Why Controversial Photos Sparked Backlash Against Teen, Michelle Wolf WHCD Fallout, and More…

Sup you beautiful bastards, hope you’ve had a fantastic Monday welcome back to the Philip DeFranco show and let’s just jump into it the first thing we’re gonna talk about today one of the Most requested stories from over the weekend as a story about eighteen-year-old Keziah this high school student was at the center of an international Twitter firestorm because she posted photos wearing a cheongsam or chipow to her prom it’s a Chinese traditional dress it’s usually silk with a high collar she posted the photos with a simple caption prom and many people online were just not having it The main person going after her at the center of this story is another twitter user by the name of Jeremy lam Jeremy quote tweeted Her post saying “My culture is not your goddamn prom dress” then going into the history of the dressing saying “This piece of clothing embraced Femininity confidence and gender equality through it’s beautiful eye catching appearance it even broke the division of financial classes It could be made with high-quality materials that only the upper class could afford such as special silks and linens But a dress just as beautiful could have been made with just cotton and low-quality linen” and in this thread going on to say “In Short i’m proud of my culture including the extreme barriers Marginalized people within that culture have had to overcome those obstacles for to simply be subject to American consumerism and cater to a white audience Is parallel to colonial ideology” others like a woman going by the name of Kate saying “Was the theme of prom casual racism?” and on top of that as you’d imagine there are their uglier ones that I won’t even share now in response to all the Criticism and ugly attacks Keziah responded on Twitter writing “To everyone causing so much negativity. I mean no disrespect to the Chinese culture I’m simply showing my appreciation to their culture. I’m not deleting my post because I’ve done nothing but show my love for the culture It’s a fucking dress, and it’s beautiful to everyone who says I’m ignorant I fully understand everyone’s concerns and views on my dress. I mean no harm I am in no way being discriminative or racist I’m tired of all the backlash and hate when my only intent was to show my love. I love and appreciate diversity and Other cultures I mean no hate I love everyone” and those responses were met with backlash some accusing her of dismissing the traditional clothing as quote “Just a dress” others going On to say they took issue with poses of her and her friends were making in the photo Some saying “Sis you’re literally mocking them with these poses” to that criticism she Responded “This was not meant to mock and wasn’t even my idea let alone wasn’t even thought of as mocking at the time I meant no harm i’m tired of everyone’s ignorance” and I will say in response to this specific criticism There’s really no merit there Maybe it’s just because I watch too much internets But if you if you look at that photo you’re seeing two things there one the guys in the photo memeing it up with vape naysh And the girls especially this girl of the green rockin the Papa bless which are essentially memes and call-outs to H3H3 productions That’s the handiwork of the fantastic Ethan and ela Kline These are high schoolers memeing it up not trying to disrespect culture, which also that doesn’t make sense because she’s the only person That’s wearing the dress which in my opinion. Also should not be offensive my personal takeaway from this is this girl literally She just appreciated something she thought something was beautiful And that’s it but apparently this still triggered enough people that it became an international trending story now keep in mind I’m not the only person that thinks that this girl should be defended and that the outrage is wrong you had a youtuber and twitch streamer Gina Darling writing am “I the only Asian person that’s not offended by this?” she then quoted “She didn’t white it up or culturally appropriated it with Which she thought it was beautiful and wore it. her intentions were good I love when people think my culture is beautiful and want to wear it I think it’s helping us become better as humans to love and appreciate Different cultures these fake woke people are holding us back from a better and more Understanding society you people who are getting all mad about this are not helping the cause at all if you’re going to cry quote “cultural Appropriation” over everything you’re watering down the argument pick your battles wisely or people will just start tuning you out” youtuber Jimmy Wong also speaking out about the saying “You look great keziah Thank you for appreciating and not appropriating a culture for an important life event” Ethen Klein who I mentioned earlier Also defended her first on Twitter and then later on a YouTube video and then as we often see in these Situations Jeremy lam became an even bigger part of this story people saying that it’s funny that Jeremy’s retweeting things like another user writing “This thread is funny because it’s nothing but white people justifying her wearing this dress That’s like us having a conversation with whites about them. Using the n-word shouldn’t be a convo in the first place Don’t do it, LOL” But then Jeremy Lam appears to have tweets from his past where he used the n-word But also people pointing out tweets in the past where it seemed like he liked a merging of different cultures one sweet reading “I’m eating tamales with chopsticks. This is why America was founded” and in response to tweets from his past Jeremy tweeted “Yes, I used to be more ignorant than I am now my youth was not perfect. It was problematic I was problematic and didn’t know better I sincerely apologize to all the people who possibly affected my past does not define me” which of course people responded Well if you are deserving of a pass or time to evolve or to be educated Why not this girl that instead of trying to engage in some sort of dialogue you just shouted at is it something that Gina Darling hit on is it just fake wokeness. The dilution of potentially helpful an important conversation by just shouting at everything Equally that’s actually where I want to pass the question off to you. What did you think about the dress? Are you someone that does think that it is Appropriation or no you think that it’s just appreciation and not a big deal and the people coming after this girl Or is it the example of just outraged Culture fake wokeness also what are your feelings about people using Jeremy’s past tweets against him in this instance if you don’t normally Think people’s past tweets are irrelevant because of the content or the context or the target of those previous tweets does that change the situation Anything and everything you think about this topic. I’d love to see in those comments down below, and if you’re new here I don’t care if you agree with me that it’s not appropriation. This is an offensive agree or disagree I want to hear from you but from that. 