White Supremacist Finds Out His Ancestors Were Black (VIDEO)

cracked.com is the leader white
supremacist movement that is trying to take over small town north
dakota they’ve actually gone up his home in twelve other lots and they
wanna make you basically an all-white town is actually black granite houses
lowing comedian I N it he is gap in only in the camp love the races
should not mix and and why people need to be separated from black people because nothing good
can come of that he says they’re like oil water and oil water don’t mix well
he just went on the a.m. treasure show it’s the host Richard
Goddard and should do a race in America series
and it actually does something really interesting be casted the his DNA calms the NA to find out appear he is and where he comes from
let’s find out the results Craig carp Craig pol col has undergone DNA testing to determine
genetic ancestry eighty-sixth percent European and the ok the %uh thin go and pick what percent sub-sahara
Africa %uh hard for iraq pot card for critical noise height have a little black kid yeah throwing
water gun okay bro hahaa I love them and I don’t know what I love
more the panic in that guy’s ice pic it’s just a physical noise was i
mean you’re 40 with them black we were better miss there was a typical knows me
through a in either way I have a 2001 for all up
on or the hysterical after a yes like dat
Ikea got here so that was nothing but fun I later he went on to say that the you
know UK he assumed that this was science but was craving in debased television
executives who only by shock and promote
multi-culturalism you he said line about how oil and water
don’t mix after you got the test results well apparently they do makes the mixes
I review okay but of course he doesn’t care about
South its okay hey cobb one we just do another tasks and find
out you know if you really are whiny trick you write it can you choose the company you do mum we got no interest in doing another
death he says he doesn’t care what the test says the school board a border guard for the
purebred well at least eighty-six percent pure
bred home and I love that guys like this think that they’re like superior to
other people because they’re purebred if that’s what
purebred produced for a big mix breed any day her everybody is looking at this is like
a terrible thing for Cobb like that now you know his movement will fizzle and
Hill will be put out of his career which is
being white supremacist but actually I think this is the beginning of a very
new career for him he will soon probably be offered a job
by Sean Hannity as an african-american correspondent cool come on and tell you all the bad
things about blacks in America overshot its okay man I mean I get a 40
percent black in me that’s okay okay black book show is a go thanks God
perfect allotted for my power grab

100 thoughts on “White Supremacist Finds Out His Ancestors Were Black (VIDEO)

  1. That’s a lie because he would’ve knew if he had a great grandparent that was 3/4ths black or even full and his grandparent would’ve been noticeable “black”

  2. This stupid turk (white ) is the evidence white are not a superior race …ahahhaha

  3. People should stay within their race and everyone should know this, to avoid conflict.

  4. That's nothing yes he do have African DNA but it's only 14 percent thIs nothing he is still Europa with 86 percent Europe
    DNA in his not black African even if he have African in him
    His still African no matter what but his not full African just
    Tiny African blood in him 14% is nothing just being real.
    As a real African from the continent of Africa born in Africa
    But rised in the United States of America am steal African.
    He steal white if we really talking about colors and race

  5. all that negative energy spent on hating people he deems inferior. And now he finds out who he really is. Ahhh! BEHOLD the Master Race. Stupid Bastard!

  6. Well the nazis had black german shepherds too, so there is a role for him in the 4th Reich.

  7. My mom looks everything but black. Most people think she's Hispanic. But she's actually about 65% black and about 35%white. Her DNA test breaks it down further to regions and such, but thats what she is. It doesn't really matter how much of each race you have in you, you can come out looking every which way possible because of genetics. Her whole family looks like damn near every race from black to white and everything else inbetween. So if that's possible, I really don't get how these asshat racists don't think it could happen with them. I mean science basically says they are idiots for what they believe. Smh, And they just create alternative facts to fit their narrative.

  8. if he have brown eyes and a nergo next to him have brown eyes, whats the odds that his ancestors aint black?

  9. Like doesn't everyone have black in them ? Even if it's reaaaaaally long time back

  10. So what its stil over 80% of european buth wich european race? probobly celts. there is no one on earth to be 100% buth thats dont change a thing hes still an american. not african synce thats only 14% of hes genes. Also why americans are so weird why they call people black and white people in india have dark skin orginal people in australia have dark skin and they are not africans. as same as in europe you have diferent races and every one is diferent.

