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– We’ve all heard it before, well, it’s a stereotype because it’s true, but actually, stereotypes aren’t true, your brain is actually tricking you. I trusted you, brain. (electronic music) So, what exactly is a stereotype? Well, it’s a simplified generalization that’s used to describe
an entire group of people. Stereotypes can be both negative, like white people can’t dance, and positive, black people can dance, but either way stereotypes
do the same thing, they lump people together instead of seeing them as individuals. But wait, you’re black, so of course you can dance. I mean, I can do a mean two-step, but besides that I wouldn’t
say I’m a great dancer, but most people think the
“black people can dance” stereotype is true because
of social conditioning and the media. Eddie Murphy’s “Raw” came out in 1987, and then his famous “white
people can’t dance” joke was repeated all throughout the 90s. We had movies like “Save the Last Dance”, where a white girl learns
to dance from a black guy. “Bring it On” also
perpetuated the stereotype with rival black and
white cheerleading squads, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. So, how does a joke from
a popular standup routine transform into a stereotype? Well, it’s been discovered that your brain doesn’t have the cognitive ability to discern TV from reality, especially when it’s developing. So, 20 years later when
Buzzfeed writes articles like, “17 ways white people
dance”, you now think, yeah, white people can’t
dance and black people can. You’ve been conditioned. Okay, but if I’m at a party and
I absolutely have to choose, I’m gonna pick the black
guy over the white guy because they just have better rhythm. Now you’ve gone beyond generalization and into bias. So, stereotypes are cognitive shortcuts, your brain wants to make
an immediate judgment about somebody based on their gender, race, or age, and you might
think this is harmless, but when you apply a
stereotype behind that impulse you have bias. So, let’s break it down. If you see an Asian person and think, yeah, they must be smart,
you’re stereotyping because your brain has been trained to associate Asians with intelligence, it all goes back to conditioning. The Asian kid in “The Goonies” was literally named Data, Harold in “Harold and Kumar”, George Schwan in “Law and Order”, Christina Yang in “Gray’s Anatomy”, the list of Asian film and TV nerds goes on and on and on. But if you hire an Asian person
for job over someone else just because you think Asians are smarter, that’s bias. You’re applying a
stereotype to an individual without actually
considering the individual. Okay, but the stereotype is true, I mean statistically, Asians outperform everyone in education, and you cannot argue with numbers. Here’s where things get
a little complicated, there’s a social psychology
phenomenon called Stereotype Threat, and it’s
kind of a double edged sword. When you hear you’re not
supposed to be good at something, you tend to underperform,
often unconsciously. In 1995, several experiments showed that black college
students performed worse on standardized tests
compared to white students when they were confronted
with racial stereotypes. When those stereotypes weren’t emphasized black students did just as well and even better than
their white classmates. Unfortunately, studies
in the past 20 years showed that the Stereotype
Threat phenomenon is only getting worse. When it comes to Asian-American students, many say they feel pressure to live up to the smart Asian stereotype and according to a recent sociology study, the Asian American Achievement Paradox, they’re not imagining this pressure, the study found that teachers
and guidance counselors often assumed their Asian
students were smarter, putting them in advanced
classes that they didn’t ask for and some Asian students even admitted to getting better grades than
they thought they deserved. Basically stereotypes can become
self-fulfilling prophecies. Wait, you just admitted
that stereotypes are true, I knew it. Sure, Asian Americans
often get good grades, but does that mean the socially awkward Asian nerd stereotype is true? No, absolutely not. The scientific community calls a fact about a large group of people
an Empirical Generalization. Here’s another example, men are taller than women, Empirical Generalization. Statistically men are taller than women, but in reality there are some women who are taller than men. On its own, men are taller than women is pretty harmless, but unfortunately, society
then created stereotypes around this generalization. The idea that short men overcompensate or that women don’t like short men, are stereotypes, they simply
don’t apply to everyone. But because of Stereotype Threat women are conditioned into this feeling, so it’s not uncommon to hear, “I’m just not into short guys” and maybe short guys
feel the brunt of this and feel like they have to
go the extra mile on dates, thus the stereotype perpetuates itself. But we have the power to differentiate between an empirical
observation and a stereotype. And stereotypes are constantly changing, so we should stop thinking about them as shorthand for the truth. Look, stereotypes seem convenient and actually our brains
want to stereotype, it’s easy to look at someone
and assume things about them as a group. But your first instincts
aren’t always right, in reality we should give people a chance to be themselves, instead
of unfairly labeling them. So, if you ever experienced
Stereotype Threat or maybe you changed your
mind about a stereotype, tell us in the comments
and we’ll see you next week right here on Decoded. In our last sketch, we told
the true story of Thanksgiving. Here’s what you had to say. You know what TuxedoMarmot,
you are correct, it was a huge mistake on our part to say that we had killed all
the Native Americans because there are still tons
of indigenous people here today with long and rich beautiful histories. So, I hope you can accept our apologies. Thanks so much Brook,
I’m glad you enjoyed it, but I’ll let you in on a little secret, I actually learned a ton
doing research for this video. So, no ones immune from learning something here on Decoded. You know what PirateQueen, you are right, I actually have anxiety
about how much I have to eat in November and December, sometimes it’s hard to be an American. In our last vlog we debunked seven myths about cultural appropriation. Here’s what you had to say. Oh Skada, you have warmed my heart, the way to my heart is compliments. You know what Ashley Joe, you’re right, there are so many cool things that black women can do with their hair and there’s no shame in wearing a weave, if that’s what you’re into. Hey MrDonielly, this isn’t a weave it’s actually all my real hair and yes, my name is Italian, but last I checked Italians don’t face oppression
for being named Francesca. Did you watch the video? (electronic music)

