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– What happens when a
young black celebrity calls out a young white celebrity for cultural appropriation? People miss the point and throw the angry black woman stereotype around. (electronic music) You might know Amandla Stenberg as Rue from “The Hunger Games” or as the super conscious 16-year-old who schooled 17-year-old Kylie Jenner on cultural appropriation. This week, when Kylie
posted an Instagram photo of herself wearing cornrows, Amandla replied with, “When you appropriate
black features and culture “but fail to use your position of power “to help black Americans
by directing attention “towards your wigs instead of
police brutality or racism. #whitegirlsdoitbetter.” Translation: You love black culture, but aren’t concerned with supporting black people or black
causes, and that’s not cool. But most people didn’t get
that part of the message. Instead, they just
focused on the hairstyle. Asking, “What’s the big deal? “White people can’t wear cornrows?” Or in the words of Justin Bieber, “Guys, leave her alone. We’re
all trying to figure it out “and she happens to be under a microscope. “I’m the first to know this. “But saying she’s racist because she wants “braids in her hair is ridiculous.” Well, contrary to Justin’s thoughts, the hairstyle isn’t really the problem. And Amandla didn’t call anyone racist. The bigger issue is that black people face stigmas and consequences
for wearing cornrows, but they’re considered
edgy and high fashion when white people wear them. There are actually a number of company and school dress codes
that don’t allow cornrows. And until recently, the U.S. military banned cornrows and other
natural black hairstyles including locs and braids. Cultural appropriation
basically comes down to, it’s not okay when people of color do it, but it’s great when white people do it. And that’s the problem. And then when you look
at the current state of racial politics, it’s hella insulting to see someone mimic black culture, but never publicly support equality for black people. The media also focused on calling Amandla’s comments an
“attack” on Kylie Jenner. Bravo’s Andy Cohen even dubbed her the “Jackhole of the Day.” Oh, that’s great. Calling out cultural appropriation makes you a jackhole, not
cultural appropriation. But Amandla’s too smart for that. She went right to Twitter
and let folks know that she was not here for the
angry black girl stereotype. Saying, “I have strong
opinions. I’m not angry.” Here’s the thing, when
a black person voices their opinion about racism, they’re not automatically angry. And even so, anger doesn’t make an opinion less valid. Racism sucks. You’re allowed
to be angry about it. But the angry black woman stereotype was created specifically to shut down conversations about racism. The thinking being, “Calm down, you hysterical woman. “You’re too upset to make any sense.” Uh, racist and sexist, much? Even worse, the stereotype has caused some black women to silence themselves for fear of being dubbed angry. For being only 16,
Amandla has a lot of guts to stand up for what she believes in, and I am so here for it. So what did you think of Amandla’s comments on cultural appropriation? Let me know in the comments, and we will see you next week. “We have a black president, so… “Racism? Poof.” (electronic music)

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  1. Ok i think people doesnt understand this.. ya'll support black people i think but a lot not. She only talks about people who don't SUPPORT black people.. like every girl i know who hates black people still uses their Culture. Its just sad. I don't say you cant wear it.. its like maybe you can support us if you like the culture. What she said is nothing wrong.. its just black people are just sad. I am Turkeys ( my parents) and i am born in the Netherlands. A lot of people hate Turkeys people but they still ate our food outside.. they still cuss with the turkeys words or morrocain words because they find it cool like amerca does to blakc people. Its the same in netherlands they just hate muslims but they still love the culture. Dont say hate comments. Im trying to help you to understand they said literally nothing wrong so 💖✌🏻

  2. Ok wait so cultural appropriation specifically is when a certain aspects of a race's culture are frowned upon unless they are done by another culture? Is that about it or is it just when one race uses parts of another races' culture at all?

  3. No guys the hairstyle isn't the problem Kylie Jenner not respecting blacks and standing up for them is a problem.

  4. nobody in these comments opens their fucking brains. Y'all have an argument for everything and 98% of the people commenting aren't black. You don't know how it feels so sit back & learn something because she is explaining how it feels. Kylie Jenner is the definition of cultural appropriation from her fake hair, lips, boobs, to her butt. She emulates black features & is praised for it because she is WHITE. She profits from it all while being silent about African American issues. It enrages me when non African Americans sit in these comments all day telling us how to feel, you will never know. Why even watch the video without an open mind?