  11. Hahahahahahahahaaaaaaaaa… President Trump should get one done. LOL..

  12. SOUL MAN!!! A silver-plated spade. Well deserved poetic justice.

  13. Surprise, your part black and there’s nothing you can do about it. White sperm and black sperm was obviously mixed.

  14. i don't agree with his ideas at all, but i really just can't believe that he's 14% african, especially sub saharan african. that's a pretty huge chunk

  15. This is why White Supremest groups don’t want their members to take DNA test.

  16. If he was a true white supremacist he would have never went on a black show. Don't know why anybody will be surprised we're all mutts nowadays there is no true full blood people anymore except for like some African tribes or rainforest tribes. And by the way I hope you all go out of business move the story what y'all are a bunch of Hypocrites and Liars!!!!!

  17. He's just a waste of oxygen! Why do the people who consider themselves better than everyone else always look much less than perfect specimens of humans 🤷🏼‍♀️
    The lady next to him was hilarious 😂🤣💜💜💜
    I used to ask children who thought they were 100% British, then inform them nope, because of Vikings, Romans ….shut the racist few up! I've tackled parents with it too 😂🤣

  18. This is so false. Some of these tests have been faked to troll certain people. Hate white supremacists, go ahead, but do not be fooled this man has a black grandparent or the equivalent. He would look like Vin Diesel. Besides, he would know, having a mother or a father who is half-black like Obama.

  19. He’s 18% black so technically anything he says bad about blacks is accepted I guess.

  20. Yea I would never Beleive in any DNA test as it is, especially since 23 and me has admitted to purposefully adding African results to Caucasian peoples tests to "scare racists"

  21. I don't know whats funnier … the lady laughing or that he's 14 percent really black african😂

  22. But seriously, who gives a single F…. about how many percent of non white or whatever else color you actually have in your blood ??? You are in your absolut right to dislike, hate an other person, religion or color in this world. I personally have some other root in my blood for the + 100 years ago, I know that by fact, and I do dislike / hate those kind of persons nowadays for what they have been doing with such negativity in our modern society for X decades, so give the people the F… right freedom of thinking what the F.. they want !!!

  23. I dont know but that oil and water doesnt mix it doesnt work in this thing u know🤣

  24. this guy looks narrating this crap looks like joey buttafoocos' fat brother. goddamn your ugly.

  25. "Oil and water don't mix"
    Do you reckon if he lifts up his shirt his torso is black?

  26. If a Bonehead supports Cobb, does that mean he's a race traitor now?

  27. if the theory is true that the human race originated from Africans maybe its the dormant genes theory resurfacing. who knows?….as far as I know many white people found out that they have African genes……..

  28. I haven't took my DNA test yet but I am mostly black, I am really sure I have white or Native American in me. One of my ancestors was mixed, half black and half Native American.

  29. I saw that show. The guy looked like he wanted to kill himself.

  30. Il faut arrêter avec les problèmes de race qui sont surannés car la génétique a formellement démontré que toutes les races sont issues de la race souche qui est la noire. On parle plutôt de mutation génétique due à l'adaptation environnementale. Les racistes devraient donc tous se suicider car nous avons tous un ancêtre noire😂😂😂

  31. If white and black don't mix, how is it that half-black half-white children are always the most beautiful ones?

  32. If I run into that scumbag I’ll knock the living lights out of him

  33. That lady laughing made me laugh. A, "from the gut knee slap" laugh.

  34. Look, a racist arrogant Turk complaining about a racist arrogant white…

  35. Guys like him used to call guys like him "octoroons." I used to think that was a word I could happily see die, but I kinda want to see it reserved just for him.

  36. Jajajajaja jajajajaja jajajajaja jajajajaja jajajajaja jajajajaja jajajajaja jajajajaja jajajajaja

  37. Me encanta la risa de la que se está partiendo el culooo, la voy a poner como despertador para comenzar el día de manera alegre.
    Ja ja ja ja ja ja ja jaaaaaaaa XD XD

  38. what difference does it make seriously I could care less I mean is wanna know but it dosent matter we all came from 2 people anyhow

  39. LOVE THE VIDEO. I always go back to it when I need cheering up.

  40. He doesnt hte black enough or else he wud hve dne us d pleasure n kill himself

  41. According to myheritage, Im 85% SE asian, 12 % West African, 1% Italian and 2% Finnish.. but I Will pass as Indonesian in my country the Netherlands. But Im from Surinam and the African bloodline in my family is untold. You are judged the way you look, people look at you and put you in that particular racial group. But Im proud that Im a human.

  42. We all are mixed I have European ancestry and I'mma black American man

  43. no i have 15% black in my dna my grandmother is considered black so cobb has hate from something that went down in his childhood or was adopted either way face the facts you aint pure,,,,Boy

  44. The lady laughing her butt off and reacting to the results is my favorite person on that stage. Her reaction is priceless

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