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  1. Hey ReeZy really appreciate all of the knowledge you bless us with. My wife and I are doing really well On eBay and looking to dive into fba. All these videos help a ton. Look forward to your live show Monday!

  2. Reezy!!! Well informed vid for the newbie understanding Sales Rank/Avg Sales Rank. As we say in Philly and from my boy Neo, you dropping gems! Thanks a lot. Looking forward to more of your vids.

  3. Hey Reezy love all this info and THANK YOU. Can you use the QR CODE SCAN app on android? Or do I have to buy a plug in scanner to use with my cell searching for deals?

  4. Hi Reezy! I'm a stay at home mom that's looking to help my family get out of debt faster! I've been flipping/re-selling for years now but just recently decided to do this full time. In the last few days I've made tremendous profit mainly from goodwill to Craigslist resales. I'm really happy I found out about your approach though and using all these awesome tools!! This whole time I've been re-selling with just a hunch of knowing if something would sell or not. But now that these tools are available I'm actually able to see the graphs and KNOW if it will sell or not! Saving me a lotttt of time! So Thank you for taking the time to share with us everything you know!

  5. Reezy, so you should never go buy the buy/reject only the ranks and if the book is selling? I ask this because I left books behind because of the big red reject.

  6. Thanks for the clear explanation. When I'm out sourcing in shops what apps should I have on my iPhone ???

  7. You made your point and it is a GOOD one! thanks. Not to many people talk about Scanpower, does that show the average rank? Chris Green sounds like a genius.

  8. Great video….a couple of questions:

    1. Any time the line goes up in CCC, it means a sale, but why aren't the
    steps all the same. Some times the line shoots all the way up,
    sometimes it's just a small step.
    2. for books, assuming you either have the buy box or are the lowest FBA
    offer, is there a very approximately predict how soon a book might sale
    by just looking at the sales rank? Thanks!

  9. After watching this video I will eliminate all the schizophrenic software vendors, about ranks and courses for $ 2000 or more and I will keep only your videos, enough is enough, Simple and great explanation in only few minutes from a top seller. The best. Thank you. God bless you.

  10. Ok so this is my situation I have 800 listings and 5k sales in just 60 days I just started I list like 20 items a day and have 8k sales in poshmark everyone thinks I am kicking ass as a new reseller but I am swimming in inventory and my bank account is always low as crap sometimes before the next credit hit i am at a NEGATIVE balance. Everyone says list list list but shoot I have too much inventory and its because I am brining in more then I sell even though I sell 5 to 8 items a day. How can I keep the momentum of the annalytics and not be so dang broke lol your baby is cute

  11. The most I have ever understood about amazon!! When I see people scanning in videos at thrift stores, I always thought it was an app they are using. The websites you mentioned would be helpful once at home but not when out sourcing… or am I missing something?

  12. That astounded like Gary Vaynerchuk at the beginning of the video.

  13. thanks so much for always giving such GREAT info! Reezy your stuff is awesome.ย  thanks for helping out others.ย  Love that you do that.

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  15. woow you are very clever and its super uselful iformation you sharing. thank you. we are just about to start and im hunting porudcts manually with the help of amazon seller .. watching sales ranks. I found the perfect helpful information in the perfect timing. Thank You! im gonna check out keepa.com straight away and im just hoping its not as pricy as fba scan.

  16. Love your video. I watch 30 videos so far and could not understand sales rank until now. I am 55 years old (old) and am interested in selling on amazon with products from China. I need all the help I could get. Keep up the GREAT work and I will be looking forward to seeing your other videos. Thank you again

  17. Hey. I am new to the book reselling game, this video was awesome! Very clear and concise with great tips for different tools to use to analyze. Thank you, you have certainly earned a loyal follower and I am looking forward to watching more of your videos!

  18. What sales rank should I be looking for to move product somewhat fast? Under 40k?

  19. Thank you Reezy Resells, this was such a good video in helping me to understand! ๐Ÿ™‚

  20. Thank you – I sell on eBay but plan on adding Amazon this year! So watching your videos to start right.

  21. Thanks for the explanation Reezy! I have a product that I would love for you to do a video on and demonstrate rather to buy or not. And maybe a couple different items in a couple different categories. That would be so helpful to see your thought process with actually scanning different products.

