What People Aren’t Saying about Halle Bailey as Ariel in Live-Action Little Mermaid

Hello and welcome to the Queendom. I’m Sarah Ingle and today we’re going to talk all about the casting for the new live-action Little Mermaid If you happen to be living under a rock just like Patrick who also lives under the sea then you may not have heard yet that Halle Bailey, not Halle Berry has been cast as Ariel in Disney’s new live-action Little Mermaid So first, who is Halle Bailey? There’s a singing sister duo called Cloe x Halle and last year they were nominated for a Grammy and what’s really cool is they actually got their start on YouTube singing covers and then Beyonce discovered them and signed them to her label They even sang the national anthem at the Superbowl this year So these, these girls are already up and coming big people – they’re already doing a lot of big things So they’re not complete unknown but they’re not They’re not like the likes of Emma Watson who was a mega star before she was cast as Belle in Beauty & the Beast which I have my own thoughts about that which we can get into a little bit more later Since she is a singer, she has a fantastic voice, which I am very excited about. In fact, if you haven’t heard her sing “Unforgettable” Halle: [singing] Unforgettable, that’s what you are I think some people were surprised by the casting and honestly I don’t know why they were that surprised by the casting because it seems like the Internet has been campaigning for what feels like years for Zendaya to be Ariel in the live-action Little Mermaid so I don’t understand why the Internet has blown up quite as much as it has over this supposed controversy about casting an African-American girl as Ariel when it seems like this is what people have been asking for for years. The Internet… never ceases to be the Internet. But there are a lot of reasons I feel like people should have seen this coming For instance, Disney on Broadway and at The Hyperion [in Disneyland] have been casting African Americans as Annas and Elsas And Kristoffs, too, I believe And also I believe the last Ariel they had in the national tour was Asian My sister and my mom saw her, and she was amazing and I know people are like, “But she’s Danish! It’s a Danish tale!” It’s a Danish tale, but that doesn’t mean that the sea creature has to be of a certain ethnicity. That, that’s a little bit of a stretch. So in Aladdin, in Aladdin the original fairytale, Aladdin’s Chinese but Disney changed it, and everybody’s okay with it. People love Aladdin. People seem to be are upset because when they look at her they don’t initially see what they think of when they think of The Little Mermaid with the red hair and the blue eyes. What’s funny is, The Little Mermaid was never even intended to have red hair. The only reason they changed her hair to red was because she was originally supposed to be blonde, but they thought that with the green fin and the purple shells that the red just looked better on screen. Okay, the big thing that I feel like nobody’s talking about is that she actually does look like Ariel. And you’re gonna be like, “But, wait wait wait wait wait!” So part of my job, if you didn’t know, I’m a co-owner of a princess party company So part of my job is to cast people who fit these roles So part of that is you have to be able to envision what that person is going to look like in the wig, in the contacts, in the makeup what they’re going to look like as the character before you bring them in. Yes, we wind up having them try things on with the wigs and such, but we have a pretty good idea in our heads what they’re going to look like. And this girl, Halle, looks so much like Ariel! And people are, are just blinded by the fact that the coloring is different But if this girl had flaming red hair and blue eyes – she doesn’t even need the blue eyes But she still looks so much like Ariel her smile, her eyes, her face She has the most princess-y face I have seen on almost anybody So the fact that people are like, “She doesn’t look like the original–” She actually does. I think it’s just the red hair. And you know what, they might have her dye her hair red. They might have her wear a red wig. We don’t know, but if you actually just envision in your head Try. Try with me. Picture… Halle Bailey. Red Hair. Maybe add a mermaid tail If you really wanna stretch it, you can picture the blue eyes, too, and she looks just like the cartoon It’s a little weird. And thank goodness she can sing! Like honestly, that’s one of the most important things for this role I know it’s a little bit of an unpopular opinion with some and I know there’s definitely others who agree with me but I really feel like Beauty and the Beast was ruined because Emma Watson can’t sing. It was so incredibly autotuned; the music was a disaster. The entire soundtrack sounded like it was produced by T-Pain, and every time she opened her mouth to sing it sounded like a robot to me If they would do that with The Little Mermaid, it