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I just shared, the secret link of the day anything at all Links as always are in the description down below now let’s talk about the White House Correspondents Dinner that happened Saturday and the reactions to it now this year like last year President Trump did not attend But this year we did see other notable faces from the administration present at the event the recipients of the White House Correspondents Association Scholarships were read awards were handed out the main thing that everyone usually talks about with the White House Correspondents Dinner is whoever the Entertainer is that night who’s usually roasting people in the room and Saturday That was Michelle Wolf who some people recognize as a correspondent for The Daily Show with Trevor Noah I will say once my show was done I was pretty surprised as to what the main Takeaway was what the what the narrative was from the media because a lot of the criticism and call outs online had to do with What she said about Sarah Huckabee Sanders, but but that was also kind of surprising to me. She called President Trump a “pussy”. Of course Trump isn’t here if you haven’t noticed he’s not here, and I know I know I would drag him here myself But it turns out the President of the United States is the one pussy you’re not allowed to grab She also made And I honestly thought this would be what most of the headlines are about abortion jokes I know a lot of you are very Anti-abortion you know unless it’s the one you got for your secret mistress, Michelle also
Took aim and fired at the news organizations themselves which I feel like is also the reason why we’re seeing people in the mainstream media Going at her when maybe they normally would not have I’ll touch on that again in a second you guys are obsessed with Trump Did you use to date him? Because you pretend like you hate him, but I think you love him I think what no one in this room wants to admit. Is that Trump has helped all of you He couldn’t sell steaks or vodka or water or college or ties or Eric But he has helped you he’s helped you sell your papers and your books and your TV You helped create this monster, and now you’re profiting off of him so several of those I thought we’re gonna be the main, takeaway from the night But it ended up being what she said about Sarah Huckabee Sanders. Michelle compared Sanders to a character on a TV show So we have Sarah Huckabee Sanders we are graced with Sarah’s presence tonight I have to say I’m a little star-struck. I love you with aunt Lydia on The Handmaid’s Tale Mike Pence if you haven’t seen it you would love it. Then going on to say she gets so excited When Sarah Huckabee as Sanders gets to that podium because she doesn’t know what she’s going to get you know a press briefing a bunch of Lies or divided into softball teams It shirts and skins and this time don’t be such a little bitch Jim Acosta Been going in on Sarah Huckabee Sanders again for what? She says is lying and some people are saying This is also another attack on her looks. I actually really like Sarah. I think she’s very resourceful Like she burns facts, and then she uses that Ash to create a perfect smoky. Eye Like maybe she’s born with it, maybe it’s lies It’s probably lies and then closing out on her saying I don’t know what to call Sarah Sanders Sanders is it Sarah Huckabee Sanders is it cousin? Huckabee is it anti Huckabee Sanders like what’s Uncle Tom, but for white women who disappoint other white women? Oh I know It’s aunt Culter and following this the thing is it wasn’t it wasn’t just Trump supporters or conservatives that were angry about this roast there were people on the left and journalists who said this was wrong Maggie Haberman a White House correspondent for the New York Times tweeting out “that press secretary sat and absorbed intense criticism of her physical appearance her job performance and so forth instead of walking out on national television was impressive” Mika Brzezinski Co-host at Morning Joe tweeting “watching a wife and mother be humiliated on national television for her looks is deplorable I have experienced insults about my appearance from the president all women have a duty to unite when these attacks happen in the White House Correspondents Association Owe Sarah an apology. Women who use their government positions to spread lies and misinformation Deserve to face the same withering criticism as men, but leave our looks out of it. Watching from home I hurt for Sarah her husband and her children” Matt Schlapp chairman of the American Conservative Union tweeting out that this is “enough of elites mocking all of us” his wife tweeting completely “appalled by the so-called and twisted comedian at the White House Correspondents Association dinner to attack Sarah Huckabee” Anthony Scaramouche she says that “Sanders deserves an apology” Joan Spicer are calling the dinner “A disgrace” which Michelle wolf responded. “Thank you” She also responded to Maggie Haberman saying “Hey mags all these jokes are about her despicable behavior Sounds like you have some thoughts about her looks though?” and a quote sweet of mica Michelle tweeted “Why are you guys making this about Sarah’s looks? I said she burns facts and uses the ash to create a perfect smoky eye. I complimented her eye makeup and her ingenuity of materials”. We then heard from President Trump Who tweeted “White House Correspondents Dinner was a failure last year. But this year was an embarrassment to everyone associated with a filthy quote Comedian totally bombed couldn’t even deliver her lines much like the Seth Meyers Weak performance put dinner to rest or start over”. Today Trump adding “The White House Correspondents Dinner is dead as we know it this was a total disaster And an embarrassment to our great country and all that it stands for. Fake news is alive and well and beautifully represented on Saturday night”. And then we finally got a response from the White House Correspondents Association President Margaret talev and and it’s interesting because she didn’t apologize And she didn’t stand by the Entertainer they put in that position, and it ended up somewhere in the middle But also at the same time felt like they were throwing Michelle under the bus saying “Last night’s program was meant to offer a unifying Message about our common commitment to a vigorous and free press while honoring civility and great reporting and scholarship winners not to divide people unfortunately The entertainer’s monologue was not in the spirit of that mission Adding Michelle wolf is a comedian and she speaks for herself and that is her To do that under the free speech in the first amendment, which we were celebrating I think the comedian reflects on the press corps, but I don’t think the comedian speaks