Why People Are Freaking Out About Kim Kardashian, E-Cigarette Ban, & Trump VS Mueller & Rapinoe

100 thoughts on “Why People Are Freaking Out About Kim Kardashian, E-Cigarette Ban, & Trump VS Mueller & Rapinoe

  1. It is ridiculous to have politicians brag about how they support legalizing pot, but then want to criminalize e-cigarettes, cigars, etc. If adults want to use e-cigarettes, it's their business.

  2. I can't believe that people are so stupid these days that I actually defend the Kardashians.

  3. 12 years and the Government has allowed this E-cig shit on the market?
    I thought these devices were approved before it ever came to market.
    I also thought you had to be 21 or older to purchase them.
    Are stores breaking the law selling to minors?
    This is just a circus show making companies rich.

  4. To be fair to Kim when was the last time Asians were outraged over their companies illegally stealing & copying American designed electronics (& military weapons)since the 1970's? ……[crickets]….thank you.

  5. Next, sports wear by Kim Kardashian called Kimchii, look out Koreans, your next.

  6. Jimin really be out there collecting men like Pokemon XD

    Now the game is out do a bit on the controversies, they have been interesting.

  7. Literally all the e-cig ban does is create more smokers. Congrats San Fran

  8. SF is trading something that we’re not sure will kill you, for something that definitely will. Makes no damn sense

  9. humans: forever trying to nanny what other humans put in their goddamn bodies

  10. For no reason apart from them being bitches that cry over a word that no one owned

  11. Inhaling vaporized heavy metals from the heating coil & batteries plus the chance of blowing my jaw off? No, thanks. I'll stick to old-fashioned leaf & fire.

  12. Hey guys lets learn how to be dumb be kimkardashian and call tuxido’s the “cat fur suit”

  13. Catching up on missed shows right leisurely Sunday, see skeletons t-shirt made the shop, panic that it's only available 5 DAYS, order one ASAP for delivery to my joint in London. phew roller coaster ride.

  14. Anyone else think it's ridiculous that the government's solution to kids committing crimes is screwing over the majority?

  15. So basically phils saying that kim played everyone with her new kimono brand and it's really kinda hard to be mad about it, the Internet's so full of this outrage shit that in someway using it against itself is kinda justice.

  16. Underwear called "Kimono"? Well, it's by Kim Kardashian. What did you expect? Something smart and well-considered…?

  17. 日本人としてキムが文化を理解し敬意を払うならば、着物とつけますか?
    If Kim respect Kimono culture, why did she chosethe name?!
    When we talk about kimono, it’s lingerie not Japanese traditional cloths… that’s so sad and we can’t accept. We can’t be quite about this problem

  18. I would question any doctor's credentials who lumps the effects of cigarettes and cannabis into the same category.

  19. I'm willing to bet Meagan at least KNOWS the words to your national anthem, unlike Trump, as evidenced in more than one video.

  20. 0:47 Mulattoes and blacks for me like animals. You can find exacly similar faces from carebbeans to sub-saharan Africa or western Europe which these people migrated. These people are the real treat to Western Civilisation.

  21. 14% population in US and 4.5% in UK population their damage to econmy, democracy enormous

  22. ARMY here~ I appreciate the kind words ㅋㅋ 💖🌸😹 xox

  23. a. you can vape without nicotine in the juice, but under the FDA rules you have to lie and say it is "tobacco product" on the packaging. So you can't make blanket statements about the nicotine. b. there is no evidence that nicotine, in the absence of other alkaloids found in the tobacco plant, is addictive. They even did a study and had old people use nicotine patches as a "pick me up" to be able to have more energy. They didn't get addicted. c. This is a lobbyist move by the tobacco industry that wants to corner the market on e-cigs since they are the only ones with the pockets deep enough to be able to afford to have items reviewed by the FDA. It effectively puts small businesses out of the industry. Leaving only tobacco companies to use the e-cig industry as prop for the dwindling analog smokers.

