what can you get for *FREE* on PACYBITS 19?! (pacybits 19 trading)

oh no im going to be showing you what you can get for free on pacybits 19 pacybits 19

100 thoughts on “what can you get for *FREE* on PACYBITS 19?! (pacybits 19 trading)

  1. Блять смотри телефон не схавай

  2. 114…………………….. for free i got 99 ronaldo 99 modric and 99 pele

  3. Do you support port vale if so I am a Tranmere can you did a really good job in the final

  4. You faked Virgil because you didn't show the establishing connection

    Sorry if i spell this wrong

  5. Your the best you have the best players my highest player is 95 ron

  6. You realise you have showed glitches to duplicate cards and coins so the van dijk and the 10 million could have been duplicated

  7. I can just trade my duplicates/bad players if someone knows how to fix it plz tell me

  8. i HATE when people ask for free stuff. The pacybits 19 community is destroyed because of this video

  9. I got 99 Pele and Ronaldo toty with ten mil. Then I got three toty and ten mil. Then I got 99 tots Messi and 99 Ronaldo tots. And I got 98 tots Suarez

  10. I was trying this while watching this video and got 10 mil for free the exact same time you did

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