for the press corps” and ultimately where I land on this is I wasn’t surprised by there being a lot of pushback But I was surprised by there being pushed back from certain individuals, but now reflecting on the story I shouldn’t have been I look to this tweet from AP journalist Meg Kinnard who wrote “If the White House Correspondents Dinner did anything tonight it made the chasm between journalists And those who don’t trust us even wider and those of us base in the red states who work hard every day to prove our Objectivity we’ll have to deal with it” I see this reaction from non conservative media outlets serving two purposes one Michelle wolf is their Sacrificial lamb. They get to denounce how horrible she is to prove that they are not bloodthirsty Journalists but they’re objective and they take shots at both sides wink wink and two for some of the people involved for some of the outlets Involved this was their way of making her pay for taking shots at them because his Michelle wolf and in my opinion Rightly points out all of these news organizations that seem to hate the president talk about him all the time even with these very minimal stories but behind the scenes there are probably a good number of those people that Love him because he is great for their numbers Also, potentially trying to separate themselves from do you remember those those gilt articles we saw after the elections I’m left-wing journalists looking and we’re and going oh my god Did we create this by focusing so much on Trump because he he just gave us so many good sound bites We didn’t think that he had a chance did we make him president?. Now understand I say this as someone that didn’t find Michelle wolf hilarious like the Trump pussy grabbing joke I thought was top-notch There is also a lot of cringe in there I think all of that brings us to what does the White House Correspondents? Association do from here because if you really cut to the core of the situation the whole Reason they even have this this moment to roast yes in part it can be because we care about free speech But in general the idea is get an entertainer a comedian of some sort to roast everyone in the room so people actually pay attention To this event ultimately I’m going to pass the question off to you What are your thoughts around this story with Michelle wolf was she speaking truth to power? Or no. She was just being nasty and horrible to people. What do you think about the event moving forward? Do you think it will continue as is no it’ll change, let me know what you’re thinking in those comments down below Then even though a big chunk of this happened on Friday I feel like it’s important to talk about what is happening with North and South Korea on Friday We saw Kim Jeong-Un of North Korea crossing into South Korea meeting and shaking hands with South Korean president Moon both leaders taking a photo with a child from the other country reportedly once at the peace house Kim Jeong-Un wrote in the guestbook a new history begins now at the starting point of History and the era of peace and a big part of these talks was to create a guideline kind of a framework and a big Part of that is any major decision towards peace involves US approval that said the two Koreas reportedly did agree to do a few things one They said officially they are ending all hostilities towards one another to the DMZ will be a quote Genuine peace zone and there will be a peace sea around the Yellow Sea border. Three guard posts and heavy weapons will be removed from The board. Four it was revealed today that things like leaflets and loudspeakers that the countries used to blast Propaganda to the other side will be stopped and dismantled. Five There’s a big humanitarian issue with families and Korea being broken up between the two countries in South Korea alone reportedly they’re around 131,530 Koreans with family across the border or reportedly in August the two countries will host an event to try and reunite more families and It seems that they want to do this more often as a split families age. Six the two Koreas will host frequent talks between High-level military personnel and seven to help ease tensions and to ensure that action is taken towards fulfilling these goals there’s now a phone line directly between Moon and Kim with Moon also committing to visit Pyongyang in the fall of this year and of Course moving towards the larger talks that the big question is okay Well, what about the nukes like the standpoint of the United States is there There’s nothing to negotiate unless you are going to denuclearize specifically the North Korea has to have complete verifiable irreversible denuclearization and coming out of these talks the two Koreas quote “confirm the common goal of realizing a Korean Peninsula free of nuclear weapons through complete denuclearization” so more and more things Seeming like we’re going to actually get to this meeting far as the potential location of the meetings Trump tweeted “numerous countries are being considered For the meeting but would Peace House/Freedom House on the border of North and South Korea be a more representative Important and lasting site than a third party country just asking” on Saturday He was saying he was hoping for a meeting in may on Sunday the new Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said he was cautiously Optimistic saying “we have a long history of negotiating with North Korea repeatedly they have taken actions only to find that those Promises proved false or unworthy or they were incapable of keeping up my goal is to try and identify if there was a real opportunity There I believe there is” and I will say for me personally anything I hear from Kim Jeong-Un or North Korea. I take it with a grain of salt, right We’ve seen talks in the past advance and then fall through but but what if it is different this time it goes against a lot of what we’ve seen with North Korea that one of the Only things they really have to bargain with is the fact that they could be a nuclear threat What possible agreement could be made what could North Korea want in exchange for that really one of their only bargaining chips both internationally? But also to stay in power I don’t know I’d be more than happy to find out those concerns my my lack of trust that it was misplaced But ultimately we’ll have to wait and see what happens with the situation and that’s what I’m going to end today’s show remember if you Like this video hit that like button if you’re new here hit that subscribe button also remember to ring that bell turn on notifications also if you missed the last Philip DeFranco show you want to catch up click or tap right there to watch that or if You want something a little bit lighter? We have the newest behind-the-scenes vlog today click or tap right there to watch that but that’s it of course as always my name Name’s Philip DeFranco you’ve just been Phill’d in a love yo faces, and I’ll see you tomorrow

