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Halloween is next week, meaning it’s time
for a slew of virtue signaling articles and think pieces on why every costume you want
to wear is racist, bigoted or some evil form of cultural appropriation. Allow me to spare you the mental exhaustion
and propose something truly radical…wear whatever the heck it is you want to wear this
Halloween. For me, it’s gonna be the same Obi Wan Kenobi
costume I’ve worn for about the past 10 years, though this year I think it’ll look particularly
sharp with my new found beard. Forgetting the specifics of who’s offended
by what today, the real issue here I’d like to address is how the set of people who find
offense everywhere are actually doing something much more offensive than any costume could
ever accomplish. This endlessly outraged crowd are trying to
suck the joy out of every facet of life from comedy to Halloween. It’s just one of the many techniques these
control freaks masked as the good guys use to whittle down your own sense of what’s right
and wrong until you bow to their demand of total conformity. Once they can get you to stop joking, stop
wearing costumes you want and most importantly stop thinking for yourself, it’s very easy
to manipulate you socially, politically or otherwise. It’s also one of the reasons we’ve seen so
many thoughtful, decent people purged by this hysterical shrieking movement over the past
few years such as some of my former guests like Bret Weinstein and Laura Kipnis. When conformity of thought is your number
one goal, then diversity of thought is your number one enemy. This leaves little room for conversation,
comedy or costumes. It’s precisely why comedy seems largely dead
right now. Who turns on late night TV to watch a comedian
lecture you about politics? Come to think of it, who turns on latenight
comedy at all anymore? What I wouldn’t give for Johnny Carson to
be resurrected from the dead to show these guys a thing or two. Actually, zombie Johnny Carson would be a
pretty great Halloween costume. Someone make it happen, I’ll retweet you. Once conversation and honest debate is taken
away all that left is yelling. Once comedy is taken away all that’s left
is lecturing and once costumes are taken away all that’s left is conformity. None of this adds up to how a healthy society
should operate. Does this mean that some conversations are
hard to have? Yes. Does that mean that some jokes are offensive? Indeed. Does it mean that some costumes might trigger
someone? Absolutely. But we shouldn’t trade in the distinctly human
trait of using our minds to talk, to joke, or to express ourselves though dressing how
we please, just because it might offend someone. Of course with that all in mind, it’s up to
you where that line from edginess to offense is. This is what great satirists and comics and
writers have had to deal with for all time. If you get close to the line, you might just
trip over it, and rightly or wrongly, there probably will be consequences for your misstep. One year in high school I dressed up as an
Amish guy, one of my friends dressed up as an Orthodox Jew and another dressed up as
a Catholic priest. We didn’t do it to offend anyone, we did it
because it was different and in some ways that’s Halloween is all about. We also egged a bunch of houses and stole
candy, but fortunately that was before Twitter. As for me, I have no desire to go out of my
way to offend anyone, but I understand why it’s so important to live in a society that
allows us to do just that. So this Halloween whether you’re a slutty
nun, a sexy pocahantas, or a good old fashioned geisha, remember, it’s better to be any of
those than a mindless, conformist zombie just looking for brains.

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