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  1. Wow really are at the point in this world where demonizing yoga needs to be a thing.

  2. Full disclosure …It is a good piece and I do like this channel enough to subscribe. But here is what I had a problem with: Why use it as propaganda?? I couldn’t get over when she said Narendra Modi and his RW party “weaponized” yoga and then continues to state that the Muslim minority (mind you they are almost ~20% of the pop which in a country of 1.3 billion isn’t minor at any angle) in India has come under violent threat.

    They need to do much more research on the threats that Hindus face in India due to Islamic radicalism. It isn’t about minority or majority. It’s about a group of people not respecting the tradition and culture of the land they reside in. Mutual respect is what’s desired. A country where there isn’t even a uniform civil code because the Muslim leaders won’t allow it … can in no way be a “Hindu fundamentalist” country. Quite the opposite in fact.

    Furthermore, Last I heard not Narendra Modi nor his party have encouraged what the western and leftist media call “Hindutva terror” … the phrase itself is an oxymoron. Hindus are targeted because for the first time after British oppression have they started to assert themselves and fight for their land and their beliefs…predominately through judiciary means. I most certainly wouldn’t call that terror/violence of any kind, would you??

    As for Yoga, the main problem is White people learn it from Hindu yogic gurus, then go back home and start stripping it of any and all cultural tones. They don’t give credit to their guru or the delve into the origination of Yoga. They then after some time start adding in their own religious beliefs to it (i.e. Christian Yoga) and eventually start claiming that Yoga originated by their own religious leaders. AND What’s worse they start opening up shop in India itself and begin to confuse Indians (specifically the youth) about their own faith and culture. It’s a multi-step and insidious process.

    Now … Wouldn’t you call that outright stealing of intellectual property, and the attempted distortion of a whole faith????!

  3. Mideast islamic countries need yoga and meditation to get rid of war and violence.the brainwashing can only be stopped by yoga .

  4. What do you mean south asia ,Yoga is Indian. 🤔 Well what to expect from a Pakistani women.

  5. "Journalism" from the BBC school of propaganda and brainwashing. Weaponsing yoga? Seriously? You can spread your insidious narratives to perpetuate mistrust and hate among Indian Muslims as much as you want but you wont win. There is a simple yet beautiful philosophy that has been the nations motto , Truth alone triumphs.

  6. Muslims not come under violent threat but Muslims driving Majority Hindus out of their native places

  7. What is confusing and contradictory is on one side coming close to condemning Caucasians for appropriating and financially exploiting yoga, on the other hand, the artist is dressed like a 90's Hip Hop MC and the presenter has dyed her hair and used make up to make her appearance look more Caucasian. When you really look at anything close enough the whole world is made up of a deliverable or unwilling appropriation of something from somewhere else.

  8. Theres a story behind it …its known as an actual history in India .. There was this guru in himalayas who taught 7 sages various ways of realising the divine through yoga …those 7 sages are known as sapta rishis.. The guru is known as Adi yogi ..they also say that he was shiva himself (theres no proof though) but all those rishis after getting enlightened individually started spreading yoga one in central asia ( japan china korea etc ) one in African continent , one around the Egyptian civilisation , one in south asia ( India , Indonesia , singapore , Malaysia , sri lanka etc) …there are certain proofs in the caves of native Americans who performed yoga in their civilisation .. obviously that is now distored due to invasions… But yoga is very old even older than 10000 years they say …. There are old scriptures depicting about that in SANSKRIT … The rishi out of all those sapta rishis ( seven sages ) whi cane in south is very famous …known as "Agastya Muni "…he literally went every home offering teachings of yoga all around south Asia when there were no geographical boundaries and only kingdoms and empires . So its not a surprise that there was yoga even before Vivekananda came.

  9. Even if Pakistan's ISI ran Al Jazeera, they would not be so openly anti – Modi & ANTI-BJP.

  10. Such shitty propaganda…. I mean u guys can be a little bit more creative in doing so rather than repeating the same old fashion of sliding in subtle propaganda in between facts so that people who are already familiar with those facts start to accept the credibility of the content and gulp the propaganda along with the fact.
    So next time try to be more creative in painting hinduism in false light.
    All the best.