100 thoughts on “Why Controversial Photos Sparked Backlash Against Teen, Michelle Wolf WHCD Fallout, and More…

  1. Thoughts on the dress? Thoughts on the WHCD? Let me know down below!
    Wanna skip around? Prom Dress(00:06), WHCD(7:20), Korea Summit(14:43)

  2. The success of a roast is measured by how many people think the roaster should just STFU, by that standard the WHCD was very good.

  3. The comedian did nothing wrong but state the obvious! The backlash is no different than the white people who are upset over the minority uprising happening! All because it makes them "feel bad" for having to actually face facts and think about things realistically AND truthfully!

  4. Who give a shit what others think. Kiddies grow up. Damn & just think y’all are getting to the age of voting, we are so screwed.

  5. I don't know what people think comedians do. Roasts aren't supposed to be nice

  6. It’s very hard to decide what is and what is not Cultural appropriation since its personal on what you find offensive. If we take away our personal feelings and opinions about it and use facts then cultural appropriation is when a culture is used in a disrespectful manner or for some type of gain, economic or to gain a certain social status or an audience.This case and other cases when costumes of the culture are used as simply a beautiful garment is that oftentimes when the person of that culture wears the exact same garment they are not praised but instead met with racism.

    I’m a poc and there are so many cultural clothing and accessories that I was not able to wear until a white person wore them and made them “ok”, made it possible for it to be considered beautiful. I’ve even witnessed when a white girl wearing a garment from my culture received so many compliments, from myself included because she did look good in it, but when I later showed my own dress I was met with words like “interesting”.

