Why BAME Is Problematic: Jonathan Pie Rants

Let’s take a look at the first word
up on the Woke-a-lator. BELL DINGS BAME – OK, a nice easy one
for you to start with. BAME. This is kind of the new word
for people of colour. OK, BAME – you’re going
to have to learn it. The BBC use it more and more. The Guardian, obviously, they’ve
been using it for a while – BAME. It’s an acronym. It stands for Black, Asian,
Minority Ethnic – BAME. OK? Simple as that, OK? Actually, you know, I suppose it’s
very similar to people of colour, as in what you used to have was
white people and people of colour. Now what you’ve got is
white people and BAME people. It’s essentially white people
and not white people. LAUGHTER Isn’t that what racists do? Is that not… Japanese, Chinese,
all the fucking same, is it? Is it me, or is BAME
just a little bit…? Doesn’t really matter
what I think, though, does it? Because BAME has become
the new, progressive forward-thinking word to describe
all dark-skinned Johnny Foreigners. So that’s… ..that’s progress. I’m making a point there, OK?
I’m making a point. My point is, it appears to me
that all you have to do sometimes to appear liberal
is use the right words, and that’s demonstrably bollocks.
It’s demonstrably bullshit, isn’t it? Which of
the following statements is the most bigoted? All right? WEST COUNTRY ACCENT:
“I’ve never met a coloured chap “that I haven’t gone
with like a house on fire.” HIS OWN ACCENT: Or… “I wish all them BAME people
would fuck off “back to where they came from.” Surely the attitude matters
more than the word. WEST COUNTRY ACCENT: “I walked
into a bar, it was full of benders. “Best night of my life.” HIS OWN ACCENT: Or… “In my opinion
the entire LGBTQI+ community “should be beaten with sticks.
You need to beat it.” Surely the attitude matters
more than the words itself. Anyway, but that’s BAME. You’re
going to have to remember it. Black, Asian, Minority Ethnic.
It’s an easy one to remember, right? # BAME! I’m gonna live forever… # That’s how you remember it, right? BAME – Black, Asian,
Minority Ethnic.

88 thoughts on “Why BAME Is Problematic: Jonathan Pie Rants

  1. If the colour of your skin and your lineage are the most important things about you, what does that say about the content of your character?

  2. I'm glad he's getting more mainstream attention. We need more people calling out the bullshit of self proclaimed SJW's and those who falsely call themselves liberal.

  3. For people wondering why we even have the term BAME (or "BME", as is used in the NHS), it's because its useful to have a word to describe all those non-white people who are still discriminated against or subject to racism. For instance, I work in a HR role; if you are BME, you are 4 times more likely to be subject to a HR investigation, and 10 times more likely to receive a sanction. Now I'd love to look further into that discrimination against that black, asian and non-white people and find out where it is coming from, but youtube tells me "WE SHOULDN'T DIVIDE PEOPLE INTO CATEGORIES! LEFTY LABELS ARE BAAAD!"

  4. I would like to add to the list of terms on the 'Woke-a-lator' anything PC that includes the word 'appropriate'.

  5. So by this logic, if I want to, I can exclude BAME from job advertisements. Awesome 'progress'.
    Nice one for opening this up, BBC!

  6. OH JONATHAN, DON'T BE SUCH A TEASE; I have my own acronmys, the most recent of which were STRIFE and LCM;

  7. Black, Asian, Minority, Ethnic…so we group colours and foreigners into an acronym and nobody in the liberal group notices, it's a bit racist XD. Interesting times we live in.

  8. I am Latvian, a minority in UK. Of different ethnicity from Britons, do I qualify? No, of course bloody not. Why, well, don't tell anyone, but Latvians are white. Can't immediately differentiate from ethnic Briton. There are physical differences: we are on general taller, and broader, tend to have grey or hazel( as in brown/green) eyes, with sharp cheekbones. What amount of physical differences makes me different enough? Or is JUST THE COLOUR OF the skin, you bloody bigots.

  9. The rise in identity politics is pretty worrying. It's the kind of crap you expect to originate in the far-right, but increasingly it's the left-wing pushing it.

  10. There are many university SU councils who have a BAME officer. Yes, it is being realistic about the fact that there are things in the education system which are possibly unfairly challenging specifically for people who aren't white, but it is inherently morally skewed to have this role in the first place

  11. Never heard of BAME. Also I'm a trend-setter and I don't use it, so don't worry – it wont catch on.

  12. How about not categorizing people by their skin colour at all?
    I've got a better idea than "BAME"… just call them People.

  13. "All you have to do sometimes to appear liberal is to use the right words"

    Shit that's ON POINT.

  14. I mostly agree with this video, but, by his definition, the compound adjective "non-white" is racist, as it's labelling groups other than whites.

  15. Never heard the term "BAME" before. It seems it's just a term for ethnic/racial minorities within predominantly white, western societies. The implication that the use of the term is somehow alike "what racists do" is undermined by the very next point – that attitude and intent behind the use of words and phrases are important. Because let's be honest, this doesn't seem to be a term coined for derogatory use.

    Also, if someone truly does not have a bad attitude towards certain groups of people – for example, homosexuals – then they should have no issue in abandoning the use of words like "bender", because that IS an offensive, derogatory word. Attitude is important, yes, but once someone understands that their choice of word – in this case, "bender" – is derogatory, then that person will only take issue with being discouraged from using that word if they are indeed homophobic. If you're not homophobic, choosing not to refer to homosexuals casually as "benders" shouldn't be a problem. Simple really.