  11. I cant stop loughing wen she said It is in pop calture…😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🙏🙏🙏🙏🚩🚩🚩🚩🇮🇳🇮🇳Yoga is gifte of Hinduisam to wrold by yoga you will go inside and become Sanatan Dharmic!!!🙏🙏🙏🚩

  12. U bring some good looking person into the frame suddenly and they will say … And suddenly morons will take that into account? Dear aj+ yoga is originated from Indian religion hinduism and other religions influence not from South Asia and we Indian call ourself Indians not South Asians ..aj+ joker's of the day

  13. Many countries came British tried to destroy our culture ……. Still western media does it in different way …. But we will stay strong ….. Nobody could and no one will be able to destroy our culture …… You narrow minded bastards

  14. Weaponized and reclaim to Hindu religion/culture. Umm… nO. Most Christian states don't observe Yoga Day because they consider it "Hindu" which is not completely wrong but it wasn't created for hindus only. Just because Hindus created it doesn't make it exclusively for hindus. Everyone can practice it. And no India is not reclaiming. It is just selling it to all people and trying to not associate it any religion. Yoga is India's gift to the world. It not just for Indians. It's for all the world. Stop associating it with Indians and Hindu.

  15. I'm confused. What's the problem? Yoga is great for mental and physical health. If people want to buy yoga classes, it's their choice. Is using YouTube for your videos appropriating American technology? It's a white country so advertising will have white actors, it's simple. Get a life, take a yoga class, and sell something if you're jealous.

  16. The origins of yoga has to come back, I'm happy people are realising this. The true yoga is very deep ancient Indian history and goes into the very essence of the human being. I'm a Muslim sufi and would say the reason some Muslims don't practice yoga is because of the religious side of Hindu aspects within yoga. But yoga is a true science of opening the inner being 🙏

  17. Saana Saeed being a radical muslim lady, you have shown your "True Islamic Colour". Your cult Pigslam is infamous worldwide for spreading terrorism and you should be proud of that, not that of origin of yoga. Yoga was codified by Patanjali (whi was a Hindu Saint). This white lady herself is a great misleader and calling yoga a non hindu practice.😕 shame on you both😬.

  18. Bjp is not a Hindu nationalist party and it's just the media people who has distorted everything….
    And I find no problems with any muslims living in India….they r the fastest growing religion in India with the immigrants from Bangladesh and Myanmar being Muslim too…
    Y would the Bangladeshi Muslims immigrate to India if it's not same for them …

  19. white people have screwed yoga >:( they will never understand true meaning, its not for pop culture or business or to look cool :/

  20. "Yoga has been weaponized in India …"

    WHAT? WHEN? WHERE? Are you out of your mind !! I highly doubt that you read your script even once with your senses. PM Modi is trying to promote Yoga on the world stage not to weaponize it.

    Presented/Produced by: Sana Saeed
    Produced by: Sana Saeed and Kathryn Wheeler
    Executive Producer: Sarah Nasr
    Channel: AJ+

    Sorry, Got your point !! May Allah bless you with patience. Namaste 🙏🏼🤞🏼

  21. The narrative that minorities are under a threat under Modi is totally false. Its leftist propoganda. The number of minority death in India has gone down in the present government's tenure. Look it up.

    Did cow vigilantism occur only under the Modi govt?

    It has been an age long problem with no connection to the ruling govt. When people don't get justice, they are bound to take the law in their own hands which is completely wrong. But so is cow slaughter as it hurts the religious sentiments of the hindus. Beef is banned in many states in India and only through proper implementation and enforcement of the law of the land can this problem be solved.

  22. Why are americans obsessed with Yog…….
    Muslims are being lynched in India… wait… what?

  23. "Reclaim Yoga as Hindu identity" ????? Are you kidding…Yoga originated as an integral part of Hinduism and its ultimate use/goal is to attain enlightenment/Moksha/Nirvikalpa Samadhi. Infact Yoga and Hinduism are one and the same thing.Then since Buddhism / Jainism are sister religions of Hinduism so Yoga is part of Buddhism / Jainism as well. Yoga is not just body postures for fitness, it goes much much deeper and there are other Yogas too, bhakti yoga, karma yoga, gyana yoga etc.

  24. Yoga is not religious at all, and in india its not commercialised as such, most of us have learnt yoga or practiced yoga in some form. Well yoga is a relation between mind body and soul.

  25. this jihadi muslim news anchor news is 100% fake i m from india i know what is yoga, yoga is not look up and look down not turn rights and left.. yoga means union.. union of you and entire universe..this totally life changer process.. COME INDIA and LEARN YOGA.. this is gift of india to whole world..