  24. Me: playing BTS World
    Phill : mentions BTS Wold
    Me: surprised Pikachu face

  25. Also an an ARMY, thanks for liking us, Phil! Been a fan for a while now!

  26. On the Kim thing I do believe she needs to change the name…I love Japanese culture and that is not it at all

  27. Steps to ending nicotine addiction and the lung cancer caused by tobacco:

    Don't tax or restrict ecigs in any way.

    Tax cigs heavily. Make them illegal once the megacorps stop making money off of them.

    Pass a law setting the maximum percentage of nicotine in ecigs at 100% and lowering it by 1% a year.

  28. It cost a minimum of $500,000 to even get in line with FDA. That slaughters small businesses

  29. Thank you for promoting BTS World Phil!! Love ya from Indonesia😊😊 and yes Jimin is indeed an adorable human being😆

  30. I don’t see any immediate problem. It’s just a play on word of her name. It’s only a problem if her team starts taking legal action towards actual kimono manufacturers. If you want to refer to her line you can just say Kimono/KIMONO not kimono or simply just call it Kim’s line. Also, kimono isn’t even a part of the English vocabulary in the sense that it will rarely ever be used.

    If people are concerned that her line will be the first to come mind from the word kimono then it’s those culturally ignorant people’s problem for not knowing

    kpop community and nice in the same sentence is funny. Most fans are toxic as hell. They attack other group’s fans, make anti-fan pages and if you criticize a group and all hell will break loose lmao

  31. The Office of the Special Counsel deleted text messages from the iPhone of fired FBI agent Peter Strzok before turning it over to the Department of Justice Office of the Inspector General (OIG), according to a report released by the federal watchdog. <–what trump was talking about. I don't know the legal details I have no clue but took me one google search to find this………Wasn't hard at all…..

  32. Never bought anything until now. That shirt is balling and your son is adorable.

  33. Your son was funny once, now let's make money off of his innocent answers that any other child might say. Buy my merch! I wish I had a son…

  34. No I can agree that it is a lot of kids in my school using Jules or vapes even when they know that it is BAD for them. I MEAN WE HAVE A WHOLE 4 WEEKS OF SCHOOL THAT IS DEDICATED TO CIGARETTES and RELATED PRODUCTS!!!

  35. I agree with the Trump why the hell are you playing for America if YOU DON’T FUCKING APPRECIATE IT

  36. First thing, Kim Kardashian really should not have called the shaped wear kimono.

    Second thing, I just wanted to say that in Japan, kimonos aren't a special type of clothing and that it being special is something foreigners made up. In Japan, the kimono is actually seen as just another piece of clothing that's similar to business wear. The only reason someone in Japan might be surprised to see someone wearing a kimono is that kimonos are kind of like seeing someone in a western country wearing clothing from the Victorian era. It's just uncommon to see, it's not special.

    The best way to learn this information is to talk to Japanese people that were born and raised in Japan. Not to Japanese people who were born and raised outside of Japan. It's kind of funny as well that in Japan there are older Japanese people that don't like it when Japanese people who weren't born in Japan and raised there call themselves Japanese. Now, this is a dying viewpoint, but it's still common enough to notice.

    Now I'll end this with a question,
    If someone that is Black, White, Hispanic, or any other ethnicity you can think of and they're born and raised in Japan, then are they Japanese?

  37. I think "Kimono" is a stupid name for shapewear. Kimonos are loose, colorful, and flowy..but yeah, it was probably deliberate, and hopefully she has a better name waiting once the publicity from outrage fades.

  38. Can confirm BTS World is hype AF and Jimin being in the thumbnail is A1.

  39. that Trump tweet says so much about drumpf – NBA = black = criminal – unemployed = poor – who shouldn't be complaining about the term "owner". and for him to call out anyone for not singing the national anthem – watch any of the numerous clips of him attempting to sing it – he doesn't know the words – I'm not American and even I know the words

  40. Apples should of sued Apple for making people think of Iphones instead of apples. Thank you, that is all.

  41. Hey Philip DeFranco. Can you cover the camelot331 gamestop story? I know you like covering/supporting smaller channels and this guy needs some help.