would — it would beyond ruin the movie because the whole point of it is that she has this incredible voice. I’ve seen people making the argument that people would we took Tiana and cast a white princess – a white person to play Tiana, and yeah we would be mad because the entire story revolves around her being African American and that culture and being in New Orleans and there was historical stuff put in there. She’s not a mermaid. Mermaids — they can look like whatever we want them to look like. So you know what, if there was actually a realistic mermaid, she probably wouldn’t look like a human. She’d look like some blue, glow-in-the-dark scary sea creature with like three eyes and one of those little glowy things that sticks out of her head So if we wanna go that route, we can go that route, too. And I know for all our natural redheads out there, some people were hoping that you might get a natural redhead to have her, her moment because there actually are very few natural redheads in the world. I saw a tweet that I just wanted to share with you because I thought it was really sweet. @msmorganjarret “As a white-skinned redhead, I have very strong feelings about #TheLittleMermaid.” “Ariel changed my ginger world. The mean “jokes” ended. I became envied for my hair.”” “And you know what? I want little black girl to experience that same feeling with new Ariel.” And I just think that is absolutely the sweetest thing ever, and I completely agree. I can’t personally understand what they feel like to feel underrepresented because I’m a white girl that looks like 90% of the Disney Princesses. But I can see as princess party company owner that the minority girls don’t get to go out nearly as much as the white girls and I feel sad for them, and I feel sad that they don’t get to go out as much because they’re so incredibly talented. For black girls, the only black princess is Tiana and frankly, she is a frog for 90% of the movie. One of our performers was coming in as “The Snow Queen,” which is kind of like a generic version of Elsa and Frozen was — still is — all the rage and I remember this one, this little Indian girl, and she came up to Elsa and she stopped her and said, “Elsa, I wish I looked like you so that I could be beautiful.” And she was like, “No, no! You ARE beautiful!” You don’t under– We don’t understand especially to little kids how much these princesses are their heroes, and to have a popular princess that does look like you, what a difference that makes to them. So hopefully, hopefully you’re excited about it. If not, I don’t think that everybody who’s not excited about it is racist. I definitely think there are people out there who aren’t excited about it because they are racist, but I don’t think every reason out there for people not to be excited is because they are, so I don’t want people to throw around hate at people who aren’t excited because some people do get really emotionally tied to things that are especially very nostalgic for them. People love the, the version of Cinderella with Brandy in it. And so if you’re considering well maybe as a Disney fan you don’t know how you feel about it yet, how do you feel about that movie? I think most people love that movie. Regardless of your reason, of anybody’s rationale for whether they’re happy about it or sad about it I think we can all agree that we should just be spreading nice things, especially towards Halle. She must be so excited! I can’t imagine how happy she must be to get to portray such a beloved princess. That – that’s amazing! And we should be helping her celebrate this and not trying to rain on anybody’s parade That’s not cool. We need to be rainbows on each other’s parades instead. [laughs] She should get to celebrate this moment and not have to deal with all the wannabe casting directors on the Internet. Let’s just be glad it wasn’t Lindsay Lohan. That would’ve been a trainwreck [laughs] I can’t even imagine. I can’t. That ship has sailed. Many DUIs ago [laughs] So, that’s just my commentary on this I’m really curious to hear your commentary on it, too. Let’s try and keep it friendly, folks. We can have disagreements; let’s just be respectful of everybody’s perspectives in the comments. I’m excited to hear what you guys have to say below. I’ll be chiming in and let’s have a… productive discussion about it. I’m so excited! They’re starting production as early as January of this upcoming year, so 2020 and that’s going to be a very exciting time If you guys want to see more videos like this, then make sure to subscribe and ring the little bell if you actually want to see any of them. Thank you guys so much for watching. I’ll see you in the comments, and I’ll see you next time. I’m excited. I’m really excited! I’m gonna look at my little notes here. This is not them. Has it really [hiccup] [laughs] [hiccups] Let’s see. Someone posted it the other [hiccup] I have the hic– [hiccups] Look, look! I’ve got Traci’s shirt on. Adorkable merch plug. Adorkable merch plug!