  5. Cultural apropiation is completely stupid nowadays everbodies mixed with something like I look completely white ,blonde ,pale and I'm 50% native American and 30% sub Saharan african and 20% percent british and Irish does that mean I have to pick the culture I look more alike

  6. Weird, I always thought of white people with dreads as deadbeats, and never thought twice about black people in dreads.  I guess it's all how you grow up.  I'm glad I wasn't raised as a victim, and brainwashed into turning over any situation I come across until I find racism in it.  Life is honestly better when you aren't angry all the time.

  7. side question: Isn't drawing the conclusion that dreads are "black hair" and saying "you cannot wear black people hair until you pay your dues" kinda super racist?

  8. Hey, I'm hispanic so I can do this shit because of my minority priviledge

  9. So are black people obligated to chose "black hair styles"? Or are they not, because they are members of an oppressed minority in the USA? You see, if you understand culture as something that is uniform and has clearly distinguishable frontiers, you run the risk of falling back into brutal identitarian views.

  10. your arguments about cultural appropriation justify you being mad at society's double standards and stigma but it doesnt justify hating on white girls


  12. Is it not racist to say to a person "you can't wear this because you are x race"? That person being white does not negate the racism

  13. In my opinion we don't own culture, we are just part of it. Culture evolves and on it's path more culture addehres to it. Me as a Mexican speaking English is a proof of it.

  14. I do not agree with her appropriating anything just for her wearing a hair style. And I do not care about her wearing a hair style mostly by most people of another group that wears it and I have better stuff to do with my life but I agree with her in that hairstyle! Kylie looks more like a Hoe then she is with the Braid's

  15. Honestly any1 who would feel offended by this isnt someone i would want to be freinds with anyways so… dont really care if i am offending any1

  16. First for of all francesca is pretty as fuck. I would pick her up in my car and drive her to the beach on a warm summer night and kiss her under the stars.

    Secondly im a chocolate man myself and i dont like when people tell someone your not allowed to do this or that. Let people express themselves.

    Thirdly i respect the shit out of franseca because she is not afraid to express her views. Despite the fact its a devisive one. She is a true leader and not afraid to express her vision. Unlike you fukheds on utube trying to hide behind your keyboards.

  17. Should Chinese women who wear qipao be shamed for the appropriation of Manchu culture? Should Koreans who wear Hanbok be chastised since Hanbok ORIGINALLY was appropriated from the clothing styles of the Xiongnu and Siberian indigenous people? Should Japanese women be scorned for wearing Kimono since THOSE were originally appropriated from traditional Tang Dynasty robes? Should Sikhs/Malays take off their turbans/Kheffiyehs since those were appropriated from clothing styles in the Arabian peninsula? Is snatching rags off muslims women's heads okay now since the Niqab was appropriated from Byzantine culture and the Burqa was appropriated from Persian Zorastrians? Is "Cultural Appropriation" ALWAYS an issue or only when it gives you a chance to say "fuck white people" ?

  18. I really don't understand the problem but maybe it's because I'm a white male living at the top of a societal system who puts down anyone who's not white so can someone explain to me? I'm sorry for all the privilege I have

  19. Amandla only said something because KYLIE ORIGINALLY CAPTIONED THE PIC "WHITEGIRLSDOITBETTER" but when things got real heated she took it down.

  20. Isn’t there enough crap going on in the world without getting all in a dither about what people are wearing? It’s called freedom. Yes, it is ridiculous.

  21. I don't give a fuck. Who cares about this. Nobody gets dibs on hairstyle. Brazilians don't get pissed when people from Australia or Mexico train jiujitsu. We live in a fucking melting pot of cultures.

  22. We are in the United States with multiple different cultures. Cultural appropriation shouldn't be deemed racist by accepting other people cultures.


  23. And the Italian Mobster/Pizza Chef stereotype? No? Cool… Cause I got asked if I'm really Italian because I can't cook pizza today at lunch.

    I'm an 8th grade 3rd gen. Italian….

