Probably threw away $10,000 worth of
profit my first year selling books because I listened to
someone stupid advice. (music) (Gary V) Boom, I sold $650,000
in used books on Amazon in 2015. You see that? That’s hustle. What’s up guys, it’s your
boy Reezy Resells here and I’m going to talk to you
about a pretty important topic. What we’re talking about today is, what
rank is too high for books to buy? Specifically, I’m talking
about books in this video, usually I’m talking about books
but just to clear that up. What rank is just too high?
What rank in books is too high? I get this question constantly. Some
people will tell you don’t buy books over 1 million rank. Books over 1
million rank will never ever sell. I’ve heard that from tons of people
and it’s just not true at all. Another thing I hear all the time is, what’s your cut off for a rank for
books? What’s your cut off for rank? When do you stop buying? And I’m here to tell you that anybody that has a firm answer to that
question, those questions, you should be careful about
listening to their advice because that’s kind
of a trick question. There’s not really a solid
answer to that question about what rank is too high. So the first thing you need to
know is that, rank is not static, it changes all the time. I
have another video called, what is sales rank?
Sales rank explained. And that will give you guys a better
idea of what I’m talking about. But basically, ranking
changes all the time. So to have a certain
number as a cut off, let’s say 3 million was your cut off. Well that book can sell once and
then tomorrow it will be a 100,000 so you would buy it tomorrow
but you wouldn’t buy it today. That makes zero sense so you need
to dig into it a little bit deeper. So the highest ranked book that I’ve
ever heard of selling is 15 million. Now, I can’t confirm that because it
wasn’t my sale and I’m not very close with the people that I have heard
tout these 15 million rank sales. The highest ranked book that I’ve
ever sold was a 7 million rank book. Now, I don’t list a lot of books with
ranks that high so that could probably contribute to why I don’t sell very
many books with ranks that high. That’s at least part of the problem. But highest rank I’ve
ever sold 7 million, the highest rank I’ve ever
heard of selling 15 million. Books with high ranks
definitely do sell. Another thing is, is that it’s hard to
tell what rank a book was when it sold because when you sell a book, very
shortly after that sell stimulates the sales rank and then
you’ll go look at it and the sales rank will be much lower than it was when you
actually sold the book. But there is a way to get around that. The way to get around that is to use Caleb Roth’s inventory tracking
spreadsheet software solution. It’s really amazing, it has an in-depth
crazy crazy in-depth amount of numbers and information that you would like to
know but one of the things that it lets you do, in conjunction with
scanlister which we also use, is if you are encoding sales rank
into your exports from scanlister which supports Caleb Roth’s
tracking spreadsheet. Then in your spreadsheet, in Caleb
Roth’s tracking spreadsheet, you would have the sales rank at
the time that you listed the item in the spreadsheet. So when it
sells you can look in reference and see what the original
rank was when you sold it and that’s actually pretty accurate. So I’ll put the link in description for
Caleb Roth’s tracking spreadsheet, it’s a one-time cost fee, not like Inventory Lab that
you have to pay monthly, and I highly recommend it to anybody
that wants to actually know your numbers versus just being like
yeah we made a crapload of money. You got to get into it because
these numbers are serious and it can give you a lot of insight
into how your business is operating. Hi Luna.
[Luna] Hi guys! [Reezy] We’re talking about
sales rank for everyone. Do you know what sales rank is?
[Luna] Going to catch your camera. [Reezy] You’re going to catch my camera.
Nooo! Aaaah! Okay get out of here silly head. Here’s the nitty gritty, if you wanted
to turn off your brain so you can scan without using your brain and make buying
decisions which I don’t recommend. I say somewhere around 3 million. Now even then, if you do a
hard cut off at any rank, you’re going to be missing
profits guaranteed. The thing you’re trying to stop
yourself from doing is over buying because when you’re uneducated and
you’re just looking at ranks and offers and that’s all the information
you’re using to make your buys and you think oh 3 million is great. Then you go around buying
every 3 million rank book that has some kind of
profit to it and shortly, you’ll find out that hardly any
of those are going to sell. So when you’re buying books
that have ranks over 3 million, you have to start digging. You got
to get your Sherlock Holmes on. You need to understand
what is the book about. Is it a cat calendar from 2012 because
I don’t care what the scanner says that thing’s not going to
sell, throw it in the trash. Unless you really like cats then
I guess hang it up on your wall. You know is it some kind
of technical subject or is it like oil refinery stuff, is it like a neonatal
cerebral surgery in felines, is it… is it just something…
is it something someone’s going to want to buy right like?
