When sales go wrong – Great Deal

Hi sorry I’m just after these Two USB’s? Yep two USB’s Oh actually you’re in luck. Today we’ve got a Playtech special on Oh great Um so yeah normally $20 they’re two for $50 I’ll put that through now Sorry Sorry something seems to be wrong with your sign I think your math must be off a little bit. Shouldn’t it be like $30… Hang on I’ve got another copy here ahhh What seems to be the problem there Ah the it’s $20 for one and so two there should be $30. That would be a special. No so the way this special works is it’s normally $20 but because you’re buying two and this is the special, there’s a $10 difference Oh I see yeah yeah no that is what I am talking about. Yeah because like two would be $40…right So if it’s a $10 special then you’ve got like these little piggies then you take one piggy away. You take one $10 piggy away and that makes $30 So thats a $30 special I should have Ah just in case…it seems like you’re not quite understanding the special so… I’ll just repeat it for you one more time just in case you’re struggling with math a bit there… So like I say normally $20 just for one okay? Yep I follow you Follow me there? Yep I’m absolutely with you on that one Okay so what makes this a great deal is that because you’re buying two there’s a $10 difference bringing it to $50 thats a great deal Yeah no I am totally following you there with the $20 it’s just that maybe your calculators broken maybe it’s not you Like I’m sure you can do math but what you’re doing is actually adding $10 rather than taking it away Which is not how specials work I see what’s happening here great You think that this is a good deal for you Yes yeah But this is a Playtech special like I said at the start a Playtech special Meaning we get some special treatment So we get to make an extra $10 on this sale It’s a Playtech special… Ooooh It’s a Playtech Special… It’s a great deal for Playtech We make an extra $10 on this sale Otherwise we’d only make $40 on this We make $50 on this Riiight Okay shall we process the transaction? Yeah okay so it’s not a special Oh no sorry just um oh it’s crazy I’ve just changed my mind just one would be great Okay you’re just after one yeah just after one would be great thank you righto Um yep $20 great thank you Just swipe your card I’ll just swipe my card for $20 for one That is yours Great that was a sale yup Yup I think we can both agree that was a transaction from start to finish Yup It’s just good to get clear about these things yup Oh Actually um while I’m here Couldn’t grab a USB stick could I? yup Yeah no problem Just a singular one would be great yup I’ll just grab you an extra USB stick there Oh I wouldn’t call it an extra one I’d call it a different one Okay that’s $30 there No no no no I’m just buying one I’m buying now a new transaction one USB stick please No no like the sign says I’ll bring it up again for you there Ah you’re buying two so that’s $50 total there so I’m just making up the difference there No no it’s looks that way but it’s actually a new transaction Like let the past be the past You know what I see what’s going on here You wanna get a special for yourself don’t ya Yeah on the same page good Like every single other customer that comes in here trying to take advantage of Playtech Ooo can I get 50% off oo I want 2 for the price of one. Oooo what can I take from Playtech I’ve got staff to feed. I’ve got families to pay How are we supposed to make a business run with customers like you coming in here Do you want us to shut down Do you want us to shut down? Is that what you want? I’m really sorry I didn’t realize I I yeah $30 for that one would be great Yeah $30 right No that’s fair Alright swipe your card thank you And that’s complete there you go Thank you I really appreciate it How’s your family? I lied I don’t have a family Thank you I’ll see you next week Remember to tell people about the special Yeah know I will I’ll tell Terry Thankyou

100 thoughts on “When sales go wrong – Great Deal

  1. I totally thought this was going to be a trick for him to buy 2 USB's at regular price

  2. 0:11 Missed the opportunity for Rowan to have said "You've lucked out"

  3. "I've got staff to feed! Families to pay!"

    I can imagine Rowan going out while Playtech's quiet to go get the others some Chinese or whatever, then just eating it himself. All while sitting in his office chair with a shit-eating grin on his face xD

    And then some random family out there gets all their paychecks XD

  4. I think this is the closest i'll ever get to a modern day monty python sketch.

  5. Real life example from Tesco in London;

    1 toy car = £1.85 sale
    2 toy cars = £10 deal

  6. Inspired by Playstation Plus 3month subscriptions costing more than 3×1 Months I suppose?
    (at least here in DK)

  7. 4:25 .. Best counter ever 😂😂 Nice one Rowan , such a cunt 😂😂😂 LMAOO

  8. This is how I feel about the mozzarella sticks at Burger King, it is cheaper to buy two 8 piece and a 4 piece instead of the 20 piece. There have been times I've sat down and done the math while eating just to make sure I'm not crazy.

  9. John Lennon doesn't talk at all Rowan. He's been dead for years.

    He mostly groans and growls while shuffling about in his display case. Good little money-maker, ol' Zombie John Lennon.

  10. At my local store I could buy a 1L bottle of cider for $3, or I could buy 2 0.5 aluminum cans, each $1.
    I also did a finger math just to double check. And went with 2 cans. No questions asked at paydesk

  11. Sometimes this happens in steam discounts
    Add it one by one 20$
    Add the bundle 39$

  12. "I've got STAFF to FEED! I've got FAMALIES to PAY!"
    lol he reversed that one too

  13. "I've got staff to feed, family to pay"
    That line alone, made me channel to the VLDL subscribe.

  14. I thought he was going to buy one and buy another one, then return it to get $50. Then keep doing it for unlimited money xD

  15. 10 000 years man! First that cave, now this special! What's wrong with you?!

  16. "…Do you want us to shut down?!"
    Well I could always just order a pair of these on Amazon for a total of $25 and they'd arrive the day after tomorrow…

  17. See the problem with this episode is that there aren't anymore after this one. I've watched all the ones before this, but now there are no more to watch which is completely unacceptable.

  18. I love that he comes clean about it being a Playtech special and acknowledged it!

  19. Nooooooo! I've binge watched all these. Now what do I do? (pathetic cry)

  20. Like one particular mall sale I caught. Regular price at 250 then on special holiday sale 275 or just the same reg price but on a sale price tag/mark. lol greedy fcking mall.

  21. Sounds like something a corporation will soon try to pull, if they already hadnt.

  22. It would have been even funnier if he got the second usb stick for 20$, so a total of 40$, and then refunded them both for 50$ 🙂

  23. I literally worked in a store that sold a candy for 60 cents. But you could get a two pack of the same exact thing for $1.50. And a box with 9 of the same thing for $6. When pointing out that the math was wrong to the boss, she didn't see the problem. So, I just told guests when they brought up the double or the 9 pack that they could save money on the singles to which most of them laughed and just replaced what they had with cheaper singles.

  24. "At least i tried"

    When the boss does not appreciate the effort you are making, and you have to give yourself a paddle in the back. #StoryOfMyLife HAHA 🙂

    I love you all! <3

  25. Hurricane heading to where i live in the bahamas below florida and im chillin watchin viva damn right i am they awsome 😂👍🏻

  26. Usually they make it first one normal price, second one on sale. So it's not like it's so insane, because it's one on sale the others are not.

  27. Sounded more like David Bowie than John Lennon, but good try x'D
    Keep up the good vids! So good to hear fellow kiwis blatant accents!

  28. hahhaa fucking funny stuff. I live just round the corner from your store lol i'll have to come in some time 😀

  29. What freaking part did he not get 1 is 20 and 2 is a 50 dollar special!!!! The nerve! Making it a Ten dollar diffrence!!!!

  30. I was waiting for moment where trader picks up his pan and start He-le-le-le-le-le

  31. all he had too do is say theres a 5$ tax added onto the one stick this way it'ed come up to the 50$ sale for 2

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