the fuck up and stop hating on him because he didn't do anything to that race.#stophating

  25. I know this is a year ago, but I'm hoping this year of 2018 and next year 2019, these SJW liberal shits don't fuck around and dictate how people dress and shit.
    Plus, I love how most of these people that say this is racist are just whiney white shits.

  26. I don't see how one could be offended. Im native American, and i think its fine

  27. I'd say, an actual headdress, that would actually be put on for the soldiers of honor should be called headdress
    while war bonnets would be the things that are multicolor and stuff

    so Richie is wearing a war bonnet, and that's ok
    but if it were an actual headdress, like badge of honor for soldiers, it's be a little odd

    but even then, it's kind of just some clothing, it's a representation of a person, it doesn't really matter

  28. Culture Apporution confuses. If you “steal” or borrow from Some Cultures it’s okay and if you do it from some cultures it’s not okay. People borrow from other cultures all the time and it has been done ✅ for years & years. So if a person wears a head dress it’s offensive and stealing from the cultures of Native Americans than why isn’t taking something such as fairytales and mythology and making one’s version of them even to fit their culture ( Which people do all the time) not offensive. I mean the Russians have their own version of Beauty & the Beast which is a French Fairytale. So was that offensive? Is the Russian Version of Beauty & The Beast offensive because it traditionally it is a French Fairytale. Does that qualify as stealing from the French culture?

  29. Nicki Minaj does it. If people wanna have an issue with you doing it they better have an issue with her. Doesnt matter that she is more famous.

  30. You are a weird alternative white dude wearing a head dress. your dollar store beads and feathers look like shit mate. Take that off, you dont care about its meaning. You dont even care to learn more about why it could be sacred.

  31. You are white, white, sprinkled with white.
    It doesnt matter where you are from, you dont even care about your own culture. Stop taking advantage of indigenous people culture.

  32. I used to subscribe but this really pisses me off as cultural appropriation is talking the talk but not walking the walk…let me explain..if u were a shaman and trying to study native culture to become leader of ur own tribe then by lo means wear ur headdress but just wearing a sacred ceremonial relic just for shits and giggles isn’t ok…that’s cultural appropriation at its finest.. it goes for any culture..period..white people need to really respect ethnic cultures, learn from said culture don’t just pick something up and run with it…drops mic

  33. I am indeed a Native American, wearing that is in fact stupid and please stop wearing that. People were killed by white men wearing real headdresses. I really want people to not wear this headdresses but since this isn’t a real headdress I guess it’s ok but I still hate it.

  34. It's a little fucked up to say that cultural appropriation is dumb because you wouldn't understand that our culture is dying with your emo gay ass

  35. You wearing that headdress is like me wearing a US military uniform because I think it looks cool, yeah I could do it but it's fucked up, and I tell you all the feathers I wear on my head I earned and if I ever see you in person I'll take those from you

  36. I’m Native American, and wearing a headdress isn’t racism, it doesn’t offend me. Also for the record even the sports logos aren’t offensive to me, I appreciate when another ppl embrace and celebrate my culture.

  37. Did you really compare Irish "persecution" to the genocide of the indigenous people of this country… Who make up something like 2% of the US population now. Ugh. And pinning the comment of someone saying they're a "native american" who isn't bothered by your costume, isn't a justification to your insensitivity, of not only your costume, but of the ignorant shit you said in this video.. To me, it almost kinda feels equivalent to someone saying "I'm not racist, I have a black friend".

    Anyway, all I was really planning on saying was, try looking at it from the POV of an indigenous person, where possibly in their culture, these head dresses have deeper, more sacred meanings and are only worn by those who have earned and are deserving of it… Then to see it worn as part of a costume by a goth looking, white guy, who is only wearing it because it looks cool, could feel like another spit in the face by yet another member of a race of entitled people, who have continued to show little to no concern for their people, their land and their culture, through out history.

    I know you want to keep wearing it, and so you'll probably keep being defensive about it, but next time you try justifying it, maybe tone down the ignorance.

  38. Both Cherokee and Choctaw nation of Oklahoma. Cultural sharing is important and while this is not really a Native War Bonnet, it's clearly at least influenced by Native culture and I'm ok with that.

  39. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ie4m9LAVDGw Watch this video instead and consider donating to the youth program mentioned in the video. That is all I have to say.

  40. Hey, guys, a Native American says it's cool so, yeah…must be okay, then. He's got a Native American friend.

    God, I'm so glad your channel is finally dying.

  41. I personally like the headdress, especially the colour scheme; however, think of it this way: I'm what Native Americans call a "half-breed" (Chippewa, Nakota, Nordic, Celt) and have been kicked off six reservations in three states because of it; soooooo, the best way to see if Native Americans find it offensive is to wear your headdress on the standing rock reservation in SD, or wear it to your local pow wow and see if they respect it or not, they'll let you know either way pretty quick lol

  42. White guy explains how privileged he is. Somehow mentioning he’s Canadian makes his ignorance better? 🙄

  43. Basically he just talking about us being human beings which is true bc we are one whole species on earth part of the mammals

  44. I agree with this and no offense but I'm pretty sure the French were never allies with the Navajo or Diné because the navajo were in the southwest and the french never has settlements near Navajo it was probably Iroqouis (my ancestors on my moms side) that allied with them

  45. How am I just seeing this and the “it’s not offensive if I’m not doing it as a joke or offensively” is diminished when you chose to say that cultural appropriation is dumb because by saying that, you are not acknowledging the opinions of the very people you got the head dress from. White people continue to baffle me. How do you have no culture and then think you can put your two cents into cultural appropriation lmao bold.

  46. That's how history works.
    Do you think all those tribes got "their land" by fair trade? 😂😂😂

  47. I want to know how are dreads just for the black culture? I really just want to know I just thought it was a weird hair style.

  48. racist man im native your stupid so shut your mouth and stop the racism im offended hello cultural appropriation!!!!!

  49. I really dislike him because he mocks and disrespects us Native Americans with the headdress. My tradition is not costume and to the Natives who don't mind this, you're not Native

  50. You’re just doing it to be edgy though, these headdresses have special meaning to Native Americans. They’re a spiritual thing.

  51. This is still disrespectful as fuck. Stop trying to speak over indigenous people.

  52. Your too ignorant to understand how bucked up what your doing is. You’ll get knocked out one day, then maybe you’ll see.

  53. as a Native, it IS OFFENSIVE. But pin the comments that you like lol. It ISNT OKAY. White people slaughtered Natives. You look stupid. Doogo ya bilagáana.

  54. Just because white people stopped saying anything doesn’t mean it’s not wrong fucker

  55. You're a tool. This is dumb. It's absolutely disrespectful. Get bent poseur. You're not even marilyn Manson levels of poseur worthy. I hope Rozz Williams comes back from the dead to kick your ass.

  56. All form, no substance. You're not deep enough as a person to understand the meaningfulness of the headdress, because nothing has meaning to you. But there is even meaning in not having meaning, and you don't even understand that. Your channel is literally without meaning, there's no meaning to your videos, your performances, anything- you're all about style, the way something looks, the aesthetic value- but have no actual soul or backbone.

  57. It stinks that y’all didn’t cancel this clown way back when, when his white ass was calling cultural appropriation stupid.

  58. Not like our ancestors died for our culture just for you to wear it. “idk tho”

  59. can white people just stay in their lane? how hard is it to just say “you know maybe wearing a fucking native american headress isn’t cool dude” and just leave it at that

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