What is Racial Passing?

In 1882 the US passed the Chinese Exclusion
Act, which suspended Chinese immigration for 10 years. The law was renewed in 1892 and made permanent
in 1902. It wasn’t repealed until 1943, when China
became an ally of the US in WW2. But in the intervening years, although the
Chinese immigrant population in the US sharply declined it didn’t stop altogether. At the tail end of the 19th century and into
the dawn of the 20th, Chinese immigrants looking to enter the US found themselves barred from
coastal cities and states like California and New York. But the US shared a then more lenient border
with its Southern neighbor: Mexico, where In order to enter the country Chinese migrants
disguised themselves as Mexican Nationals and entered the U.S. with doctored documents. Professor Allyson Hobbs of Stanford University
details stories like this and other instances of racial passing in her book A Chosen Exile. While Hobbs notes that stories of African
Americans who passed for white in the 20th century to avoid the terror of Jim Crow laws
remain the more commonly known passing narratives in the US, people from a variety of backgrounds
have chosen to pass in order to change their class, legal, and social standing in society. So passing is when people decide to change
their background and their social identifiers in order to gain certain benefits. And in US history the most commonly discussed
instances of passing are usually people pretending to be of European descent. And that is because at various points in time,
whiteness, or being of Western European descent (particularly Anglo-Saxon ) has carried
with it certain legal protections and benefits. As Professor Cheryl Harris notes in her article
“Whiteness as Property”, those legal protections are directly linked to property. This can include things like the ability to
earn a living, travel freely between states, purchasing a home, or attending elite schools. Harris details how cases like Plessy vs. Ferguson
and Brown vs. Board of Education demonstrate a positive correlation between property, prosperity
and race in US law. In Plessy’s 1896 case, Homer Plessy (a New
Orleans man of European and African descent) boarded a whites only railway car with the
intention of being detained in order to fight the 1890 Louisiana Separate Car Act which
dictated that citizens of different races must ride in designated cars. Plessy’s case was supported by a group of
Louisiana citizens who argued that dividing the cars deprived black riders of their legal
rights. The Supreme Court eventually declared that
the state and the railroad company had the right to maintain segregated cars, ultimately
leading to the “separate but equal” doctrine that became the backbone of Jim Crow and segregation
laws in the US. These laws ostensibly granted separate facilities
for white and black citizens, but they more effectively created generational, systematic
class divides in the US that aligned with race. It wasn’t until the Supreme Court’s decision
in 1954’s Brown versus Board of Education that the separate but equal doctrine was struck
down. The plaintiff’s attorneys argued effectively
that segregated schools disadvantaged black children who were being put into facilities
that were understaffed, underfunded, and therefore guaranteed worse life outcomes for black children
than their white peers. But the pivotal argument in the case came
in the form of the Clark Doll Experiment. Drs. Mamie and Kenneth Clark, a husband and
wife psychologist team, conducted experiments with black children in order to determine
the lasting psychological impacts of the racial bias created by legal segregation. The Clarks showed groups of black children
two dolls: ones that looked white and ones that looked brown. The Clarks asked the children to identify
the traits they associated with the dolls, including which one was white and which one
was negro or colored. They also asked the children to identify which
dolls were “good” and which were “bad”, as well as which dolls looked more like them. Overwhelmingly the children identified the
white dolls as good and the brown dolls as inferior, with some children becoming so overwhelmed
and upset when asked to identify themselves with the brown dolls that they would cry or
run from the room. Future Supreme Court Justice and one of the
attorneys for Brown versus Board of Education, Thurgood Marshall, persuaded other members
of the NAACP legal defense team to use the Clarks’ findings in the court case. The result was a persuasive demonstration
of how awarding legal protections and privilege based on race had long lasting effects on
children who are marked outside of the privileged group. Therefore the arguments for desegregation
centered on questions of legal access rather than the desire to subvert or hide black identity. So the legal undergirdings of how we assign
financial or other benefits based on race or gender or ethnic background or country
of origin is often the true motivator for people to pass, more so than a desire to change
their race or appearance. But the question of passing and legality does
not just extend to the benefits of property assigned on the basis of race. It can also encompass related concepts, like
physical safety. For example during World War II it was common
for European Jews to either change their last names or hide their Jewish heritage in order
to escape concentration camps and extermination at the hands of the Nazi party. Throughout history, passing for persecuted
groups has extended to any place and time where those in the social minority were in physical or
legal danger from the state because their group had been designated as “undesirable.” So passing in those cases was a matter of
life and death. Some of you may remember the story of Ellen
Craft and her husband William who in 1848 engineered their own escape from slavery in