100 thoughts on “What People Aren’t Saying about Halle Bailey as Ariel in Live-Action Little Mermaid

  1. How excited are you to hear Halle sing Part of Your World? 😱 I bet it’ll be fin-tastic 😍🧜🏾‍♀️

  2. It’s a black actress casting the role of a white character we need an original black character with their own back story. This is Disney’s lazy way of trying to show that they are DivErsE. Moana was great they can do the same with a whole new black character.

  3. My only problem is that her eyes somewhat bother me although I think she will be great as Ariel

  4. You are too young to have a rational mind. This mistake is simply a Disney Socialist takeover and makeover. Disney doesn't care what people think ; they just want to make a money grab with these stupid live action remakes.

  5. You are my new fave. As a fellow opinion head, and lover of humans. This was such a great ratio. Your like a bomb opinion cupcake. okay bye!

  6. Blackwashing is just as bad as whitewashing. Btw I love Black people but this hurts. I think this disrespects Black and white people. For me as a european it feels like Americans steal our story's a then change them up for marketing reasons. (Little mermaid dänish story) People are people whether they are Black or white they we are all people. So If a black person wouldn't like Why would a white one. We must treat everyone equally If they are deserving of it us white people to. Blackwashing is just as bad as whitewashing.Lets turn this around
    Person: I want Pocahontas tho have blond hair or else im offended
    The world: but she is a native american they have Black hair
    Person: your a Racist
    Black panther is the king of a african country would Black people like it If he was european in Black panther 2 NO. So Why should white people like it. Now everything you say Its racist. This is painfull for white people. And I would love a new a Black character but don't go changing stuff to please a group of people. And rule out the rest.

  7. I won't be seeing this movie I feel Ariana Grande should have played the little mermaids and queen latifa should have played Ursula THAT GIRL DOES NOT LOOK LIKE THE LITTLE MERMAID sorry

  8. 😔😔 I don't understand why would they choose someone that doesn't look like Ariel… Whatever point they are trying to make by choosing someone that doesn't look like her at all…..it doesn't matter… Nobody cares about that right now..we just want the little mermaid live and she's not even close, she can sing and I'm hoping she can act but why 😔.. also ….I'm not racist at all…my kids are half black….love all ethnicities, backgrounds, colors whatever.

  9. I feel like they most likely chose her because she’s new and fresh. I’m tired of all the same actors and actresses we need new people tbh😂

  10. I’m going to be honest, if the original Ariel was black then changed white what would happen? Secondly, the reason people don’t want her as Ariel is because Ariel was actually inspired by a book. Thirdly, in the movie Ariel’s kingdom was based on Greek mythology and the ships were European. Lastly why not create a original black character. Last last thing… stop hating on gingers!!

  11. ALL you Anti Black Bigots and other Haters need to leave this alone.. Disney and The Director made their choice.. Move on with your miserable unhappy lives.. Mermaids are not real Anyway. Damn

  12. Thanks for pointing out that people wanted Zendaya to be Ariel. A half black woman, but now when a African American was cast people are upset. It doesn't make sense.

  13. It's a Danish tail? No the original was a Danish tail, Disney decided Ariel was to be a red head, she wasn't gonna die, he wasn't gonna marry another woman etc. The Little Mermaid Disney version is inspired by Hand Christian Andersons tail. Like Queen of The Damned movie had more from the book Vampire Lestat than the actual Queen of The Canned book. Key is "based on" which can be heavily based like some movies who manage to make it more like the book or loosely based like most movies that say they are based on something. So Disney already changed a ton of things making Ariels story of the little mermaid, so making her African American it's no big deal. It will have far more positive impact than negative.

  14. Redheads have:
    -Anne of Green Gables
    -Anna from Frozen
    -The Weasleys from Harry Potter
    -Chuckie from Rugrats
    -Chucky the murderous doll
    – Phineas and Candance from Phineas & Ferb

    Just to name a few. They have more representation than Black people despite being the smallest population worldwide at 2%. They will be fine without Ariel.

  15. 1. You didn’t even mention that the little mermaid cast had blind casting from the beginning. Triton was black. Sisters were black. Even Eric has been Black a few times.

