What kind of Asian are you?

Hi there! Hi! Nice day huh? Yeah, finally, right? Where you from. Your English is perfect. San Diego. We speak English there. where… are you… from??? Well I was born in Orange County, but I never actually lived there. I mean, before that. Before I was born? Well, where are your people from? Well, my great grandma was from Seoul. Korean! I knew it! I was like, she’s either Japanese or Korean But I was leaning more towards Korean. Amazing. There’s a really good teryaki bbq place near my apartment. I actually really like kimchi. Cool. What about you Where are you from? San Francisco. But where are you.. f r o m?? Oh.. I’m just American. Really. You’re native American. No. Uh, just regular American. OH. Uh, well, I guess my grandparents were from England. Oh. Well, then. (English Accent) ‘Ello Gov’ner! What’s all this then! Top o’ the morning to ya! Let’s get a spot o tea, a spot o tea. Double, Double, Toil and Trouble! MInd the gap!! Beware Jack the Ripper. BLOODY HELL!!! Pip Pip Cheerio! I think your people’s fish and chips are amazing! You’re weird. Really? I’m weird? Must be a Korean thing. Bangers and Mash! Ploughman’s Lunch! A spot o’ tea! A pint of ALE!

100 thoughts on “What kind of Asian are you?

  1. Thanks so much to this lady. It needed to be said. We Asians get stereotyped way to often. I’m from NYC where there is a very high population of Asians. Especially Koreans like me. We all have been asked this question at some point in our life and it’s just disturbing quite frankly. So I’m glad someone did something about it. 🙏 We Koreans do it too tho and it shouldn’t be done. It’s hard not to judge a race tho when everyone is already doing that to each other. It needs to be changed.

  2. No white man even does that. Stop making up fake racism to make Asians hate white people. We are not blacks, we don't buy your fake racism bull shit.

  3. What an ass. The comments are full of idiots who didn't get the video. The problem is the way the guy asked.

  4. Dang he asked her again like she was dumb!! I would have been like… are you kidding me?… he was kind of rude.

  5. Because white people never ask other whites if they are german,or italian,or english.If you have intrest in another persons family origins it can only be out of racial hatred.I f youre white.

  6. Funny but does not even compare to the legendarily ignorant shit you hear from Korean and Chinese people when you’re a foreigner in their countries. They’ll walk up to a black guy and rub his skin to see if the “dirt” comes off. They’ll make fun of foreigners to their face, not even bothering to disguise their laughter. They’ll spout the worst, most ignorant invective imaginable and don’t even have the self-awareness to realize that’s rude. They’ll see a black player on the pitch or on the court and hurl bananas at them.

    Oh, and they don’t allow foreigners to live in their countries permanently because they’re worried about protecting the racial “purity” of their countries. So don’t for a second act like Americans are even in the same league when it comes to racial ignorance.

  7. Why are yall (in america) triggered by being approached and by smbdy putting in effort to talk to u. Genuine question

  8. I look African American but I’m Japanese and Hawaiian

  9. Seriously tho, don't Asians ask each other about heritage??? I don't get why you would ever be offended by talking about your own culture. As a black man that is disconnected from my native culture I'd love to brag about where my people are truly from. I will heed the advice given here and never ask this question of an Asian person tho just wanted to point that out

  10. It's ok to ask where r u from or are you korean
    But plz don't ask which side were we born
    We're so sad about living in two separated country though we are same people

  11. I’ve been watching this so many times!! It’s so much fun!!!!!! I love your work!!!!!!

  12. Lol I really watching video this?! I'm Korean and I've seen this in only FB

  13. Nothing's racist or offending about "where r u from?"
    But it's true, the US is the country of immigrants, except for the natives.

  14. man: “you weird”
    woman: “really? I’m weird? must be a Korean thing”
    👌👌👌nice job

  15. I’m actually Korean and I’m laughing my head off😀😀😀

  16. Oh my god this happens to me All. The. Time.
    What a great skit!

  17. This happens to my friend but in reverse. He is white from Canada.

  18. I've always hated that question ("Where are you from?"). It's so ambiguous. Where I was born, where I was raised, where I live, and my ethnicity are all different. It's best to ask what ethnicity somebody is. I've never seen anyone get pissed off or weirded out by that question.