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  1. Oh look, another "victim". Tell us more about how oppressive whites are in first-world societies.

  2. You're right stereotypes are not true. in this case franchesca is black, but she has small boobs

  3. please give me some sort of citation to whatever scientific study shows that you can't discern TV from reality, because I'm calling total bullshit on that

  4. it's completely normal that your video has so many dislikes, remember that white supremacy can only exist on a certain foundation and this foundation is found in the comments. but just know that reflected, intelligent people stand behind you franchesca, we're just not wasting our time writing as many comments as the trolls do 😛 youre loved and respected!

  5. has our society become so stupid as to believe TV is reality? let me inform you of something your brain has the cognitive ability to do anything hence mind over matter overcoming pain and this video is actually a logical paradox as you cannot logically prove something is not true you have to prove something is true and honestly if we took a poll how many stereotypes might actually be true do you think maybe not for the reason that the stereotype started for instance chinese people are smart. this could very well be true but more due to the conditions. the drive of parents to get the child out of bad situations through sheer dedication and hard work leads the children to study relentlessly thus making them smart. you all claim to be so accepting yet when you address these issues you confine you're attention to america because that must be the only plot of land with humans on it in existence what about the billions of children in asia without this stereotype but still outperform? you know in logic things/people that fall out of a category even though by all factors it should fall into that category are called an anomaly. the rule is still true the thing/person just happens to be different because the universe doesn't follow rules so the stereotype is true with anomalies. if MTV actually knew anything about ;logic i wouldn't be typing this.

  6. Well how come way more black players get drafted in the NBA than white players but that's ok because it benefits blacks.

  7. that all black people are stupid, ugly racists who try their best to be victims against racism thank you for proving that sterotype francesca

  8. The amount of ignorant racist trolls in your videos is scary. Please don't be demotivated. You do a great job!

  9. MTV is dead 😀 Also Black People enforce stereotypes against them. Saggy Pants(GAYYYYY), Mumble Rap(GAAYYYYY), Shooting and Looting(GAAAYYYYY), Not Watching MTV(not gay)

  10. sorry. stereotypes are actually true. they just don't cover ALL of the people in the group. just more than not. NOTHING is true or false of anyone. Generalizations are fine. get over it.

  11. Please, MTV. Remove this racist shit, Franchesca Ramsey is outspoken racist who only cares about perpetuation of stereotypes and biases that are hurting this country and the race issue in general.

  12. Actually yes, your brain can tell the difference between TV and reality. What a stupid thing to say. There's a big difference between seeing violence of TV, and seeing it in real life. Just because you say "it has been discovered" it doesn't mean what you're saying is scientific. Provide a source!

  13. This from the same stupid bitch who loves her "white valley girl" bit whenever she wants to shame Caucasian women.

  14. Hahahahahahaha cause they are true. Not ALL of them….but fucking most of them! You're blind if you don't admit that stereotypes are based on a majority of truth and fact.