    2. Another reason Ariel’s hair was switched to red was so people isn’t confuse her with the blonde mermaid from Splash.

    3. Even if Halle was a white woman, her feature don’t look similar to me. Her eyes are much more angular and almond shaped than Ariel’s. Ariel’s are very round. Not even comparing the eye size. Ariel’s head is very long and oval like, halles is more heart or square shaped. The only thing that is similar is the lack of a Cupid’s bow for both girls lips. Not saying live action actress have to look identical, but you shouldn’t say it if it’s true.

    I will admit that Halle sounds like Ariel in unforgettable tho.

  16. I am upset not because they casted someone that is black but just the fact that I lived to see her as a human ursala. She has that kind of vibe and idk why. But me and my brother just looked up people for the Ariel casting and she was the human ursala. Beautiful voice and appearance but kinda evil.

  17. I have to admit that at first I did not like the idea that she was Ariel, due to the fact that she has no resemblance to the Ariel we all know (It has nothing to do with her race, it is a matter of not having any resemblance to the character he was going to play). Now I realized that perhaps we would have been surprised by his interpretation in the role of Ariel. I am not a fan of changing the physique of the most iconic characters, but I also would not like to be a closed-minded person. I would like to know how good she would have been. It's a shame that Ariel's project, where she would be the protagonist, will never exist.

  18. I think you are wrong with the Zendaya thing , many people disagreed with choosing Zendaya , because she has no physical resemblance to Ariel. It can hurt a lot, but the reality is that the physicist matters when someone sell a product that actually turns out to be something totally different from what they told you it was. I still think that, despite everything, they had to wait for the movie to come out and, objectively, talk about the performances and everything else.

  19. 3:41
    I know, right! So glad i’m not the only one who thinks she’s EXACTLY what a colored real life Ariel would look like! Halle seems to be old enough to portray Ariel’s courage and adventurous spirit, yet young enough to play her innocence and curiosity.

  20. I mean they would have to severely lighten her skin for her to play ariel. But that's horribly racist and we can't do that, so I'll be looking forward to the white black panther sequel. I'm sure Disney will do great job.

  21. 9:00 yes of course ! But there is a World between "not being excited about it" and creating a petition against the skin color of a fictional character.
    THIS raises hate and THIS is also racism.

  22. Ehhh I wish it looked like Ariel she doesn’t at all with the dreads and everything they didn’t even make Jasmine look like jasmine, jasmine had beautiful tan skin but they made jasmine someone white -.-

  23. Your spot on Halle has those big eyes just like Ariel and a perfect Disney princess voice and I can not wait to see what she does

  24. Would t have been better f a bkack person but who is white/light like really light in complexion ..was casted ..would ppl be angry..f the person is black in origin but light in complexion?

    Like my sister is black but is white in complexion n she is not coloured our parents are black

  25. Ngl I was a little on edge about this at first but now I think that it is fine that she is going to be Ariel. But I also wanting to say that ofc people are going to be offended like I am ngl I would be a little upset if they made tiana white. It would feel off to me because I have always known tiana as black. And on top of that tiana is the only black Disney princess, just like Jasmine is the only Indian princess and Pocahontas/Moana is the only native princess. But I do agree with what you have said. Ariel is a mermaid and tiana is a human and the movie sorta revolves around her skin tone and sorta symbolized the struggle of an African American woman. And as I said these are all animated people. The only way I would be all the way on edge is if they made pochantas white or another race because Pocahontas is a actual story that is in the history books. Bu overall I agree with your reasoning

  26. Thank you, finally someone mentions that she looks like Ariel, that was my first impression when I saw her. I was obsessed nobody was talking about that

  27. 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽I respect you so much for this. Black girl magic 🙌🏾I’m so happy she was casted for this. I can’t wait🤗

