When the TSA Post-Checks After a Pre-Check – Between the Scenes | The Daily Show

– One of the most interesting
stories I read today was the TSA is planning
to unroll a program where they say they want to
get rid of airport screening (audience member yells) at small airports. Wow, you were like,
you were quick. (audience laughing) You were just, oh that’s so fun. This is the funniest thing. I said the TSA wants to get
rid of airport screening, he went woo. And then I said,
“Wow you’re happy,” and then he just went like this. (audience laughing
and applauding) I feel like, I feel
like you’re like, I get randomly
selected way too much. (audience laughing) Is that what it is? – Even after TSA Pre-Check. They’re like…
– You pre-check? – Yeah they said
even if you paid, – Right. – it doesn’t necessarily count. – Wow, wait, so
you got pre-checked and you still get check? So they’re like, nah we
need post-check for you. (audience laughing) We need, we need post-check. What’s your name? – Salman Gurani. It used to be Salman
Mohammed, but then. – Your name was Salman Mohammed? – Yeah.
– Okay. – But we legitimately
changed it after 9/11. – Wait are you being serious? – I swear to God. – You know what’s great? I’ll tell you the, a
person I’ve had with a name with, that had more
trouble than you. I met a gentleman in the UK, and he has never been
allowed into America because his name is Jihad. (audience laughter) And so, like he told,
that’s his normal name and jihad, if you know
anything about Islam it’s about the internal
struggle that a Muslim person faces every
day in their lives. It’s not about, like,
blowing shit up, necessarily. You can use it whatever it is. And so jihad is about
the struggle you face as a human being in your life. Every religion has a
different word for it. But so he was
telling me his story, but what was funny was, I didn’t know he was like, “Hey man, America won’t
let me into the country.” And I was like, “Why?” And he’s like, “Oh,
’cause I’m a Muslim” “and because of my name.” I think this is disgusting,
this is horrible whatever, whatever. And I was like, “I can’t
believe they would block you.” And I was like, “So
what’s your name?” And then he’s like,
“My name is Jihad.” Then I was like, “Oooh.” (audience laughter) He’s like, “Yeah.” I was like, like,
“Here’s the thing.” I mean I get where
you’re coming from, (audience laughter) but in America’s defense, imagine if you were the,
like, TSA guy who let him in and then they would be like, “Barry, like, his
name was Jihad.” (audience laughter) And he was like, “I know dude,” “but I just thought, I
thought he was like,” “a friendly Jihad, like.” (audience laughter) So like I, you know, it’s not, it’s not a good thing, but, but it’s weird that
you have the pre-check. But anyway, then you’d
be excited by this news. They said that the
TSA’s planning to cut, they want to get rid of
TSA Pre-Checks and security at small airports, because they say it
costs too much money. They want to save, like
150 million dollars, right? Because it costs
them too much money to scan all the people. And then, like, a lot of
people are opposed to it ’cause they’re like, “Yo,
it’s still an airport.” And then they would say,
“Yeah, but we just don’t think” “that terrorists care
about the smaller planes.” (audience laughter) And I was like, “Isn’t
it so funny that like.” ‘Cause you know when you’re
flying from those tiny airports you’ve got those like
little shitty planes that nobody likes? You know the tiny
ones with no overhead and like, it’s two and then one, but like everyone is
squashed together? And I was just
like, I was thinking how funny would it be
if there is no security and then they like
get on the plane and they’re like everyone
hates those planes and hate flying into those
regional flights so much that like, one day a terrorist
does try to blow it up and he’s like, “Everybody,
I’m hijacking this plane.” And everyone’s like, “Whatever
man, we don’t, this.” (audience laughter) They’re like, “Yeah, just
get us out of our misery.” “This is, look at this plane.” “Just yeah, just
end it now man.” “End it now.” And, like I feel like
you wouldn’t even have enough space to hijack
one of those planes. You’d be in your seat
and then you’d be like, “I’m taking this
pla-, aah, aah.” “Aah, aah.” “Ssss, aaah.” (dramatic music)

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  1. Jihad is all about the internal struggle, the internal "mein kampf"? Really?
    Funny that Islamic scholars don't agree with this modern day propaganda.

  2. Thank you so much for explaining the true meaning of "Jihad". This word is so much distorted from it's true meaning by the Western media, that we cannot anymore use it in a context that fits its meaning. I think this word is encrypted and the fact that I typed it here scares me! Total disaster!

  3. Highjacjers of 9/11 came in from a small airport in Portland, Maine 😫😩😡

  4. I'd like to see this as a skit.a terrorist hijacks a plane, but it's a no-frills discount plane from a company already plagued by budget issues in a tiny-ass middle-of-nowhere town. Maybe he meets an interesting parent and falls in love. We could call it Hijacked Hijinks or something.

  5. A little off the topic but at my school there is someone literally named Moses Hercules and all me and my could think was "That's badass name"

  6. 😂 Trevor Noah is hilarious. So witty. Especially his 'between the scenes' moments.

