Why cultural exchanges matter

Ok, I have a question. Yeah? What is the best thing about your culture? Food. I love Hamilton. I love Indian food, by the way. Yeah, me too. Yeah, me too. My biggest passion is K-pop. English is not my first language, so… No, it’s okay,
we all make grammar mistakes, and don’t worry, just go ahead and talk. Guys, how do you say “hi”
in your language? Hi. You can communicate with different people
from different countries to have more than one perspective. I think a lot of problems
which we have faced originated from the fact
that we haven’t work together. It’s pretty amazing that we’re
able to connect with so many people, that we’re able to see
how many similarities that we all have. I think that’s a pretty hopeful note
to end on. Going back to a few minutes ago,
what is K-pop and J-pop?

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