  42. Worrying about ecigs instead of the homeless drug epidemic, good job!.

  43. I feel loved…. As a kpop fan, I don't feel that too much with youtubers.
    Thanks Phil!💜

  44. Dude your thumbnail had me thinking something happened with Jimin.

  45. Y’alls rabid desire of this google story and the fact that half of you just repeat the exact same sentence already let’s me know a lot.

    Or maybe Phil is secretly a shill for google. oOo

  46. i mean he’s right about kpop twitter being the nicest when it comes to being unassociated with his content but overall when it comes to the fan base in general…. a mess 💀

  47. I think Kim K is going to change the name from kimono 👘 to kimchi lol( no one minds fusion with food )

  48. My thoughts about the e cigarrets. My neighbors son, who is in the middle school, got arrested for vaping in the school. I think something must be done about that but at same time it helped me quit smoking. I'm afraid prohibition would bring me back to those disgusting cigarets!

  49. Isn't it illegal to vape if you are under the age of 18? You can't purchase the product without being 18. So isn't this just another moral panic. Either enforce the laws on the book or don't bitch when more "youths" start doing it. As a side note I started smoking at 12. And nobody forced me to do it I made a choice.

  50. Yeah she shouldn't lol ..for Kim wear I could've come up with a lot of others name's.. just reach out dm me on my account Avakin lol And BTS =) looks fun to play what I heard about I may download?

  51. If kids are vaping they’re doing it illegally so why would passing another law stop them all of a sudden!

    You can’t tell me a tar based regular cigarette is healthier then a water vapor based e cig!

  52. I love how California wants to enforce cigarette laws but not illegal immigration laws

  53. Omg….you're all so freaking stupid.

    How many teenagers eat at McD's? How many teens are eating sugar? Hell, I was addicted to reading as a kid. Couldn't stop. Snuck books into my room to read when I was banned from reading. How often are kids on Tik Tok? Twitter? How many drink coffee? Tea?

    There is NO viable evidence that e-cigs are harmful. It just looks bad to see someone puffing on an e-cig and doesn't bring in the same tax as nicotine products. So people decide to resurrect the Satanic Panic.

    According to the CASAA, the overwhelming number of people who are vaping are ex-smokers. Give this a read:


    This has nothing to do with health. This has to do with political power (health organisations who have profited off and gained clout from the anti-smoking campaign), and money (taxation).

    As for you Phil, I unsubbed from your channel when you started pushing fake science. I wouldn't let my kid watch you anymore because I"d have to go through your videos with a comb and show them every single study. You can't be trusted for the correct information. If you're going to reference stats. Link the studies in the description. At least then it will be accessible for people who don't want to dig for them but still care what's true more than they care what their favorite Youtuber says.

    Came back to see if you improved, knowing that you were going through some changes. Looks like you got worse. See you in 4 months when I decide to give you another chance.

  54. The ban of e cigs is so stupid. So you can buy regular cigarettes that are KNOWN TO KILL PEOPLE but not e cigs which have helped former smokers successfully transition to something healthier? Most moronic shit ever. And I've never seen an e cig ad that would appeal to children. Anywhere. Ever. So fuck those assholes.

  55. Keeping this short because I've said it before, nicotine is a huge issue. A lot of my friends are addicted, people start it thinking it's just something fun to do, it's super easy to just walk into a vape shop and buy it since they don't card, and it's a massive fucking problem and I don't see politicians fixing it with policy, they need to create the stigma that cigarettes have and the fun flavors don't help.

  56. As a previous teen who vaped and switched to cigs, the San Francisco ban is a terrible idea.

  57. I am sad I missed the best shirt offer! One day we will all be skeletons. So true. Such wisdom. You are doing a great job as a dad!!!