  7. trevor noah, iam from somalia.
    you are not only tallented comedian, yo also well educated thanks for teling the meaning of jihad some of american muslims dont know the way you know,
    well done brother.

  8. Did they completely skip over how that dude said he had to change his name after 9/11? I wanna talk more about that because that's depressing yet I get it.

  9. I just started watching these and I’m so impressed with Trevor. He’s brilliant. And how many accents can this man do?

  10. Again I now watch the Daily Shows MAINLY for the “Behind the Scene”💯🔥❤️

  11. Airbus A380 cost 425 million dollars. It is not the people they are concerned about. It is the half billion dollars flying around. Small planes are cheap. If two A380s hit the WTC it would cost an airline 1 billion dollars to replace the planes! I don't think they paid out that much to the victims families so it is not the people that are protected.

  12. There are a lot of places in America that it probably wouldn't be safe to admit your name is Jihad.

  13. I have a generic name that sounds white, but I look like a variety bag of brown skinned people mixed together. I have only flown twice since 9/11 without being “randomly selected” for screening. I’ve flown around 100 times since 9/11. Random my ass.

  14. Interesting in regards to use of the name Jihad. It reminded me of your friend, the dancer, named Hitler in your book Born a Crime. I had a friend whose name is Osama. He is Japanese. We called him Sam. He was already in the US before 9/11.

  15. Finally someone who knows the actual meaning of jihad.. Its the struggle to resist temptations.all arabs (Muslim,Jews,Christians) use it. Why to go to the states anyway?

  16. He's more liberal than I'd like but still can't deny his natural ability to be hilarious.

  17. Trevor is so good doing improv. He’s funnier talking off the top of his head than the scripted bits!

  18. Dude at least our name is Arabic has a meaning, Can anyone tell me what does Trevor mean .. or Michael?
    Exactly 😂

    Ps: Mohamed which is the most common name in the entire world means the Most Thankful .. that’s humble dude.

  19. I thought that clue names didn't work on Americans, they elected "The Dumb-Old Fart" after all.

  20. I love how Trevor talks about things with the right information!like he does great research!

  21. Hey why everyone connects Islam with terrorism . They use Islam for defaming Muslims. For the record I m not Muslim ,I m Hindu.

  22. One goal of terrorism is to make the victims harm themselves unnecessarily out of fear, and that has been very successful. Look at all the money we spend on TSA, how inaccurate they are when we could be spending that money on desperately needed infrastructure. We're harming ourselves.

  23. Those tiny planes suck. Had a short flight on one once; the attendent said (basically) "we only have one engine working, so there will be no AC" 😬

  24. Great for religion them the meaning coz lots of people think it's jaaaaaaaakabooom💥💥

  25. Jihad! Why would you wanna be called​ that, when it means something bad? Everything time they call you, they saying what it means, internal struggle! 🤦‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️

  26. This is real, names do play a part especially if you flying in from "outside" the US or EU even with pre-checks or better.

  27. I feel like if anyone else tried to make these jokes, they wouldn’t land.

    Trevor is one of a kind.

  28. I get selected every time and now my wife gets checks since she’s flown with me but never before

  29. I never even thought of visiting the US. My name is Mohamed Osama. Yeah, I am fucked

  30. I wish you tube would stop playing verizon shit commercials. Verizon, makes some really shitty commercials

  31. My dad used to assess threats in buildings and the like when he was in the military. Obviously I don't know much about where or what, but I do know that he's said that having so many people milling about to watch their family disappear past TSA and having so many people in the lines themselves is kind of a gigantic target.

  32. Funny not funny but there is a point
    Why don't white Americans put a name or a color to what they perceive is bad yeah good decent people will have a problem but John can go into a hotel which 35 guns in 200 lb of bullets

  33. It doesn't matter what airport it is if you don't have people there to monitor for bad people bad things may happen

  34. I flew from Sacramento to McAllen Texas. In Sac i wasn't even required to remove my shoes. In McAllen i had to remove my shoes, jewelery, full boby scan with arm above the head, the works and im a caucasian white woman.

  35. I am from Czech Republic and I love your sence of humor, aparthaid like komunism made us strong on humor. Big fan

  36. And then the terrorist uses a small airport to connect to a flight on a larger airplane to anywhere and has all his evil goods with him to blow up the larger airplane. Not a happy day for those on his connecting flight…

  37. Trevor Noah should read Quran, instead of 2nd hand sources. He sounds just like Islam apologists. Mr. Noah should read Quran and Hadith before he draw conclusion about Islam. Islam inherently is a violent, xenophobic, brain washing "religion.
    Jihad is not "just" about inner struggle. It is about struggle (whether violent or non-violent) for Islam. It is about struggle for the spreading of Islam.

    just read:
    Quran 2:191 and 193, Quran 9:5, and Quran 49:9.

    And slay them wherever ye find them, and drive them out of the places whence they drove you out, for persecution is worse than slaughter… and fight them until fitnah is no more, and religion is for Allah.

    — Quran 2:191

    That's religion of violence.

    Islam needs reform and its reform starts with us (the non-believers, like Trevor Noah) pull our heads out of the sand.