  24. Ok so if my hair is naturally straight than black people can't have straight hair? Makes no sense.

  25. I think sucks that some places ban certain black hair styles. It is not going to help to say white people cant have that same hair style

  26. This is one thing that black people annoy the hell out of me, HEY BLACK GIRLS STOP WEARING WIGS OR WEAVES… that’s cultural appropriation of PEOPLE WITH “GOOD HAIR”

  27. News Flash: white actress Bo Derek worn corn rows in the movie "10".

  28. I’m gonna ignore the other ignorant comments here because it will make me go into a tangent that simple minded people will not understand due to the cloud of ignorance that shapes their mind. But as for the video I totally support it and even if people were offended by the comment Amandla Stenberg made doesn’t mean that she should be attacked because no matter how much people try to minimize the situation it will always be important to others.

  29. 2046: white people cant wear any type of braids not even black color clothes

  30. She goes on about how it’s wrong to “appropriate” black hairstyles and not support black causes like BLM, but people that support those causes aren’t allowed to “appropriate” either

  31. ok so what if it looks better on another person than it looks on you, that's your opinion. I've seen some beautiful black women with braids and some beautiful white women with braids too. Everyone rocks the style their own way so stop saying this is cultural appropriation you uneducated bitch.

  32. "When you appropriate black features and culture but fail to use your position of power to help black Americans by directing attention towards your wigs instead of police brutality or racism"
    REAL translation: when you wear something you think is cool, but black people also wear it, then you HAVE to use your popularity to support OUR agenda, or else YOU'RE CULTURAL APPROPRIATING!!!

  33. I see people are misunderstanding the point of the video. In this video, the lady clearly stated that blacks don't care if people of other races get natural hairstyles. As an African-American female when I see a white female with box braids or twists, I don't dub it as cultural appropriation. It is something I am not used to seeing but harmless nonetheless. The point of the video is less of the fact that she is wearing the hairstyle and more of the fact that society around her is calling her hairstyle a new "trend" or calling it "edgy" and saying that she created this. The problem is the simple fact that for years, even before blacks were brought to America on slave ships, African-American women and men were braiding, locking, twisting, their hair as a part of their culture. But, when we came to the United States those kind of hairstyles were deemed unprofessional, or ugly and many schools, workplaces, even the military at one point, had banned those hairstyles. Now when a Caucasian female wears this hairstyle, it is all of a sudden accepted and okay. Why people have such strong opinions is because this is not just with hair. This happens in music, it happens in fashion, it happens even with body type, and now it is happening with hair. As African-Americans, our culture has been stolen multiple times and dubbed as the culture of whites because of the way society has taught us to be. America was built on white supremacy and racist ideals. That is the issue. I could care less how she wears her hair. It is the fact that her, wearing that hairstyle, is more accepted than if a black female would.

  34. Yeah. I was in the Navy and my homegirl wore locks and so many girl (even white) wore braids, so that's not true. And, why do people think that someone owe you anything? She don't have to get into any black people problems if she doesn't want to. She doesn't owe black people anything. And cornrows are not blacks people hairstyle yo own. So, just stop that. Black women are getting the stereo type of being angry because for the most part you are. You're not just making "valid" points which are open for discussion, you're voicing your "opinions" as indisputable facts. And, seems that black women are searching out these problems. I'm surrounded by black women of all different ages, specialities, religions, social status, wealth, etc., and I'm seeing the same "Black Women Victimization" syndrome in each group. It's annoying and sad. Love yourselves and stop worrying what everyone else is doing.

    BTW: Men have to cut off all of our hair when we come in no matter what race or culture we are from. No one is calling out sexism. This is why women; especially black, are getting backlash.

  35. African American people can never say how they feel or the truth beneath culture without someone saying we want something, of course other races don’t get it cause they aren’t black, but some actual people from Africa don’t care about this type of stuff because not all slaves came to America.maybe they’re ancestors weren’t taken to a slave ship and sent to America either, but the things they did and wear were not a fashion statement then.but wen another ethnic group does it it’s trendy,and to everyone saying where braids originated. They started in Egypt which is located in Africa.

  36. This is a hilarious fallacy. She says people should not associate cornrows with black people because that would be racist. But when white people wear cornrows its them stealing black culture????