  28. When you read the tweet from that girl it made my eyes become misty eyed. As a young black gay boy. The little mermaid was the first movie I ever saw in theaters. My friends in elementary school used to ask me to sing like her, because my voice, REALLY WAS THAT HIGH, lol. Ariel has always been my princess, anything mermaid I have been obsessed with. I dyed my hair red many times but grew tired of the upkeep. I must say as an adult I never thought that this would happen. When I heard it my heart overflowed with joy. I thought this was the one princess if any they could change her ethnicity it would not be a big deal. Ariel’s hair is not a “natural” red in the cartoon. And Ariel is mermaid, mermaids don’t have a race! I was so sad to hear all the backlash, broken a little bit honestly. Hearing kind hearted things like this really makes me believe in people again. Someone once told me, mean people are not the majority, they are just usually the loudest. I’m starting to believe it more as I grow older. All the love ❤️

  29. In my opinion, If Disney were to cast someone who looked like the animated version of the little mermaid I think Rachel McAdams would be the perfect fit. But I'm happy for Halle B! She's beautiful and her voice is also beautiful! Can't wait for the live-action movie to come out!

  30. I agree with literally everything you said 😂
    I love that Emma didn't want to have someone else sing for her, but it sounded SO WEIRD having professional singers and then…autotune. I don't thing it was a disaster…but it was definitely not great

  31. The only reason why I find this annoying is because I believe Disney is pandering to the black community. Personally I think they screwed up with Princess and the Frog, they know they screwed up and are just trying to grab our attention again.

  32. Im a black person and i wont agree that tiana would be WHITE! Thats what we should have heard if it was the opposite..

  33. Can the girl sing…..yes, can she act, I don't watch the – ish Tv shows so I don't know, but, also…..probably yes. So , the ony problem I'm hearing is "her skin color ain't right, so she shouldn't be allowed to play the role". Some of y'all, speaking as one myself….you know who you are, should know better.

  34. Goes to show how ignorant and misinformed you are about fairy tales the little mermaid was actually a Japanese fable first not Dutch or American smh

  35. I don't mind her playing the role of the little mermaid, BUT she needs the red hair or I will be totally disappointed.

  36. Pre-established should be left alone. I will look into the whole Aladdin being Chinese thing. If it's true I will have a different point of view on the movie. It should not be, "it's a Danish tail so she has to be white." That's a horrible argument. But so is the argument of, "that doesn't mean she has to be white. There and could be black mermaids." Because no one should be arguing that mermaids themselves can't be black. That's ridiculous. But Ariel is a pre-established character. Why not make a new character that is all her own. And not a race changed Ariel?

  37. Its finally arianda grande 🙂 but there is nothing wrong with a black arielle ♡

  38. The Disney could have made Ariel black from the beginning from back in the 90s in the cartoon so people wouldn't be feeling ruined. It's not racism it's about the details of what she look like in cartoon and people want them to stick to that.,

  39. I have to say, Halle does have some Arial features so i´m like why not!

  40. I just wanted her to look the same.. They made Cinderella black by casting Brandy. And fans just dont want it, im disappointed. Im black and I dont care if u call me a racist or closed minded when it comes to childhood memories I want her to have red hair and be bubbly and innocent. Emma watson shouldnt have been Bell either i think they are just ruining these great disney classics by modernizing them. Just stick to the fkkin script ya know?

  41. As someone who's fav princess is the little mermaid I think it's great and I can't wait to see it and sing along with all the songs I think she will be great

  42. I think they aren’t mad about the race but about how she doesn’t look like she could fit the role. Zendaya looks like she could. I don’t think they are racist

  43. I wont be watching this. Ariel doesnt look like her. Theres plenty of other roles she could play. What you arent thinking of is kids who watch the animated movie. Kids will know ariel as how she looks in the animated movie. To me its the same thing as Superman. I wouldnt cast a person of colour as Superman.

  44. Aladdin is arabic , a chinese person would probably be half arab if ones name was aladdin 🙀 🐣 that would be fun 🙊

  45. When have people been wanting Zendaya as Ariel? I was pretty sure Ariana Grande was the popular fan pick. And Zendaya being MJ in the MCU's Spider-Man was actually really controversal.

