What is an Inbound Sales Process? by Former HubSpot CRO, Mark Roberge

Sales process is basically a sequence of
stages that an opportunity goes through as it progresses from a lead to a customer,
and essentially establishes a common terminology between business owners.
between the VPs of sales, and managers, and reps so that everybody understands where we
are in a particular opportunity. Why have a sales process? The key to having a sales process is it gives you visibility into where we stand as we pursue the revenue targets for the month or the quota. Without having a well-defined sales process you’re essentially flying blind. You really don’t know how you’re doing until that month ends and you tally up where you stand and what a sales process esentially does is it tell us whether or not we’re behind or ahead and if we are behind, and gives us
visibility into where things are currently broken so that we can intervene with
some strategies that are customized and personalized to that broken stage. When should you build a sales process? You really want to do it
right at the beginning. Me personally, I made the first you know
500 dials at HubSpot and I was working on the sales process from day one. You want to have sales process set up by the time you hire those for salespeople as a
blueprint that they can actually follow and work within. What is a Inbound Sales Process? Inbound selling is really around transforming sales to
align with the modern buyer. One of the key steps to transforming your sales team
to be aline with Inbound sales is to build your sales process not by seller
action, but based on the buying journey and the steps that the buyer goes through
when they purchase and evaluate your product. If you build a sales process on that, on
how the salesperson can help them become aware of these problems opportunities, help them discover potential ways to
solve them, help them evaluate the short list of solutions and help them purchase,
you’re going to achieve better alignment between your sales team and the buyer
through every step of the process. the sales process for HubSpot was
instrumental to us having the growth that we’ve had in becoming that you know
100 – 200 million dollar revenue company. Every single month we can see not
just how a salesperson did against their quota, we can see how they did through
every single stage in the sales process. We can see which of the HubSpot sales
people are doing great at every single stage and we can investigate that and apply to all
the other sales people on the team. The Takeaway: Trying to scale your business without a sales process is like driving in the dark. You need to establish this common terminology for
everyone in the company to evolve around and that’s going to be the key to
unleashing scalable, predictable revenue growth for your business.

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  1. Your Pageboard YouTube Videos is a few dispersed and you have to change it for a better understanding… More working inbound is needed…

  2. Hubspot does not allow cold call proactive marketing to prospective customers, I see hubspot only allows existing relationship data imports. What do you recommend for proactive outbound contact management?

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