Why Do Cops Hate this Phone? | Decoded | MTV News

(digital R&B music) – Hi! How can I help you? – Our son is going away to college and we want to get him a new phone. – I think I can help you find something. Meet the IC50. This is one of the few phones
with 4K video capabilities, so you can capture holidays,
Snapchats and senseless acts of police brutality all
in stunning HD quality. – Cool! – [Man in Gray] But hang on, won’t all that resolution
eat up the memory? – Not at all. It’s 128 GB capacity
can hold up to 40 hours of remorse-free police wrongdoing. – That sounds about right. – Can it do slow-mo? – Absolutely! – At 240 frames per second, it’s perfect for capturing even the hastiest
fake evidence planting. – What about texting? – We’ve got an unlimited
plan and texting is so easy you can even do it in
handcuffs after a false arrest. – That sounds good, but
what’s the coverage? – With our national plan,
you’ll have plenty of bars. We’ve got you covered with
WiFi hotspots in Ferguson, Baltimore and the 99 other
locations around the country where police killed unarmed
black people in 2014. Plus, it’s got 4G. – Awesome! – And does it come with any
insurance or extended warranty? – You won’t need it. The IC50 is built to withstand
the toughest situations, like when a cop knocks it out of your hand for exercising your
legal right to film them. See? (lighthearted music) – Wow! – The phone is totally fine! – I love it! – Put the gun down! (tense music) – We need back-up! – Oh, it’s just a phone. – Put down the gun! – It’s a phone! See? Hello? Like… (dialing tones) I just got it. – [Second Officer] Suspect
is an armed black male between 5’1″ and 6’10”. We’re gonna need the whole squad! – Relax, you’re in a phone store. – I said drop the weapon! – This is a phone! There are no guns shaped like this. – Where’s the back-up? – Looks like someone’s
ready to get a new phone. – Wow, is that the IC50? – I heard the camera
on that thing is great! – You betcha! – We’ll take three. – Great. (hip hop music) – Hello? My parents just got it for me. (stammers) Blacks! Hi, you wanna hold it? (digital R&B music)

100 thoughts on “Why Do Cops Hate this Phone? | Decoded | MTV News

  1. police brutality is a serious problem and i love that you touched on it in a more comical/lighthearted way. But it is still a serious problem that is soon to get worse because the government is (for some strange reason) making the police more of a swat team then keepers of the police. My grandfather was a police officer and he didn't do half the things the government is having police officers do now…. smh

  2. man that was off the chain i loved it like when the police thought it was a gun and it was really a phone # πŸ™‚

  3. Umm last time I checked police brutality is not just against race, and also of it was just about race then why was one of the cops black

  4. Oh look since u r black u r special and black people definitely never do anything wrong

  5. So police hate this phone because they just want to hurt people and get away with it? Fucking stupid ass people these days

  6. I love how MTV News is doing these videos, they're a fantastic outlet to create awareness and CHANGE.

  7. I especially love that they included a Black cop who also over-reacted and was prepared to kill. Just because a few Black cops are on the force doesn't mean they're magically immune to racial bias against other Black people. Everyone in America (and the world) has an anti-Black bias that shows up in the form of colorism, hiring discrimination, classrooms, and thousands of other ways. Its called internalized racism and its very real. Of course its nowhere near as institutionally backed as white people holding racist views. This was funny, accurate, and had a lot of depth. Thank you Franchesca.

  8. This is great work but i didn't laugh, i even start crying when they show map of usa and mention Ferguson. Oh gods, im not even black nor do i live in America but i can sympathize with pain and suffering out there. how can't the other white folks living there in medias res??

  9. So one thing I've noticed about these videos is that in the comments, there's alot of race war happening. ALOT. It obvious to me that these videos are not helping any cause. They're offending white people by implicating they're all racist, and encouraging minorities to hate them. I bet a white person could not submit a well thought out, decent opposing view point, without someone saying "Shut up white, take your institutionalized racism somewhere else."

    It's like, there's topics here, REAL LIFE topics here, but we're unable to discuss them once the content has been viewed and digested.

    What good is any of this if there can't be (decent) discussion afterwards?