  15. White supremacist don't seem to know that just clicking on the video and viewing is supporting
    the material lol

  16. They are true, they are an observable thing. The fact that something is a stereotype means that it is common enough for you to see it in a group of people

  17. Various studies have shown that stereotypes are often pretty accurate and that people are pretty good at abandoning their stereotype when they encounter a person from the stereotyped group that doesn't fit the stereotype.

  18. It's pretty easy to prove stereotypes are for the most part true. You can find at least 50 videos of people acting in stereotypes for each stereotype. At least 50 each. This isn't difficult to prove. Anyone want to challenge this, that's fine. Just reply to this, and I'll reply only with links to videos showing these stereotypes in action. It'll be easier for me just to link to compilation videos because there are waaaaaaay to many links to post to individual clips.

  19. You make all these videos based on stereotypes and even said the Japanese are all hard working, and most of your videos are based off white people being racist. And no you can tell the difference between reality and TV. And yes serotypes are real and most are based off reality it doesn't mean the individual participates in these stereotypes but it is still based off a large group of a race but doesn't have to be a majority

  20. God I love it when they try to redefine terminology to fit their own agenda.

    You supposedly "informed" geniuses do understand that there is a difference between a stereotype and a racial slur, right?

    A stereotype is based on some slight form of truth regarding the minority of a person/place/thing which is then overly applied to the majority, if it isn't based on some form of truth (minor though it might be) then it is no longer by definition a stereotype or generalization, it's just a flat out lie.

    Oxford dictionary:
    1. A widely held but fixed and oversimplified image or idea of a particular type of person or thing:
    ‘the stereotype of the woman as the carer’
    ‘sexual and racial stereotypes’

    1.1 A person or thing that conforms to a widely held but oversimplified image of the class or type to which they belong.

    Why is this so fucking hard for you to understand you goddamn morons.

  21. How about you give white people a chance to be themselves instead of unfairly labeling them?

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  26. Because they are true. Don't talk sbout my brain when you don't know how they work in the first place. Are they true for everyone? No. I'm white and can dance, but it doesnt change that most whiteys cant

  27. But….MTV has another video where they say white people can't dance and make fun of that.

  28. Is it wrong if I stereotype her in saying she is just like every other black chick that doesn't know when to shut her mouth?

  29. you say that stereotyping is a bad thing. yet every video you do is assuming all white people act a certain way. you couldnt be any further from the truth.

  30. To be honest I've always thought that Asian people got better grades because of the pressure put on them and not some biological advantage.

  31. shes black with a inferiority complex towards white people. therefore rendering them superior even more. thanks! PROUD TO BE WHITE!

    Ben Carson is a black man that earned the respect and power of the white man, by learning from us and acknowledging and accrediting us where due. Thats why he's a respectable black man, favored by black and white.

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    way da go dumb woman.

  32. You're awesome! I love these videos. These comments are so odd. You're only giving the facts and people can't handle them. It's like they think you're the only one behind these videos. Kudos to you for being a part of telling truth amidst the lies.🤗

  33. I'm gay. Common gay stereotypes are ~gay men have many sex partners & ~gay men are more likely to use alcohol/drugs & ~HIV is more common in the gay community (actually black women take the top spot for AIDS/HIV now.) Those things are all facts backed up by many studies. Most stereotypes are based on commonly observed behaviors, and many of them are more or less true. Not saying it's "right" to lean into stereotypes, but to call them all false is a lie. Do better Franny. You lie.

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  35. Damn this is super ignorant and not enough research was ever done.

  36. What's with the rating? She did a pretty good job defining and explaining the concepts. -Ah. Nevermind.
    The main idea is that stereotyping as a habit feeds into biases that prevent people from properly accessing individuals and even themselves. But since everyone person stereotypes other people as a natural human habit to process data, more than half of these people are taking this as a personal attack.

  37. Great video! Also, the thumbs up to thumbs down ratio on this video is disturbing.

  38. To quote Nigerian writer Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, ”The single story creates stereotypes, and the problem with stereotypes is not that they are untrue, but that they are incomplete. They make one story become the only story.”

  39. I was so pissed when my kids came home and told me they had to watch this video today in class. Contacting superintendent tomorrow.

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