Is it either collectible or does it have actual
valuable information? And if you’re unsure if the
information is valuable, you want to consider things like is
this a subject that has books printed about it all the time? Is this a
subject that has a book printed about it every year? Is this a subject that is taught in
colleges across America? Whatever. You can always do eBay
searches for completed sales, not even in that specific book but
just about that niche subject and topic to see if
that topic sells well. It’s just something that you learn over
time but the main point that I want to get across to you is that there’s no
such thing as a hard cut off on rank and either way for buying or selling.
And you can’t just use the rank and the offers in the price to
make your decision at a point. At a point, you actually
have to use your brain and you have to have some kind of
knowledge or inkling whether this book or this topic or this
subject is something that somebody would want
eventually down the road. I like to say that Amazon is a
cheap casino especially for books. So oftentimes, if you find yourself
lingering should I buy this book? Should I not buy this book? Like chances are, the books
only going to cost you a dollar and you’re wasting more time trying to
decide if you should buy it then… then the money you would lose
if you actually bought it and it wasn’t worth it so… Over time, you get better at
it and you just learn that you just have to jump sometimes
and whether that’s jump to buy or jump not to buy just move on to the
next decision and keep it moving right. I hope this helps clear
it up for you guys. Funny story, when I first started
selling books someone told me that books with a rank
over 1 million never sell. Never sell, doesn’t sell,
don’t even look at it, run in the opposite direction. And I listened to them, foolishly.
So for over a year, I threw back $40, $50,
$100, $200 textbooks. Anything ranked over
1 million, I just… I said screw it and threw it back.
And looking back now, I know how much money I
actually threw away. I probably threw away $10,000 of
profit my first year selling books because I listen to
someone’s stupid advice and that’s what I want
to close this on. Don’t listen to stupid people’s advice. So if you’re listening
to someone’s advice, whether it’s mine or
someone else’s, wherever, they better have a track record
to prove success in the category that they are giving you advice about. You don’t want to listen to advice
of people who just started selling 6 months ago and they were asking the
stupidest questions 6 months ago and now they think they know everything and they started their own Facebook
group and now they’re writing a book. Don’t listen to those people. You want to listen to people
with proven track records right. So that was my mistake, listening
to someone who was stupid and it cost me $10,000 at least. Don’t let it be your mistake. And
this is just not just for videos or in real life or whatever…
in books, when you read books, you should read, I read a ton helps
out a lot with life and business. When you read a book, don’t
select your book by the subject. Select the books by the author. You want to know who the
author is, what they’ve done, what they’ve accomplished and why
should you be listening to them talk about this subject because I
could write a book about baking cakes but it’s not going to be good. I
don’t know crap about baking cakes but I guarantee when my book
comes out about selling books, it’s going to be the best book on
the market about selling books via Amazon FBA. So just watch who you’re
listening to, get good advice and if you’re not willing to do that,
just learn the hard way, pay attention and learn from your own mistakes. You’ll learn right that’s how I
learned because 10 years ago, there wasn’t Facebook groups. There was maybe one book about
how to sell books on Amazon. There just wasn’t a lot but as long
as you’re a student of the game, you’ll be alright. Yeah, I hope that pretty
much clears it up. It was a little ranty but who doesn’t
want a good rant in their life right? Just remember guys, books over 1 million
rank, never sell don’t buy them. Leave them for me. (laughs) If you guys like this video,
please leave me a thumbs up and put some comments down below. I’m going to be doing some more
quick tips videos like this just like one or two
quick tips in a video just talking not a vlog or anything. And if that’s something you
guys want to see more of, just let me know in the comments.
Tell me what you like. Tell me what you don’t like. Tell me
what you had for breakfast, whatever. Until then, peace out guys.

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