    Many of these people being offended may be “fake woke” but there are those of us who do not see this as an opportunity to be an internet activist but are simply hurt. So instead of dismissing “cultural appropriation” try to understand the reasoning and the meaning behind it which is deep rooted in history of racism.

  7. "Cultural Appropriation" is American bullshit, nobody in the rest of the world even uses this term.

  8. "My culture is not your prom dress" But you have no problem with your culture being their dinner?

  9. It's quite simple, really.
    Keziah looks absolutely stunning in that dress.
    Jeremy is a dickhead.
    Case closed.

  10. a girl wearing my cultural clothing because she thinks its beautiful. BOO YAH! Thats a huge compliment!

  11. To be fair, and I do think that ridiculing someone's looks is a low hanging fruit for people who are supposed to be professionals in comedy, if Michelle Wolf has to apologize to Sarah Huckabee Sanders, can you imagine how many people should have to apologize to Trump? You know, if we're all about this equality stuff.

  12. People need to stop getting offended so easily. The world is turning into a place where we will literally only be able to wear a burlap sack… and even that will be seen as offensive after a while. People need to stop thinking that everyone wants to attack your culture…

  13. When actual Chinese people are complimenting her on the dress, I think it’s fine

  14. I was in China for work when this whole thing happened. Talked with my co-workers there and ZERO of them had a problem with it. They were happy to see her wearing it. When I asked if they thought it was offensive, everyone responded with NO. When I told them about the "outrage" they just didn't understand why.

  15. Cultural Appropriation is idiotic as a concept, mixing cultures and learning from them is great. But no culture is perfect and we shouldn't hold them sacred or forbid others from touching them.. especially when its something stupid like this.. it would be somewhat understandable if it was at least a sacred religious, etc thing within that culture… which this isn't.

  16. Anyone else notice that Phil is holding the knife backwards?

  17. "Bringing it back to the original question, would Keziah Daum have been accepted if she was Chinese and was wearing the qipao?

    I personally don’t think so.

    The Asian American groups in America rarely wear their traditional garments outside of their own spaces. Wearing a qipao, a Vietnamese Ao Dai, an Indian Sari, or any similar garment makes us stand out in public, and not in a good way.

    Some would even tell us that we need to “be more American”, and not just by the white people either.

    There are stigmas associated with these ethnic garments and practices that would make it difficult for Keziah to wear a qipao, if she was Chinese, and be accepted by her peers. Below is another narrative that supports this view…"


  18. I REALLY don't see the outrage over this. If she was, say, ACTING CHINESE while in the dress & had her hair in Chinese style, THEN I'd understand the issue. But this is ridiculous. Wearing stuff from other cultures is COOL, especially if it's from someone who genuinely LIKES & RESPECTS the culture enough to do it in public like so. Most times, stuff like this would be mocked in public eye. If this dress was, say, specifically for a certain Chinese tradition, THEN I'd see a bit of issue. But with this, there's really no problem here, and they need to leave her alone.

    There's a CLEAR difference between culture appropriation & appreciation.

  19. IMO it's not appropriation as long as she got it from a real Chinese person and a lot of work was put into the dress it's all good. But if its some party city shit (which it does not look like it is) then it is not racist. Also literally most Chinese people find this shit not racist and are actually flattered by seeing people appreciate their culture. Pay attention to real racism, ​not this shit.

  20. but like Nicki Minaj is not racist in Chun li when she is wearing the same thing with this logic lmao

  21. I think the girl who wore that qipao dress looked stunning. I’m a Taiwanese Chinese who likes to dress up for Renaissance faire…. Does that mean I need to apologize to Europeans?!

  22. I would love to see Phil show proof that those high schoolers even know of H3H3 to claim they were memeing it up. Chinese dress followed by copying a popular chinese hand gesture. And Phil thinks they were memeing it up is the more likely explanation? Based on what?