  16. In North America, the preferred term is "racialized". Well maybe in Canada.

  17. I thought the BBC was a bunch of dick heads. But I have respect for you to put this up. =)

  18. At least it isn't "people of colour" any more, it's blacks, asians in whites in this country.

  19. The left are fed by hatred and division, they need to put everyone into categories and then pit them against each other. Without this their various groups could not exist. Please don't forget how many people are earning very good money from this forced division, they do not want equality.

  20. Wish I got to see this live. I do t always agree with everything he says but this is hilarious.

  21. So true, my Dad (70+ years old) still often uses offensive words for gay people, and he's supporting the LGBT fights, he's just stuck in the wordings of his time, what matters is your intentions.

  22. My daughter is half asian, so is that like “diet white”? All the privilege, half the guilt?

    Giant middle finger to progressive politics.

  23. We've got sunlight on the sand

    We've got moonlight on the sea

    We've got mangoes and bananas we can pick right off a tree

    We've got volleyball and ping-pong and a lot of dandy games

    What ain't we got?

    We ain't got bames!

  24. At my university there was a bame officer and some random dude was running for it. I didn't even know what that meant, but now I do and I'm angry. This is coming from a brown gentleman.

  25. Well I'm Asian and this "BAME" is disgusting! Why do we need to be labeled like some strange species that is not normal? I'm glad I live in Asia lol so I don't need to deal with these weird people

  26. Not sure what point this joke is trying to make, but it certainly seems to have attracted the usual ignorant level of response from the majority (the majority in the west that is).

  27. Fucking hell it's racist to group all Asian together. It's a fucking rock paper scissors game of which country ate and enslaved which other country in history. Their culture is a different as Americans vs russians. Oh wait those 2 are white, so they obviously share the same culture.

  28. I've seen BAME slowly become BME. Guess the Asians can get fucked according to these idiots.

  29. BAME ……..meant to be a minority, but in actuality is a majority. White are the global minority!

  30. War on words, the next goal in the NWO agenda, divide until it breaks down :/

  31. BAME?…..I don't know what the direct opposite of the nazis is, but it looks like they won. When did the world get so twisted?

  32. I'm a WHEM. That's a white heterosexual English male. The underclass of society…

  33. I found BAME in the Labour manifesto, which by the way consisted entirely of <establish credibility among group> <cue for applause>.

  34. Or in other words, every person that BlAMEs white people for their problems.

  35. this shit is creeping into castings in the acting industry now . Took me a while to figure out what it was referring to . load of political bullshit

  36. So, I’ve apparently now got BAME friends.

    I think I much preferred it when my friends were just my friends.

  37. Why comedians always have to use West Country accents to represent ppl who aren't very bright?😄

    Love JP still tho!


  39. There's only one thing that is problematic and that's the constant irritating use of the word problematic.

  40. Black, Asian, Minority or Ethnic. Far out. What an acronym. How is that supposed to be sensitive? If you aren't black or Asian you just get lumped into minority or ethnic, which sort of seems like a double up since they're essentially refering to the same thing twice. Or is it other minorities, such as homosexuals? And what other ethnicity are we referring to? Latinos? Italians? Germans and Slavs? This is some Newspeak shit right here.

  41. i call people black or african american if they are black because they are black. I call people white if they are white in a race conversation. I am white.

  42. Yet another bullshit term dreamt up by those whose lives would be empty if they weren't always looking for new ways to be offended or to enforce equality of outcome on society.

  43. Racism is not just about saying there are white and non white people. It crucially includes claims about value based on the assumption that ethnicity is linked to intelligence, character and so on.
    BAME is certainly not perfect, but white people and POC just doesn't fit, when all Asians are POC.

  44. 01:11 YES PIE, PURE BOLLOX now you know what a liberal is, and yes, it is 'use the right words to be a liberal' that is literally all they are, a new new new face of evil with glitter and spangles I suppose lol

  45. BAME was created because a group of people didn’t want to feel left out and wanted to be offended as well

  46. All of these terms seem to be an attempt to group all non-whites together and to me implies that anything other than white is special and worth celebrating, but whiteness is so boring and uncool.

  47. yes! lets group everyone who isnt white into a single category! im sure that wont have any consequences! like for real I cant be the only one that sees that as just a bit racist

  48. "BAME! I'm gonna live forever"

    I found the song he was referencing, guys. It's called "Fame" and its by Irine Cara.

  49. I find it amazing that the left have gone so far left, they are approaching fascism from the opposite side. We nearly got it so right in the 90s but as that amazing band the maniacs said "if we tolerate this then our children will be next" well we tolerated the hijacking of our liberal sense of self and now our kids are paying the price. Living in a sterile world, devoid of any ability to debate as to disagree is to be labelled. And no I'm not hankering for the days of racism being a given, no I dont want to see anybody lose there rights, hell I marched in pride manchester for the right to same sex marriage. I just dont want differing opinions to always be labelled

  50. I love it! BAME. Next time I see another person I have never met nor have not been introduced to yet or for that matter not even heard of when they show up on my Facebook page in fix-it mode carrying the word BABE with the phrase – loosing your soul — I'll just remember the word BAME while remembering the above delightful performance instead while ignoring the offer for me to be fixed!

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