Why do most traders fail because they
focus on the wrong things most traders fail because they’re focusing on trying
to make money. Wait what you mean shouldn’t they focus on making money
isn’t that what trading is all about? No! if you want to make money in trading you
have to switch your focus from making money to trading well by trading well I
mean sticking to your rules being disciplined taking your losses when you
have to because if you focus on making money you won’t do any of these things
and you’ll end up making bad trades in your pursuit of chasing money tell
yourself this if a soccer player gets on the field and his only objective is to
score goals what do you think is going to happen he probably won’t make the
right plays he won’t pass the ball when it’s time to pass the ball he’ll just
shoot for the goal every chance he has and ultimately his team will lose now if
that same soccer player hits the field with the intent and focus of playing the
right way what is he going to do he’s probably going to pass the ball on it’s
time to pass the ball he’s going to go in defense when it’s time to go in
defense and ultimately he’s going to end up scoring and his team is going to win
imagine you’re a real estate broker and your objective is to sell the most
houses as possible what do you think is going to happen you’re going to come up
pushy people aren’t going to want to do business with you and you’re probably
going to fail in this business on the other hand if that same real estate
broker switched his focus to offering the best service to his clients he’s
probably going to make way more connections get way more referrals and
end up selling way more houses and becoming successful in the end it’s
basically the same thing in every business don’t chase the money chase
being great at what you do and money will follow since all of everybody gets
into training to make money it’s the thing that brought them here that
ultimately leads them to failure yeah I know kind of ironic right by no means
I’m not saying it’s easy to do I’m just saying it’s the only way to do it switch
your focus from wanting to make money to wanting to be a great trader
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8 thoughts on “Why Most Traders Lose Money (AVOID THESE TRADING MISTAKES!)

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    which processor, memory, motherboard etc thanks for your help

  2. You sound like a trader that only makes 3% gains a year on average, compare to the 11% S&P 500.

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