Why Sales is Your Most Important Education – Grant Cardone

Hey my name is Grant Cardone and for over 30 years I’ve been working with professionals, business professionals like yourself to make them better…as well as working with tens of thousands of some of the largest companies on this planet including companies like Sprint, Google, and the U.S Military. What I want to share with you today is that education is changing. If you’ve ever done a boring course, ever been made to do a course online or in school or in College like I gotta do this… but it’s so boring it’s not relevant, it’s not current. All that stops today. I have created a number of courses that you will find first of all very short—they’re available to you 24/7 from a phone, a tablet, or a computer…and that are relevant and current to what you’re going through today. Look, do you want to be more valuable in the marketplace, do you want to make more money, do you want to have a competitive edge in the marketplace? If so, the way you educate yourself and the credits you get towards your future education has to change. The single thing that I can say with complete certainty, the single thing that allowed me to build the success I have in my life today both in business and in life at home is because of the skills I developed. I didn’t go just get information from anyone anywhere. I literally look for who can help me today in the marketplace with the skills I need also combined with what the market place values. Take a look at my course offering: mastering the cold call… not for everybody but it might be for you…sales prospecting, communication, persuasion basics, the theory of closing sales, I know everybody hates sales. Why? Because they never learn how to close a sale. These are just some of the courses that we’ve created for you. These are short, they’re exciting, they’re inspirational, motivational, and most importantly they’re going to make you more productive. We’re going to get you the confidence, we’re going to get you the skills, and we’re going to get you the know how so you’re more valuable in the marketplace. Check out my courses now. “We increased our business over eighty percent in just 90 days using Cardone University” “With your help I’m going to have to hire more staff. We are running out of room to book people at my music school.” “Look I made $16,000 since I started on Cardone University yesterday morning.” This online University has your time and success as top priorities. This number one sales system in the world is designed for one thing: to ensure you are equipped with every tool you need to become successful in your business. With 1500 video courses complete with testing you’re guaranteed to increase your confidence and success in business. Accessible on demand anytime 24/7 from any phone, tablet, or computer, you will learn how to handle any objection, reach any client, and accomplish any goal. Trusted by fortune 500 companies such as Aflac, All State, and State Farm, you can have access to the same life changing program they succeed with. Pursue your potential and enroll today. Thank you so much for visiting Cardone University I hope you take advantage of our offer today and I guarantee you, personally guarantee you this will work for you.

11 thoughts on “Why Sales is Your Most Important Education – Grant Cardone

  1. Love your stuff grant! I sent the Cardone U team a email a while back, sign me up

  2. how can this help me with closing for myself while trying to persuade an editor to look at my manuscript or take me seriously as a writer?

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  5. Scientology’s worked for mr. cardone..I’d fuck his wife till she’s an atheist though haha

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