  19. Met her at Venice Beach last weekend ,got a selfie with her.

  20. Folks, when meeting people for the first time, do NOT ask them questions about their race. It can be very rude.

  21. I’m Native American (ojibwe)
    a teen guy and his friends came up to me and my sister asking us ‘do you guys speak English?’ While using hand gestures lmao 🤣 we got ‘Inuit eyes’ basically they look asian

  22. This video is hilarious and awesome but the way it ends is sad. The woman uses the same racist and oppressive behaviour to counter his and the result is that this man will feel shame, defenseless and more racist—and then go vote for Donald Trump.

  23. I don't like this video, I also ask my American friends where they are actually from. Many of my friends could reply where their great great grandparents, etc came from. And also they guessed with their surname for me. Asians haven't been around America for a long time so they can ask.

  24. Yeah yeah, almost every time someone says it’s not rude or it’s okay they’re usually NOT Asian. So, technically since they cannot possibly know what it’s like — they’re not one to judge. People who aren’t very cultured and those ignorant are the ones who usually ask. And I don’t mean “ignorant” in a derogatory way. More about them not having a lot of exposure to Asians to understand how inappropriate it is. I’m OKAY with people like that. But the ones who have Asian fetishes and or those (men) who are enamored by the stereotype and ask ( like the guy in the vid) they’re annoying as hell.
    I have an accent, so when people ask where I’m from it’s usually because of that. AND the ones who are self-aware will mention they’re asking for that reason; because unlike MANY, they know asking with regard to race or ethnicity is in fact offensive.

  25. Perfectly done!
    Sadly even more appropriate today…thanks to the racist, bigoted, hateful, intolerant, misogynistic sexist in chief.

  26. Look how they always show white man as fool How racist How racist to always show white as fool

  27. My version usually goes:
    "Where are you from?"
    "Northern Virginia"
    "No, where are you from?"
    "United States"
    "No, Where are you from?"
    "Earth. Where are you from?"

  28. I'm watching this in 2019 as Trump just made his 'go back where you came from' comment to 4 american citizens of color.

  29. According to my DNA test I'm 100% Polish. I've actually never been to Poland. Born and raised in the USA. I've moved around alot and I speak several languages so my accent is……. quite unusual no matter what language I am speaking…..people will say to me "wow your accent is so weird…… Where are you from?" my favorite response I say back is "Earth…. I'm sorry have you not heard of it. it's quite a place to be. You really should visit. Especially in the spring it's lovely."

  30. I'm from Asia and I don't find this offensive at all.. I feel rather proud to answer when ppl ask. I don't understand why everyone's so sensitive and overreacting about this. I always ask "Americans" where their parents' or ancestors are come from only because I am really curious. lol

  31. I'm Mex-American and people ask me this from time to time because I have an ethnically ambiguous look. I'm used to it. To be fair, like most Mexicans I'm mixed (French and Native American for sure, but likely also Spanish, and who knows what else). I've been asked if I'm Chinese and/or other Asian–by a Chinese girl in the U.S., that one was weird… The most common question is actually "what state in Mexico are your parents from"? Mostly asked by Mexicans and Mex-Americans.

  32. I was born in San Francisco, and I have been ten years not living in San Francisco, last year when I come back to SF, what’s wrong with most white and black people ? They racist even more, and even the foreigner Asians like to speak Chinese to all the Asian Color people….
    I’m very sad 😔

  33. I was born in Wales UK, but my family members are Japanese and Chinese. However, it doesn't mean I must good at speaking Chinese or Japanese. Nowadays, everyone can change identification, passport and even country of birth just by law!! If you are interested in knowing someone, of course you can ask where are you from? But DON'T DOUBT His or Her BACKGROUND!!!! I totally hate to be doubt and asked "You lie! You're Chinese definitely."

  34. My best friend was born in Korea, but raised here from the age of 5. She has gone through this exact scenario numerous times, right down to the individual admitting he knew she was Korean.

  35. The irony is Ken Tanaka 0:01 who is "white" Japanese would be ASKED the same questions by the japanese

  36. I feel the same way when I find girls on date. Can relate.

  37. I'm guilty of this and will continue to do it out of curiosity. YOU HAVE FAILED IN YOUR MISSION. Besides, when i'm in tokyo they assume I'm american and ask for confirmation, and my response is always HELL YEAH.

  38. A couple of possible answers to the "where are you from?":
    1) Jesus says:
    “If they say to you: ‘Where do you come from?’ (then) say to them: ‘We have come from the light, the place where the light has come into being by itself, has established [itself] and has appeared in their image.’ (Gospel of Thomas, 50)
    2) – You mean my ethnicity?
    – Yes.
    – I am … – the greatest nation in the world.

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