  37. Um, Amandla called Kylie out because the caption of the picture stated "White girls do it better"

  38. people focusing only on the hair, because it's only about the hair

  39. No, no, I don’t think making a issue out of a white person’s hairstyle is evidence of anger; it is just silly. And to state that this particular hairstyle is exclusively “black” is not even silly. It is factually wrong.

  40. Or she's just wearing her hair a certain way shut the fuck up next time you call cultural appropriation make sure you aren't wearing denim, speaking or using western technology

  41. Locks are still banned in military. You cannot have long hair in military, regardless of race. It is a safety hazard. You can have braids, but under the usual hair measurements.

  42. This is America so fuck you bitch ill wear my hair any fucking way i want too

  43. I can wear it but you can't is my problem with the cultural appropriation thing. If I see a hairstyle that I think is cute, but another person of a different race says you can't wear that, it's not for you, that's when I get the attitude of myob.

  44. Black I thought you wanted to be called African American? MTV everything you do is racism.

  45. Im still trying to figure out why I should care about anything in this video? your talking about a persons hairstyle, you might as well have been talking about persons taste in cereal because there both pointless and meningless to meand I'm never gonna give it another thought.

  46. What’s wrong with Beyoncé’s flat ironed blonde hair… asks no one.

  47. The high IQ people Can't absorb this, their IQ is too high. Lol

  48. All you do is bitch. This whole segment is about complaining….

    Whats racist whats not jesus christ…

    Your so annoying….

  49. Cornrows said to have originated in Africa, and has the longest history there, but has also been depicted in art from ancient Greece and representations of Celtic women with elaborately braided styles on Roman coins from thousands of years ago.

  50. This comment section is filled with wonderfully hypocritical people who just want to shit on each other at least they can entertain me

  51. Franchesca (why u steal italian culture) Ramsey (Why u steal scottish culture) speaks english (why u steal english culture),

    theres more africans than europeans in the world,
    so give back plz

  52. Umm speak for yourself sis in black and have no problem with the hairstyle

  53. This girl is just trying to get fame from a shock factor, she has no depth except to entice human anger.

  54. Out of curiosity, what is a "naturally black hairstyle" supposed to mean? Are there "naturally white hairstyles"? Asian? One's hair does not braid itself, making it UN-natural to be done, but all cultures have done so for thousands of years, often in an effort to keep the hair neat and clean. Why is there an argument regarding who's hair is naturally allowed to wear braids?

  55. The reason that schools and the military banned cornrows is to promote a more clean cut look, the schools that ban corn rows are usually the same that have dress codes. This is done to give off a more an organized impression of the school, same with the military. Not only that but with the military long hair such as cornrows are a tactical disadvantage and if in close combat could be grabbed which is why the military doesn’t just ban cornrows but all hair styles exceeding a certain length. Given I’m not an expert so if gotten anything wrong regarding the military feel free to correct me.

  56. I'm sorry but Kylie didn't do anything wrong just wear a wig. There is a huge difference between culture appropriation & culture appreciation.

  57. There is no such thing as cultural appropriation. It doesn't exist. You can wear and do whatever you like. You don't own hairstyles. Get over it.

  58. I cant believe how hard they're pushing this.. I actually feel sorry for these decoded people.. All they identify with is their own supposed victim status.. They're stunted human beings..

  59. Okay so I kind of agree with this. While I think if a white person wants to wear corn rose that’s fine, but the underlying issue is how society see that vs how when black people wear it. I don’t think it’s appropriation it’s just a double standards. Actual cultural appropriation is black face or dressing up like a Native American, which is offensive on a different level.

  60. Nothing is wrong with them I’m white and had cornrows from the time I was 16-27 and nobody cares maybe some racist white people and a few just ignorant good rats but nope not a problem in fact my best friends sister is the one who did my hair because black girls could braid them tighter

  61. Yeah because identitarian politics matter..Oh wait don't black women steal wigs made of Caucasian hair all the fucking time and straighten their hair or dye their hair blonde or red…lol but a hair twisting style is cultural appropriation…lol

  62. For all the people who don't know what culture appropriation is (both black, white and so on) here you go.
    Culture appropriation is when one race take something from another race, change the name of it, call it a new trend, and gets praise for it. Example: lets say your writing a paper and you take some of your information from another web site. What are you suppose to do? You site were you get your information from right? Why? Because you would be taking owner ship of that information. Why did most painters have to sign there work back in the day (like Michelangelo)? Because people were claiming other peoples work as there own. When Kim was trying to rock cornrows the news tried to change it and call it a new "Kim" trend when the hair style has been in the black community for years and was considered getto until Kim did it. Bantu knots is another thing that was taken. A magazine tried to call them "Minnie buns".