  23. Ironically people take the qipao as the quintessential Chinese dress although it’s Manchurian. Maybe I may be missing some history but what people refer to as “hanfu” is actually the han people majority clothing for a longer period of history than the qipao. Also also, the “Han” in hanfu doesn’t refer to han people but rather the han dynasty so calling new hanfus hanfus kind of a misnomer but it’s an easy name for it so it can be conveniently called as such. Hanfu is gaining more popularity in mainland China because of its cultural significance and representation of beauty(obviously way more beautiful than cheap “designer brand” t-shirt jeans trash the fashion industry infects the world with.
    Anyway we should ask Chinese Chinese if it’s offensive. Obviously if there would be any racism to come about from wearing the dress it more so affects American Chinese but ABC and other Chinese heavily influenced by American culture are going to have less authentic opinions on how the culture is interpreted than Chinese Chinese. But since qipao seems to be more iconic to Hong Kong Chinese than mainlanders I think this could be fine for them to discuss.
    Over all in general if you really really like that culture but you are not living there keep it to a tasteful minimum because one lacks authentic understanding of certain cultural items. America is under some delusion they are multicultural when in fact we aren’t so much especially since we treat people unfairly for being traditional and commercialism gets in the way of American culture ever obtaining an identity. If you don’t believe commercialism is a blight to culture than just look at how businesses treat people who don’t meet their dress standards that have unfortunately globalized.
    I’ll believe America is multicultural when their is no dress code for work that forces people to wear the same mono culture clothes and keep the same hair lengths.
    Protecting cultures is as simple as not looking strangely at it not looking down at it and turning a blind eye to the things you don’t like in the foreign culture. Oh and don’t be lazy and embrace your own culture if you don’t already (honestly) have your own idea or style.

  24. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz a rant about a dress. You people need to get a life .

  25. Honestly, Jeremy’s past tweets were just pure, well-deserved karma. Getting outraged at someone for not meeting his own obscenely high moral standards for others while he himself doesn’t hold himself to thag standard is just good old hypocrisy.

  26. This video is a little old but I still thought i'd say my piece. I'm chinese and hugely proud of my culture. I thought the whole prom dress issue was idiotic. I always think outrage over cultural appropriation is dumb but this time I felt like I had a real right to have an opinion on it. The dress was beautiful, she chose to wear that dress for a special event. If that's not appreciating it I don't know what is.

  27. I was born and raised in Taiwan and of Chinese descendant, immigrated to America when I was in college, and I love it when I see Americans embracing each other's culture without malicious intent, most of the people who b*tch about this are people who barely know their culture and not born and raise in the actual country, STOP GETTING SO OFFENDED OVER THINGS YOU KNOW NOTHING ABOUT

  28. I am a chinese. I think there isn't any problem for her to wear Qipao in the prom. She dressed in Qipao means she likes it. If she likes, why couldn't she wear it? I didn't see any disrespect either. Some american are too sensitive.

  29. I am 100% Chinese and was born and raised in mainland China. Most of the Chinese people around me and I never feel offended. I am actually very glad that this young beautiful American lady wore traditional Chinese clothes

  30. Im from Hong Kong and have no problem with this. Not everything is cultural appropriation. Saying this is cultural appropriation is basically saying that despite China and east Asias growing influence in the world, Chinese culture isn't allowed or deserving of having the same degree of cultural influence internationally as western culture has, which is far more racist and bigoted in the mind of most people in China, Taiwan and Hong Kong

  31. C’mon guys, we dig men for their looks too. We call Trump a cheeto

  32. Im all for the respect of women, but sarah sanders is an exception, only because if you're gonna take the kind of shots she has, you gotta be ready to get hit back. She's literally defended some utterly insulting and sexually humialiating comments by trump as saying it wasnt what he meant and YOU"RE in the wrong so get your mind out of the gutter. nah bitch, you had it coming, next time, show some respect when your boss throws out indecent remarks left right and center, and maybe people will actually feel they should respect you. Karma much

  33. I think it is Ok for her to wear Qipao, why not? it is really very beautiful on her. I'm a Chinese who live in America.

  34. Fine let just get rid of any other culture inside the USA because what the point of having other colters if you’re not allowed to Admire them

  35. I wonder how his viewpoint on mixing of cultures is now. Just because she's white, she can't mix cultures. Culture isn't a minority only thing. Get over yourself Jeremy…

  36. If you are talking about the WHCD, then Michelle Wolf did her job, whether you liked her performance or not. Controversy gets attention. The sole purpose of the roasting is to garner attention for the event.

  37. I'm Asian and not even offended. I mean I wear "white, black, hip pop, 80s etc" clothing. Am I basically not to wear anything but a traditional Korean dress? Geez we have other problems besides a dress.

  38. As a Chinese, I feel proud that people love Chinese culture. She looks beautiful in that dress, and look at her smile, she enjoyed wearing that dress. I don’t understand why it is controversial.