  58. I would love to see the numbers of high-school ages cig smokers before the introduction of Ecigs. I might be older than most but something like half of my high school Smoked cigs, I think this panic on the amount of highschoolers doing something they're not supposed to is just fear mongering

  59. "We need to stop the kids becoming addicted to E-cigarettes!" Because it makes them more money to get the kids hooked on real cigarettes. These things have had countless studies now and we KNOW they are no more than 10% as dangerous and harmful. Even in the most extreme cases, you would need to smoke so many e-cigs to have things cause as much harm as 1 regular cig. This is no longer an untested product. The lie that we dont know enough about them is not a real excuse anymore. The only way this ban could be seen as fair is if real cigarettes were also completely banned. Why ban something that might be harmful and keep it legal for something we know is harmful? This is greed at the expense of the health of children. The projecting these people are using to push their evil onto someone else is so transparent! Disgusting! E-cigs are a good thing that hurts the tobacco industry. And they need hurting.

    However the FDA should be reviewing these.

  60. I don’t understand what the legalization of cannabis has to do with banning e-cigarettes. Especially when the FDA regulates everything sold out of a dispensary while there’s not enough legitimate testing done to confirm whether or not e cigs are even safer for consumption than cigarettes, let alone at all

  61. It’s either former smokers not going down to vape level or a whole wave of teens getting addicted to nicotine

    Idk about you, but I think I will take the second option

  62. If my city banned vaping, I’m not going to lie…it would be REALLY HARD for me to not start smoking again. I think that law is ridiculous. Focus on the people selling this stuff to kids. I’m a grown adult and if I choose to vape, I should be able to vape.

  63. Just let use vape 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  64. Literally 3/4 of my peers vape. Im in 9th grade.

  65. If literally any other person in America accused somebody of a crime with not only zero evidence that it did happen but documented evidence that it did NOT happen, that person could sue for defamation… but you can't sue the President.

  66. How many of those kids who use e-cigarettes would be using real (and much more dangerous) cigarettes if e-cigs weren't an option??? Kids are going to do stupid, rebellious things. Isn't it better they do the less harmful stupid, rebellious things than the more harmful ones???

  67. Non-smoker of any kind here. I actually agree with the detractors regarding the vaping bill in SF. I believe it is a heavy handed solution for a relatively delectate matter. Additionally, I agree that it does more harm than help when you factor in people trying to recover from smoking addiction. Speaking of which, I find it funny that there is more bipartisan drive to eliminate E-Cigs, than actual cigarettes… really kind makes you wonder who's hands are in who's pockets… anyway I hope it does not pass, but I am not optimistic.

  68. I think Phil makes an excellent point regarding the potential calculation that went into Kim's move here. However, I personally think that it is equally plausible that this was purely a callous example of cultural appropriation (the type that's ACTUALLY worthy of outrage) because Kim Kardashian, and many of her station, are no strangers to making decisions that disrespect millions of people without thinking twice about it. Either way, it is a detestable move, and I sincerely hope it makes her as little money as possible. Hell I hope she loses money from it. Or even better yet, actually learns to not do it again…

  69. Never before have I been more proud of a U.S. athlete than when Rapinoe gave the middle finger to Trump like that. WHILE being a kickass athlete to boot! Keep on keeping on Megan Rapinoe. Keep on keeping on…

  70. When Philip DeFranco's 5 year old son is accidentally more philosophical than most people I know… including myself…

  71. Whaaaaat? Donald Trump, the most openly criminal president we've EVER had, once again had the audacity to wrongly accuse others of a crime because they spoke ill of him? I'm so surprised! How was my impression of apparently a solid third of our voting populace? Here I've got a solution to this recurring issue: https://impeachdonaldtrumpnow.org/.

  72. I love your honesty i see jimin's pic i click I hear you talking nice about them i give you a like anx a sub

  73. im in middle school and i can confidently say that its more than 1 in 20 people juuling. theres a dealer for them in 6th grade. hes 11.

  74. I feel like Kardashian doesn't actually know what a kimono is but liked that it has "kim" in it

  75. Your son's bone comment reminds me of the guy on How I Met Your Mother. He is asked what his favorite thing is about koala bears and he says "Their meat is delicious" lmao.

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