  10. I like this video. It is too bad Police are killing so many people. Unarmed people in the USA. Unfortunately this is also spreading to Canada now as well. One Toronto kid that was high and armed with a 4 inch pocket knife 15 – 20 ft away from the cop (cop on the street, kid inside streetcar) in a streetcar was shot 3 times even though he did not advanced toward the cop. Cop dropped him, with first 3 shots. Then fired 9 more times striking the kid already dead 8 more times (1 shot missed). Then for good measure another cop came up and tasered him twice. There were lots of police around with there guns holstered. The shooter cop is charged with murder. Many people filmed it on their phones. Plus the streetcar has lots of camera's in it, just like our buses and subway cars. Because the shooter is a cop he is out on bail. If it was a civilian shooter he would not get bail at all! BTW the cop is white and so was the victim. It does not matter. IMHO this cop was trigger happy.

  11. Blacks commit a disproportionate amount of crime in the U,S, compared to their population size (13%) of the U.S. In 2014 roughly 2300 whites were killed by police officers, 1100 blacks. Even though the White population in America is 5 times that of blacks, the amount of violent crimes that blacks commit compared to whites should create a roughly even amount of white and black deaths. But this is not the case, bitch more with your self inflicted victimization. For fucks sake, the more people talk about race the more I notice differences. I've never made "microaggressions" or "Whitesplaining" in my life, because there was never a need to. And I only used those two terms because you fucking retards cannot understand 3+ syllable words that aren't made up.

  12. Could you imagine living your life in anxiety just because of your complexion?

  13. I love that they put a black officer, because most of the time they contribute and/or watch silently

  14. will the cell phone also record the black guy while he is beating his girlfriend, and then assaults the police whos trying to protect her, or just part where the police defend themselves?

  15. so how exactly does this phone save you when a cop empties 12rounds in your chest? lol…

  16. You want to talk about privilege? How about the ability to go to civilian job and not have to worry about whether or not you come home to your family at night? Officers lives matter

  17. retarded francesca andher hate videos. BLM losers eat it up. good job at promoting racism francesca.

  18. But if the cops see it as a gun in the hands of a black person, they're gonna shoot. This phone's no help at all!

  19. I have pride to be white like blacks have prides to be black

  20. To be honest, even if we compare it to the number of murders that happen in St. Louis alone, 240 doesn't sound like a lot.

  21. Unarmed but they attacked police. Far more whites were killed btw in 2014. I do like how one police officer was black tho.

  22. What is sad is that their is now a Gun that can fold to look like a cell phone. So now cops will have a right to kill you because they can say they thought your phone was a fold out gun and they "Feared for their life".

  23. Those guys are stupid, can't they see the phone releases waves that hypnotize cops into thinking the owner is holding a gun? Why would you want three?

  24. When i was a kid me and a neighborhood girl used to have phone sex, thru two tin cans attached with a piece of string…

  25. this is why America is fucked . your country is the world's biggest stage show . dance puppets

  26. hate speech you're going after cops and making a bad video saying all cops go after blacks or Hispanics and sing iPhone can keep people safe hate speech

  27. "all black people are innocent 100% of the time"

    ok, sure, that's not true, but ok. just because they're unarmed doesn't mean they're innocent.

  28. I hate when a cop shoot a poor unarned man, who is assaulting him cough Furgeson

  29. You're implying all blacks are falsely arrested. that's completely untrue. you are the real racist

  30. That, was one of the most racist things I have ever seen… and I'm a regular patron of the internet.

  31. Only 4G? Pfft not worth it; I rather get shot for my skin colour thanks

  32. LOL yo that skit was hilarious! Reminded me of some Key and Peele skits. xD

  33. Dear sweat Jesus don't let theses crazy comments stop you from making AWESOME VIDEOS this was greatπŸ’š

  34. Racist that racist this all of her videos are racist can't we just all get along from a 13 because little kids honestly don't care about this

  35. I saw this on snapchat and had to come and watch it in better quality. Love it!

  36. Cops don't hate phones, they hate taking stolen phones away from thugs and possibly getting shot….. mtv sux

  37. WoW ! The propaganda is strong in this one . This is the same type of messaging style use to get the Nazi party in power .
    Who kill more black people Whites or other blacks? Who save more black people BLM or Police officer ? MTV now mean Misleading Tele-Vision.