  39. Over 95% of Chinese local people approve of that girl wearing chinese qipao to her prom in a survey

  40. I thought Michelle was funny, but like… she was taking those jokes too far into insults, and then kept going with them, so long, with the butt of the joke being there. That was just bad as comedy in general. Ugly/mean comedy is one thing, but turning it into an insult competition @ the person is just bad taste as a comedian and disrespectful towards the people there, esp with what type of people were there.

  41. Thoughts on the dress: Honestly, as a white person, I really don't have much of a say in this matter. I probably wouldn't wear it myself, just because I've seen some really disrespectful cultural appropriation, and I don't want to venture into that territory. However, I really think that girl had the best of intentions, and it didn't look like she did anything to intentionally disrespect the dress or the culture. She's wore it because she thinks it's beautiful, and I really think she was trying to be respectful.

  42. Thoughts on the WHCD: I may be biased just because I am an avid viewer of the daily show and I love Michelle Wolfe, but I didn't see anything wrong with her set. The WHCD is supposed to be a roast. That's how it is every year. That's how it was when Obama was president, and that's how it'll be when we have our next president as well. She really didn't say much about Sarah's appearance, except compare her to a character on a tv show (and not even an ugly one) and say she has a perfect smoky eye. Literally no insults there. She did, however, comment on Sarah's integrity, and that is fair game.

  43. Western Clothing tends to be popular everywhere, along with WESTERN CULTURE…electricity, lights, planes, trains, autos, ocean liners, t.v's, radios, THE INTERNET, etc…
    Get over it or swear off what you enjoy that YOUR PEOPLE didn't make.

  44. Im just gonna post this; it sums it up quite nicely: https://www.sbs.com.au/topics/life/culture/article/2018/05/04/its-just-dress-when-westerners-love-our-culture-hate-us

    This is the same thing as the whole ScarJo as Matoko in GitS thing: People kept asking Japanese people how they felt about it instead of asking the people who are actually affected by it: Japanese-Americans. Same thing here, everyone is asking the Chinese living in China rather than the Chinese-Americans living in the US.

  45. I am Chinese, that qipao has to be top three most beautiful qipao I have ever seen, and it looked great on her.

  46. North Korea is felling the sanctions once Trump got Chinese help with sanctions and that’s why they are coming to talks!

  47. How does THIS get so much backlash when she's, at the very worst, honouring the culture with the dress, while "comedians" like James Corden can literally get away with actual racist jokes about how Pakistan men 'only get to see women's ankles on Valentine's Day'? (I'm a Pakistani man, and that was extremely offensive)

  48. about the dress, its OK certain races can not do certain things, white people cant say the N word or dress up like another culture, black people cant reach for their drivers licence, and Asians cant open their eyes. just accept that you cant do some things because of your race and love each other.

  49. Im a Chinese woman. I don't give a shit if she wears that dress to prom. She looks beautiful in it. People need to chill

  50. Michelle Wolf is a garbage comedian but lets be honest for a second here. The right always talks about how sensitive the left is because they cry whenever someone makes a stupid joke, but whose the snowflake in this situation…? They constantly want to dish out jokes and insults to the left but when someone does the same to them they get their panties in a bunch. Hypocrisy at its finest. Just when the right seemed like the more reasonabe side, they pull this pussy ass bullshit. Grow some balls, comedy has no barriers. NO ONE IS OFF LIMITS.

  51. okay but the real question was….why did they think hosting a roast for politicians and broadcasting the whole thing (and also, get the clingiest comedian to do it) would not turn into a political debate of people getting butthurt

  52. I usually agree with u but i think u are so wrong about the dress issue. Cultural appropriation has to do with distorting a culture and u can distort it by saying something wrong about it or just not presenting the entire truth. Is this not similar to a mascot dressed in native american clothing? People make the same argument. They think it is cool and say they are honoring native americans while doing nothing to acknowledge the atrocoties that the native american communities faced and still face today. Granted, you cant explain everything or know everything about the dress but there are many things she doesnt know about it. The very fact that she said "it is just a fucking dress" points to this. To me this the problem. White people take cultural artificts and traditions with deep meaning saying, "this is cool!" like they are simply souvenirs or entertainment. While appreciation seems nice and well meaning, culture is not some entertainment for your amusement. I have gone to native american reservations with white people and when the pow wow got cancelled, they demanded it like it was a fucking show for tourists. Sadly, in order to make money, the people do sell these items contributing to this whole thing. Also, she said she wants to respect and honor chinese culture? What else has she done to do this in the past and going forward? It is just a cop out response to the negative comments she is receiving. I think that the distortion portion is cumulative. How has this sort of thing been handled by white people in the past? In my opinion, it has been handled horribly. Can u blame asian americans for being triggered by this while main land chinese people dont give a damn?