  46. Before I begin, let me just say that I really enjoy your videos and your viewpoint on this subject which has become quite the hot topic since the news came out. I would also like to say that my position on this has absolutely nothing to do with color or race but simply character integrity. I'm a Disney cast member and as a cast member, one of our biggest things is character integrity. We believe there's only one Mickey, Minnie, Donald Duck, Goofy, etc. That being said, I believe the casting of Halle Bailey is a huge breach of character integrity. While it is true that people of other ethnicities have been casted in various capacities for the Disney Broadway and ice shows, because the live-action remakes are supposed to represent the animated films that they are based off of, this casting will only serve to confuse the children who go to see it. Anyone who has met Ariel in the parks knows what she looks like and will be very confused by this. As you eloquently pointed out, Halle Bailey is beautiful with a wonderful singing voice and amazing talent and I couldn't agree with you more on those points. I just don't feel she's right for this role just like I didn't feel that Cameron Diaz was right for the part of Miss Hannigan in the Annie remake. I also feel that the word "racism" is thrown out way too much in this day and age whenever someone has an opinion that differs from theirs in regards to race. The majority of the arguments that have been heard in rebuttal to Halle Bailey's casting have nothing to do with race but rather a desire to see Ariel as we know and love her. While changing certain things can be for the better at times, I do not believe this is one of those times. As I mentioned, I think Halle Bailey is a beautiful girl with an amazing voice. She's just not right for the role.

  47. That picture really changed my mind she looks beautiful drawn as Ariel

  48. actually, a lot of your points seem to be very misleading and are not intellectually discussed. for instance, though you mentioned Aladdin is Chinese, this is not accurate; the author of Aladdin is Chinese, not the character itself. Ariel, on the other hand, is an established character with an iconic look-having white skin and a beautiful wavy long hair, since the mermaid is based on the Danish author Hans Christian Andersen. Fans who have disagreed with the casting are not racists, they simply urge for Disney to retain that iconic look that has been established for decades. For instance, they painted Zoe Saldana's skin green when she played as Gamora because that is Gamora's iconic look. Starfire was depicted as orange in the comics as is her iconic look, but Titans did a bad job when they casted a actress which did not follow Starfire's look based on the comics.

  49. Just 2 personal thoughts…

    1) Readheads only make up about 2% of the world population. Wouldn't that, by definition, make us redheads a minority?

    2) Hypothetical ~ Black Panther, Zorro, Blade, etc… played by a white person? If a white character is changed to "minority", it's considered enlightened, but if a minority character is made white, it's considered racist & wrong. Wouldn't that by it's very definition be racist?

    My suggestion… instead of race or gender swapping established characters, we either create new characters, or even better, make new movies based on already established characters that are worth exploring, but don't get any acknowledgment.
    There are hundreds, if not thousands, of characters/stories from all races/genders/cultures that would make for really good onscreen adaptations.

  50. So when they basically cast the whole cast of last air bender white it was cool right, or when they cast goku in dragon ball evolution white that was cool as well, but when they make a mermaid a different skin color other than white people out rage 🙄🤷🏾‍♂️

  51. This is the worst. Can we forget about movies, and read the actual book.

  52. Almost every black person hates this casting. So do 95% of red heads. Because they don't have much representation. This is all pandering. Plus she doesn't look like Ariel.

  53. You obviously didn't see the 1989 animated movie. I keep hearing you and others gush over and over again on Halle Bailey's amazing angelic singing voice. Let's say I agree. You must understand that when she actually plays Ariel, that after she visits Ursula the sea witch, for the rest of the movie..Halle Bailey..doesn't sing..and she doesn't even SPEAK. So how will you actually feel about this Angellic voice not do ANYTHING for over half of the movie. So Halle Baily must win Eric's heart ..while being MUTE. You will enjoy watching an African American actress in her first big movie role playing PANTOMIME for over half of the film, relying on overactive expressions akin to overactive black actors of the 30's, 40s and 50's. So with your celebration of Halle Baily getting the role of Ariel from Disney. Remember what that entails..

  54. I completely agree with you. I love Halle Bailey and I really think she's the best choice for Ariel's role.

  55. 何言ってるかわからないけど、

  56. Honestly for you guys black people are the victims because they just have one black princess i agree that there should be more but THINK ABOUT LATINAS there is a horrible princess elena or whatever but she doesn’t even have a movie and shes mexican like EVERY LATINA THING FOR YOU GUYS you know what? Latinos are more than just mexican there are a bunch of countries PAY ATTENTION TO US TOO

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