Georgia by passing. Ellen, dressed as a white male planter, traveled
North from Georgia with William pretending to be her manservant. They were able to check themselves into hotels
and board railroads until they safely reached the north. I mentioned the story of Ellen and William
in our episode on cross-dressing, but the implications of passing here are also present
because Ellen was able to gain access to these elite hotels and methods of transportation
along with William because she was passing for a white man. But the benefits of being within a legally
protected group wasn’t just known to those attempting to pass or crossover; they were
also acknowledged by members of the protected group. In 1863 abolitionist propaganda circulated
in the US displayed pictures mixed heritage children from New Orleans with very fair skin
who were also born into slavery. Because under US law slavery was a legal condition
that was passed down from mother to child, these children, although they could pass for
white or had what was considered very small percentages of black heritage, were still
considered legal slaves. Northern abolitionists, fearing that support
for the Civil War was waning as rich citizens were often exempted from service and poor
white citizens were drafted at higher numbers, used the images of these children to elicit
empathy and support for the abolition of legal slavery. These images were printed in Harper’s Weekly
and on small souvenir photographs called carte de visite. Abolitionists like Henry Ward Beecher
stated that in addition to the great evils of slavery, situations like this where white
passing children could also be enslaved should strike outrage and fear into conscientious
White Citizens. Because if these children, (who looked so
close in appearance to the children of the predominantly white and middle-class abolitionist
readers of Harper’s Weekly) could be enslaved, then what was stopping free white children
or their parents from being drawn in to the treacherous clutches of slavery? The appeal was incredibly effective on anxious
readers who noted that race, which had long stood as the primary determinant of slavery
in the US, was not a foregone and concrete conclusion. If people who could pass as white were still
enslaved than the boundaries of legal protections based on race were fluid and fragile, making
them more difficult to police. And in the 20th century this anxiety around
the fragility of racial legal boundaries was discussed and immortalized in the literature
of the Harlem Renaissance, most famously in Nella Larsen’s 1929 novel Passing. But to add one more confusing spoke to this
already huge wheel, passing does not just occur when those in a legally disadvantaged
group claim membership in the dominant culture. There are also cases where those from the
dominant group have crossed into a minority group, often causing public shock and outcry
when their deceptions are revealed. I mean, who can forget the internet outrage
caused by Rachel Dolezal. But despite her notoriety she was far from
the first. Hobbs notes the case of musician Mezz Mezzrow,
the son of Russian Jewish immigrants, who chose to pass as black at various points in
his life to strengthen his jazz career and later wrote about it in his 1946 autobiography
Really the Blues. Mezzrow hoped to gain social capital and increased
ability to book gigs as a jazz musician by passing. And an actor who went by the stage name Iron
Eyes Cody rose to fame in the latter half of the 20th century, claiming membership in
several Native American tribes. At the height of his career he was featured
as an actor in Western films, starred in the famously publicized “Crying Indian” ad
of 1971 , authored a book on what he claimed were types of Native American sign language,
and even landed himself a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. It wasn’t until he died in 1999 that it
was discovered that he was actually the son of two Sicilian immigrants who was born Espera
Oscar de Corti in 1904 in Louisiana. But despite evidence including baptismal records
and family accounts, de Corti still claimed to be the child of a Cherokee father and Cree
mother until he died. And there’s also the story of Linda Taylor,
a white woman who passed as a variety of races, including black, throughout her life in order
to engage in myriad illegal schemes such as changing wills, cashing fake checks, theft,
and most famously welfare fraud. A report from Josh Levin at Slate notes how
Taylor, passing as a black woman, came to national attention in 1976 when then Presidential
candidate Ronald Reagan used her case as an example of reasons to restructure American
welfare programs. Taylor was rapidly becoming infamous as the
“welfare queen” when Reagan found her story in an article in Chicago newspapers. Later it was revealed she was born a white
woman in Tennessee and raised in Arkansas as Martha Miller and she later began passing
for different races and ages in order to aid her in her crimes. So just like whiteness has a social capital
that has material gains that aren’t only related to improved finances, the kinds of
capital that people hope to gain by passing isn’t directly tied to the dominant
social group but still bears the potential for legal gains (like subverting the law)
and financial gains (like making a career in entertainment). So passing carries with it the potential to
alter someone’s legal or social status, pointing to the difficulty of pinning down
social markers that are often subjective and fluid. But the material results of passing usually
benefit the person crossing the divide in tangible ways. So what do you think? Anything to add to this condensed timeline? Be sure to read all of the links down in the
works cited since there’s a ton more to cover in this story. And if you like Origin of Everything then
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