  38. You know what is really funny? Who is Franchesca going to call if something bad happens to her and she needs help? Black Lives Matter? Feminist Frequency? The Young Turks? Ghostbusters? No. This hypocritical bitch is going to call the cops. Guaranteed.

  39. I don't get it so they want phones that make you get abused by the police?

  40. They act like cops haven't killed Hispanics Whites or Asians that weren't armed and were innocent

  41. Disgusting video Francheska, you try to make it look like just completely random police killings are the norm and that anybody who is black could be hit with some good ol police brutallity any time of the day no matter what they are doing. Acting as if it happens so often that you could fill up a phone with 40 hours of footage of cops harrassing black people. As if people are arrested for doing nothing all the time.. Fucking unbelievable.

  42. Wow! I never respond to these terrible videos, but that was STUPID!!!! This video was so completely one sided & very willfully ignorant! Just the ultimate in liberal retardation!!

  43. this shitty video is from 2015

    Sumner Murray Rothstein fucking sucks at inciting Race War

  44. and… I've found the crux of this channel, this dumbass tries to make it seem like she's just looking to stop racism and stereotypes and here she goes making the most racist and stereotypical video I've seen yet. But it's okay cause she's black, blacks are always the victims. This bitch is making black people look worse with every video

  45. TL/DR: All cops are evil and if you are black they will want to murder you because they are actually brainwashed into hating all black people. Not even black cops are your friend. Cops will kill you unless a white person is there to save you.

    Also, if I cop tells you to drop something, ignore them and keep arguing with them. It will always end well.

  46. So wait, you are implying that all cops are racist and just randomly go around shooting black people, hallucinating that phones are guns? I've read a few of these cases of "unarmed" black people getting shot. Somehow the stats are way off considering they will count a guy who physically attacks a cop with brute force as a "unarmed victim." Or a guy who decided to run from the cops when pulled over for a legit reason. (they were caught speeding, had a warrent, so they ran). It also kind of explains why many "unarmed shootings" result in a lack of punishment to the cop. I mean really, you fucking attacked a guy with a gun. What the fuck do you think is going to happen?

    I'm not saying this is the case but I don't think you should count a black man attacking a white cop weapon or bare handed as an "unarmed victim." And I cannot trust such rigged statistics.

  47. LOL this is amazing, I am looking back at your oldest videos from when before everyone knew how fucking stupid you are, From here it is just a massive downhill tumble.

  48. This is shit! However the phone seems cool. Their is more white people that are killed by cops then black people. It was funny at first then drag on to long end making it pointless.

  49. Wow, what a way to stereotype the over million law enforcement officers that serve their communities and our country. I remember when MTV used to focus on music, not spreading a false narrative.


  51. You're genralising all cops as bad people. Imagine if all black people were painted as criminals

  52. Will MTV make a video about the black on black violence which is faaaaarrrr more frequent the police brutality

  53. When your content gets a lot of hate from biggots you know you're doing it right.

  54. My goodness, that had me more scared than any horror movie I've ever seen. It made my heart skip a beat, I started sweating and begging the son to drop the phone.. I can't believe I was really scared.

  55. It took me WAY too long to get the "I C 5 0" joke πŸ€¦πŸΌβ€β™‚οΈπŸ€£

  56. It doesn't help that the news ONLY shows unarmed blacks being killed & never unarmed whites or others. It's as if they have a narrative to sell. Cops make mistakes because they're human. There're going to be bad cops because there's some bad everyone else. Expecting perfection is idiotic. Of course bad cops who commit crimes MUST be punished. And semi-bad/racist cops must be fired. Fomenting race hatred is WRONG by the news/entertainment world.

  57. Why are we assuming all cops are bad? That's being a bigot is it not? How unfair is it to assume the worst of others, ANY others whether it's cops, blacks, Koreans, Jews or whites? I have a bold idea, why don't we judge people as individuals instead of as groups? The BS idea that cops are going out to murder blacks is beyond stupid & a MASSIVE idiot conspiracy theory. No one with an IQ above 60 supports cops who have murdered innocent blacks, whites or anyone else.

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