  38. Berry like, His name was Jihad😂😂

    I can't stop laughing because it's like a real lose-lose situation lmao

  39. YES get rid of domestic TSA. It's pointless and a ridiculous bottleneck hurting efficiency of travel…seriously adding HOURS to short trips. You don't use insane outliers to set rules anyway. Seriously. A plane is just a bus in the air. They aren't so special to require all that crap. They got your info when you buy a ticket and they are watching everything you type and all your calls already…enough is enough.

  40. Yea, in Kansas, we call those 'planes', "puddle-jumpers", lol. 😂 'Oh, no. A highjacking 😐." 😂 Poor Jihad, tho. 😂😂

  41. Don't even talk to me about small planes until you've been on the flight from kirksville to st louis

  42. I flew out of Fargo, North Dakota a few years ago. Keep in mind, I lived in North Dakota for 40 years. They patted around my breasts, under my arms, the top of my hair, between my legs. I had to assume it was due to the fact I was wearing a sweater dress, and it was -30 F below zero outside. Most North Dakotans wear sweatpants or jeans, especially in the frigid winter time. So yeah, I no longer 'looked like a local'. I got felt up way more from security at the Fargo airport than I did on my last date !

  43. Can someone explain the jihad thing too me? I still don’t get it lolll

  44. I am 25 and I've been muslim since birth, but that's the first time I actually know what jihad really means.

  45. Your Jihad explanation is true. The best Jihad is internal Jihad and struggles to build a good society. unfortunately, most of the none Muslim include Muslim do not know about this.

  46. Prejudice a human by his name is the most racist thing I ever heard.
    That’s like „Kevin“ in Germany. If your name is Kevin everybody automatically assumes you’re an asocial retard from eastern Germany.
    Theres even the Term „Alpha Kevin“. Guess you can figure out what it means 😉

  47. Working for a book retailer, there was an order for a man, I swear, named Mahammed Mohammed Muhammed. It was a biology textbook; a university book.
    All I could think when I read this name was imagining the chaos that would unfold in an airport if they heard it. Just the instant panic.

  48. I appreciate how Trevor takes time to explain the word "jihad" Mean, i mean he can just say the name and continue with the story without bothering to explain what it means.

  49. Imagine a Christian calked : Crusade traying to migrate to Iran!

  50. I declare jihad against Americans who are shooting my people with drones and calling them civilian casualties

  51. As someone who travelled and was checked 3 times at both the connecting flight airport and the departure flight airport (I mean Everyone had to get checked 3 times)… mannnn

  52. Trevor is so well educated, it’s so refreshing to have him on US television

  53. Love how he explained Jihad to the audience such an open minded person who has knowledge about other religions

  54. "Religious Freedom" and "Life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness" only applies if you're…white and Christian and "normal," and if everything about you says "normal white Christian." I thought that was common knowledge by now. It should have been obvious with and after slavery, and all the years since. It should have been obvious with the Chinese Act and later the Geary Act, and all the years since. It should have been obvious with the imprisonment of Japanese Americans during WWII, and all the years since. It should have been obvious with Willowbrook and the way we treated and dealt with our mentally and physically disabled through the 1980's, and all the years since. It should have been obvious, essentially, throughout the entire history of the United States of America, because our predecessors have regularly proved it, and today, the right is doing its best to convince us that we must continue the tradition with their refusal/resistance to change social norms concerning the "other," and their attempts to write/uphold laws that continue to give all advantage and preference to their idea of "normal," and on and on.

    Discrimination based on the name someone was born with is wrong, just as is discriminating against people for their religion, as for their sex, as for their gender, as for the color of their skin. Sadly, the entirety of our nation's history says that discrimination against what the right doesn't consider "normal" for them is "the correct way to exist in a country that believes in freedom," even though we've made a lot of progress in the other direction…and their continuing denunciation of the left as "mentally disabled" and "traitors" and such just goes to prove that point further.


  55. I swear Trevor is talking about the airport in Crescent City, California. That place is tiny and ridiculous. TSA stopped my son (who was 6 at the time) then I went right behind him and was also 'randomly selected.' They wiped out palms with some cloth and we went about our business, to fly on one of the shittiest planes EVER.

  56. On 9/11, they came in to Portland Maine….quintessential. definition of “smaller airport”.

    Just saying..we have TSA for a reason.

  57. When you’re going on a connection flight from a small airport to a larger airport you don’t go through security twice so terrorists in theory can take a plane from a small airport on a small plane to a larger airport and board a large flight. I think the cost is worth it, if the government doesn’t give them enough to do it then why should we spend trillions on the military?

  58. its nice to see this mans understand the word. if only those fucks who think theyre doing something in the way of Allah would actually know the meaning tho. welp they can suffer in hell.

  59. Jihad literally means a struggle and not the holy war. The term holy war is of Christian origin. In Islam there isn't something called holy war.

  60. Kafir means:
    1. Unbeliever
    2. Night
    3. Farmer

    Infidels are not kafir. Infidel means an apostate.

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