  26. Islam weaponised vagina , vagina will make more babies that's why Muhammad married with 6 year young girl .
    Potty eater Muhammad . Allah drink my urine

  27. What is your goal here Sana Saeed? There is nothing informative about this video, just a copy and paste research with some gimmick. FYI entire world is known about the yoga and how it became popular. But people like you have a knack of condemning India, its Prime Minister and indirectly Hinduism for cheap bucks through Youtube views. All the best for your future conspire, but the principle of Hinduism and Indians are strong!

  28. Propaganda bashing physical fitness where American fast food reigns. Thank you 😊 Fat tar.

  29. The Western interpretation of Yoga is an appreciation of the benefits of its physical systems to beautify the body. More traditional teachers could correct this perception to teach the uninformed on its entirety. It certainly is not a malicious attempt by an entire race to steal a phenomenon but a misinterpretation of Yogic culture.

  30. When an American magazine named YOGA hasn’t ever featured a South Asian yogi on the front cover… looks like appropriation to me.

  31. Yoga in India is seen a great tool for one's spiritual progression..but western countries have made it an unworthy exercise

  32. Oh my God…. you people are so cheaply nuts…it kinda makes me laugh… Hinduism doesn't need to reclaim yoga….The name yoga itself if I may say screams Hinduism…It IS an active part Hindu life in olden days…..It has a clear form from the beginning.. ..it isn't amorphous…btw 'weaponise' yoga…he was just trying to make it more famous so there would be more people benefitted…. You are entirely nuts…

  33. you just had to say that huh?weaponizing yoga?you mad?go to a shrink,you need treatment.

  34. Hmm… I'm kind of left wondering if this channel grasps sanatan dharma
    सब एक

  35. Like always, bring religion to everything. You guys just see the world through the eyes of Islam and not sense. Like always disgusting.

  36. Useless americunts stealing and claiming something that they have not created as their own.

  37. I'm Indian and while yoga might be cultural appropriation. I'm happy that it is popular around the world, since it is something that benefits someone, healthwise. There is no denying the fact that yoga is a Vedic concept and it something to do with Hinduism. Then again, it fulfils the idea that Hinduism is more than just a religion, it is a way of life. It's part of India's cultural heritage.

  38. How do you weaponize yoga maybe she thinks hindus kill Muslims in India by yoga postures

  39. Yoga is a Hindu practice. Not generic, non religious but deeply connected to Hindu beliefs. Stop lying.

  40. Yoga is a indian sanskrit word YUJ meaning union first yogi was lord shiv it is HINDUS!

  41. What did you say south asian spritual practice?
    It is India where yoga was invented and development. Do some homework before you start preparing report.

    And Yes its an hindu religious practice and its deeply rooted in ancient vadic hindu culture. It was not the part of egyptian, persian or greek civilizations.

  42. Well the big picture is this. With white people it's bad until they can figure out a way to make money off of it. Everybody around the world knows this about white people. But I don't participate in yoga because it is commercialized it is cultural appropriation and if I walk into a yoga class there's going to be a white woman or white man teaching it. And that doesn't just sit right with me that's damn they're wrong


  44. 6.53…. A complete lie…’yoga has no religion’…yoga has a religion and its hinduism…

  45. stop calling yoga. it's yogasan. that's it. american can never know the yog and achieve it. now a days nobody can do or achieve yog or yoga. theys just can do yogasan.


  47. This shows how frail Western beliefs are, they are weak and have no spine what so ever :3

  48. Yoga belongs to HINDU OR SANATAN DHARMA it belongs not to everyone, it only belongs to hindu religion.

  49. Let me put it simple for you : Yoga is fitness procedures for your mind and body. Its up to you, if u drink coffee from star bucks or from local street vendors.. And our PM have not weaponziedd it for hindus but for 1.2 billions indian if he did so. he encourage everyone to do so. its mostly muslims who says its against there religion and ur attempt is one of them ..but People are smart to know what is good for their health.

  50. Why so many polemics about yoga, why don't people just practice it the way they feel right for them

  51. WHAT A BEAUTIFUL WAY TO DEGRADE A CULTURE…out of no context u just very clearly joined the Indian government's yoga campaign to Hindu extremism and mob lynchings…..
    u people r really great in this art…projecting negative image of a thing..
    and yes is very much part of Hindu philosophy
    Yoga is actually one of the six orthodox school of Hindu philosophy…namely :
    and these are all ways to reach the ultimate reality. the BRAHMAN.