    For years black culture has been considered getto/ugly, then was stripped away from blacks, taken by white people, and then used, prised and was benefited in the white mans favor for years while blacks were meant to stay quiet. This is why a lot of black people are upset. Think about it if you were to write a paper and I was to copy word from word an we both turn it in at the same time but you got and F and I got and A an was praised for it. Would you be upset?
    With all that being said,
    wearing these hair styles and calling it what it is, is NOT culture appropriation though if you don't know the history behind it it is looked down upon.
    Another Example: rock music people like Elvis Presley took music from black artist (look it up and u will c for yourself) and did those black artist get any recognition for it nope but Elvis did, which is not right.

  63. Yikes, some progressives make conservatives look downright liberal.

  64. Lol all these people getting offended by this video telling other people to stop being offended … Logic?🤷

  65. I love how it’s majorly white people saying theres nothing wrong with it.

    Yall dont get to determine whats cultural appropriation when its not your culture.

    If you listen to black music, where black originated hairstyles. And try to mimic our culture But then it comes times to stand for how this country treats black people. NO YOU CAN NOT USE OUR CULTURE.

    White people dont understand this because they have no culture.

    they cant empathize and or relate.

    So instead they come up with excuses to justify as to why its okay to take and white wash other cultures.

    And this appropriation isnt just happening in black culture its happening in indian/asian cultures with stuff like henna and bindi being worn by white gurls who wanna look bohemian and earthy. It happens in hispanic and asian cultures too.

    You just dont here about it as much because their people don’t advocate enough for it to be mainstream. And black ppl dont go for the bs.

  66. Reading people comments talking about how the hairstyle isn’t racist when the entire video was to point out IT’S NOT ABOUT THE HAIRSTYLE!!!! And it’s not about what race is doing what hairstyle

  67. If I hear you right, you should be criticising schools and work places which ban black hairstyles and those who have double standards for different races, instead of putting down those who appreciate black culture and happen to be non-black.

  68. We have people who do braids in China and we certainly don’t have anything to do with the history of slavery or discrimination against black hairstyles – but still I couldn’t wear braids because I’m not black? Come on that’s a bit much.

  69. When you throw out #whitegirlsdoitbetter I no longer want to hear what you have to say. Your opinion is no longer resignating when you are are creating a thread against white people in an attempt at sarcastic cuteness to educate "white people" its a turn off approach. She could have used her celebrity platform to do better as well JS.

  70. Whew! Thank you for speaking the truth 😍😍😍💯💯💯💯💯

  71. If anyone should be blame it should be the hair dresser , it was irresponsible to forget to give the customer BLM registration form before commencing the cornrowing procedure ….

  72. If you're offended by cultural appropriation you need to get a life. That idiots would actually make a video about it is amazing. SJW buffoons need to leave other people alone. Being easily offended means you have failed in life.

  73. My 3 year old daughter told me she likes your show! I love this show, it’s so educational and I’m proud my daughter loves watching it with me.

    By the way I agree that she should be standing up for injustices and such as a woman with power! I try to but I have no power, I can’t imagine what I could do if I had that power to help!

  74. So what, she is wearing braids. If black people want to make an issue about someone stealing something I dont think that is really a great value. We been stolen from our parents, spouse, homeland, and our truest identity. Braids, nor clothing, music, etc does not make up for that. Besides she has people in her family who not only had relationships with black people but have created children with them. And if you are not butt hurt about that then it's stupid to be about her wearing braids. If you are going to be racist or racially sensitive then start paying more attention so you can at least prioritize and be half ass sensible on what you're offended about.

  75. It's hair ffs don't see people going off on one cos black girls straighten their hair! Does this mean black girls are no longer allowed to do this? It's hair ffs there is more important things to worry about in life GET OVER IT! IT'S 2019

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