  53. I get why people on both sides would be mad at Wolf, but honestly what battles have we ever won by being the nice sheep that conservatives refuse to be, but insist we liberals should be? Being nicer has just made it easier for the other side to win. We keep showing that we don't care as much about doing the right thing as we do about having a demure image.

  54. I'm kinda glad qipao is being recognized, most of my friends don't know what it is.

  55. Idioys are going to be idiots THE WORLD is connected More than anyone knows Its so petty and Hilarious so say they are WOKE when they are the Most Programmed and dont even realize it Cognative dissonance at its best

  56. She wore the dress because she wanted to show off the beauty of the Chinese culture and what its stands for but to call it "Just a dress" when it holds so much more meaning is disrespectful in my eyes.

  57. okay so the comedian was joking that she made a great make up styling, like the hell? not her appearence? like at all.

  58. It’s a piece of fabric… stop getting triggered. 🤪 Plus she looks great in it, so I’d say rock it and ignore the people holding back the new age. 😀

  59. Coming from a white person, I understand this could look bad, but I really don’t see the issue with her wearing that dress. She obviously wouldn’t have worn that dress if she didn’t think it was beautiful and if she didn’t like it. People are just trying to find something to complain about.

  60. As someone who is half white half Asian I approve of the dress. My family is a mix of many cultures and I love it

  61. if a white girl gets braids or if they wore a pancho or something all hell would have broken loose. everybody is okay with this because it's only asians. asians are the nation's punching bag.

  62. If I do the Nazi salute… does that mean I'm insulting Nazi's culture? Or does that mean I'm one of the Nazis, promoting them? Hhmmmm…. 🤔
    If I do that salute, will people think that I'm making fun of Nazis? Or will people think that I love Nazis? Hhmmmm…. 🤔

  63. Late to the party, but she was taking shots about the wrong things. She was also incredibly cringey and not really funny at all – this is from someone that's fairly liberal. Funny is funny regardless of political spectrum, and funny she was not.

  64. The idea that people can get offended over the easiest things will never seem to stop amazing me

  65. It seems kinda racist to essentially say only chinese people can wear chinese fashion, or only black people can have dreads. You're segregating your own culture and that's pretty fucked to be honest

  66. I know I’m late to the game, but I don’t understand why people freaked out about the dress. She loved the dress, and she wanted to wear it. Isn’t that what prom is about? Picking a beautiful dress that you love and feeling pretty?

  67. Wow first time i completely watch a Philip De Franco youtube video.

  68. So it's ok for Asia and other 'non western' places to become westernised and wear clothes that are traditionally western but it's not ok for a girl to wear a dress that she thinks is pretty?

  69. AS a chinese I have to say :I even feel ok if you dressing QIPAO in a porn as long as it makes you pretty just like Japanese kimono has became a sexy symbol .Qipao is just a cloth not some religion symbol like muslim's burqa.Ancient Chinese girl made QIPAO just for making up and being pretty.China is not a rigid conservative country. In tang dynasty china even have a cloth showing upper boobs like victorian style.HAVE FUN GIRLS.Have fun with QIPAO and ignor other haters.

  70. America is predicated on the concept of being what amounts to a polyglot boarding house. All are welcome as long as they come here legally.

    But when you come to America, you become an AMERICAN. And part of becoming an American citizen is realizing that every culture is going to be represented in some fashion and adopted in part, at least, by others. You or your family came here with the intention of being free. And you've benefitted from what this country offers.

    If you don't want your culture becoming a part of the country you live in, then you need to pack your shit and go back to where your family came from. Otherwise shut the fuck up.

  71. You know what's funny? In Singapore, we have this thing called "Racial Harmony Day", where we literally encourage students to go to school in, not only your race's traditional costume, but other races that aren't your own. This is so the people of Singapore will learn to love and appreciate other races. Yes, there are still a lot of ignorant people, but at least we don't scream "Cultural appropriation" at people just trying to embrace other cultures. America, fucking learn.

  72. Can’t find your video of disingenuously labeling the maga teens “hate & intolerance” towards the native guy. Did you take that down? Are you going to show the whole video of the native guy approaching the teens?
    Keep acting like you’re on the fence, dude.

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