  52. Yoga associated with hindusam u guy's can't divide it . There is no yoga with out hindusam

  53. Start a video about spread of yoga end it with throwing shades on India and Hindus a PM of nation what more one can expect from Aj.They themselves can't digest the fact Americans appreciate Yoga an art originated from india

  54. religion occult tantras,meditation mantras,Yoga, spiritual wisdom (sathanan dharam) prayer (puja) rituals music dance mythology philosophy is all from HINDUS!

  55. Indians have contributed the most  language linguistics grammar literature astronomy astrology indian vedic arithmetic indian vedic science decimal system binary code fiber optics numbers number zero Fibonacci numbers chandrasekhar numbers Chandrasekhar limit pythogorean theorem raman effect,chakravhala algorithym plough saha ionization pell's equation  pascals triangle geometry trigonometry calculus airplane knowledge of Aeronautics economics politics archery buttons for clothing cashmere wool cotton clothing toilets flush toilets ancient water system hydraulic engineering value of PI radio wireless omunications cataract surgery surgery plastic surgery cure for leprosy  first medical encyclopedia  first university in the world  the ruler made of ivory using decimal subdivisions for accuracy the scale  the ink made of carbon pigment and called musi,prefabricated houses and movable structure  game of chess game of suits game of snakes and ladders game of ludo drums indian dundhubi first stringed instrument indian veena ,martial arts known as kalari,diamond mining zinc mining metallurgy metalworks process of metal extraction wootz steel crucible steel shampoo discovery of water on the moon isros chandrayaan mission laws of gravity revolution of earth time it takes for the earth to orbit the sun,tradition of kissing,quadratic formulas,concept of algebra,ayurevedic medicine from north west India and siddha system medicine from south IndiA,sugar refinement,ammonium nitrate, step wells ,military rockets,nuclear weapons of ancient India rajasthaN',numerical notations,visceral leishmaniasis treatment,incision excision probing scarification puncturing suturing extracting solid bodys evacuating fluids,sustematic organized education system theory of atom the heliocentric theory,smelting of zinc seamless globe Shrikhande graph  indigo dye sign convention toe rings  third eye of knowledge,if it wasn't for hinduis the digital age and modernity would NOT exist as everything uses our numbers number zero  such as any invention which uses clocks timers thermostat and electricity

  56. I watched a very professional yoga guide, I really like it. We connect so I will follow you!

  57. 🚩Hindu not yoga 🤗Bla bla bla.. We can 👁see your 😱worry,😟 becz yoga cuts ✂the 💂middle man, bad📰news for books📕. Wants to know 🕉Hindu look to the forest🌳not to desert🏜.

  58. video was made by pak1stani. The most SHAPE SHIFTING people on the planet.

    pak1stanis are the same people who talk about "love, friendship etc" but STAB right in the back if we turn our back towards them.

    " can TRUST DEVIL but never ever a PAK1STANI irrespective of age, gender, ETHNICITY, class, occupation etc. FOREVER "

    as expected TYPICAL INDOPHOBIC, HINDUPHOBIC hatred towards india and indians. F4CK THESE PAK1STANIS and QATARIS.

    no matter, how much u try, YOGA WAS MADE IN INDIA and PART OF HINDUISM for 1000s of years.

  59. White people are appropriating Yoga because you cannot take Hinduism out of yoga. Yoga is founded by Hindus. Ever since Beatles learn yoga about and took it to West, Westerners have been making money out of it.

    Thank you for admitting that westerners are appropriating yoga. it makes them uncomfortable that when you practice yoga you are praying to Hindu gods so they deny that yoga is Hindu practice.

  60. How can you say yoga is not a part of Hinduism. Yoga is Hinduism. If you don't know yoga your not a real Hindu.

  61. From all points of view, this was difficult to watch. Also for a non native english speaker, I had a hard time to follow this girl's voice as she is speaking way too fast and the documentary itself goes way too fast and seems like a mish-mash of many things which makes no sense. It did not even slightly touch the subject of yoga. Even when talking about appropriation, only two people gave their opinions and that's it. It's not even helpful nor relevant to make our own opinions at all.

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