  22. That was very useful do I have to print the foms out or is it all done on the computer

  23. great video.. dont record outside anymore.. wind is making my ears bleed.. love you baby

  24. Great video. exactly what I was looking for. Still valuable info 2 years later. thanks.

  25. Thanks for Breaking this down. I've heard other people put it differently and I was still lost. So thanks again Reezy

  26. Thank you for the lesson. Question if this is still relevant since its from 2016. Also scanning books takes work but how can I do this quickly in the store and see average sales rank info? I use amazon seller app and I can only see the snapshot of the current sales rank.

  27. Very well said.. its ma 1st time to watch your vdeo.. loved it.. keep going..๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ‘

  28. Hey thanks a lot for your videos they are really helpful for beginners like me as they give me a realist insight into the world of amazon , I've tried to contact you to ask a few questions hope you stay in touch.

  29. I just use profit bandit to scan books. It has a built in sales rank graph from keepa.com that pops up along with all the used and new prices from merchants as well as all the fba prices. It also displays all the general info like the product photo and sales rank. All this is on one screen so everything you could possibly need is right there. Only $10/month as well.

  30. It was good ranking video. I am new to amazon but learning fast. Thank you.

  31. Thanks for the info on sales rank…i never understood it's importance and that is why I stayed away from books except for my personal collection…

  32. I had published a book 7 days ago; but still Amazon has not given any sales rank to that book. It's blank. Can you say why?

  33. Dude I can't even begin to take you 1/2 way seriously in that hat and glasses.

  34. Reezy I want to thank you so much for sharing all the content you put out. I cannot thank you enough. If you're ever in Texas let me know and dinner / Lunch is on me

  35. Hello, Thanks for the great info video!! Whats a good barcode scanner software to use to manage my Amazon inventory?

  36. so basically when it comes to gauging sales on AMZN average rank is good! LOL
    thanks for the information much appreciated.

  37. Reezy you got a top 10 videos or things to know when you first start? I like that you are dropping the tools that you use ๐Ÿ™‚

  38. Thanks for the information. I am new to selling on amazon and this video help bring things into prospective.

  39. Hey Reezy, in relation to sales rank etc., you mention when you send product to Amazon, what determines your agreed upon sales price to them at the point of shipment or is it dictated by amazon what the final price is?

  40. Thank you Reezy, I'm just starting to learn about this… at 57. I didn't understand sales rank until you explained it so well.

  41. Hey Reezy! Just saw you for first time with Gary Vee. Brand new to RA and still a bit confused. Guess I just have to get my feet wet to get the gist of things. Waiting to be approved by Amazon. They say 2 days. Can't wait to start. Would you recommend selling items I already have in my home ie; books, games, small appliances, etc? Or strictly purchasing new from stores?

  42. I just purchased Keepa to view sales history but can only bring it up on my laptop, not on my phone.. How do I view sales history while out finding books? Thanks!!

  43. Just stumbled on this gem. Thank you for sharing your time and talent.

  44. Thanks for the info!! You made this very easy to understand!

  45. Thank you man Great Video the lower the rank the higher the sales I definitely get it๐Ÿ‘ and I also learned how to understand the graph so far I'm 1 year and a few months mastering Amazon fba

  46. Great Information
    Like the video game tunes in the background ! ๐Ÿ˜Š

  47. This guy is amazing. Iโ€™m so proud of you and super blessed to have found you on YouTube! Thank you for everything

  48. Under 1000: sells like a maniac, at the right price will sell within hours

    Under 10,000: will sell within a week if priced right

    Under 100,000: will sell within 1-3 weeks if priced right

    Under 250,000: will sell within a month or two if priced right

    500,000: Give it several months

    1,000,000: Give it 6 months

    2,000,000: Give it a year

    3,000,000: Hope youโ€™ve got time

    4-8 million: could take years

    9 million or higher: May never sell

    (replace the DOT with a dot)
    sellercentral.amazon DOT com/forums/t/sales-rank-how-does-it-work/301951/11

  49. How come the rank is different on camelcamelcamel compared to amazon seller app?
    Also, I cant find the history for rank anywhere on camelcamelcamel!

  50. Thanks that helps because my book has and author rank of 1,278,676 and l was so confused but your info helped me search better. Thanks

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