Will She Dump Her BF For a Ferrari??!! ( Crazy Gold Digger Investigation)

100 thoughts on “Will She Dump Her BF For a Ferrari??!! ( Crazy Gold Digger Investigation)

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  2. aww i felt so bad bad for him when he said i think im doing a great job as a boyfriend i bet he was tho and then she just goes talking bout i can break up with him for a "ferrari"

  3. i feel so bad for the guy that has a girlfriend gold digger literally i bet he has a depresion after this

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  5. All I heard coming from her mouth was “pathetic” “pathetic “pathetic” this bitch ain’t got nothing to say

  6. I hope every other guy from here on treats her like trash and cheats on her bum ass, shouldn’t have blurred out the face so the world could see.

  7. lolx…. a guy wants to get my girlfriend a Ferrari….
    we'll come up with a plan to play him, get his money without actually committing

  8. Honestly I've had this talk before. If a person was going to give me a car if I would go on a date I would say yes, once the papers are signed, the car is mine and then I can even go on the date and then be done. The person I am with is like, oh you went on a date that meant nothing for a 200,000 car? Nice! In fact I would have told them already what I was doing.

  9. 20:23…my dude out here lookin like he gon cry, i feel soooooooo bad he did not deserve that!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Why I date myself these days to many ungrateful people ain't worth my time the world is in a dark place ppl are misguided and lost


  12. How do you cheat on someone? I don’t get it I absolutely LOVE my boyfriend and to be honest I’m also a Bitch and would have told yokes to get away from me.

  13. He asked for a "Quarter" she gave him a fricking "Penny" 😏.. but she wants a .."piece of that"?!?! WOOOOW 🤦‍♀️

  14. This wasn’t a good one because I would be like “yeah I’ll date you after I get the Ferrari” and go to my boyfriend and be like “bae we just hit the jackpot” and be done with it shit that’s easy the car is in my name too whhhaaaaattttt it over!!! But her intentions were her intentions🤷🏾‍♀️

  15. I Feel bad for that Guy she ain’t loyal that’s not cool at all 🤦🏽‍♂️👊🏽

  16. Being with a partner that isn’t trustworthy is truly a heavy burden to bear things I had it good with my then boyfriend for more than 2 years only for me to start noticing some weird changes in his behavior towards me always on his phone smiling when I’m around him giving me mixed feelings I thought it was all in my head till he started going for different business trips it didn’t make any sense so I confided in a friend and she told me of a hacker called Brandon I didn’t want to intrude on my boyfriends privacy but I couldn’t handle it anymore I contacted Brandon and narrated what I was going through and asked if he could just give me access to my boyfriends texts and emails and not only did he grant me access he also showed me his call history,location and also his social media accounts I was right about my ex and I got out of that relationship you may also be in need today of such clarity don’t hesitate to contact Brandon gale today with phone number for text ‪+1(424)281-4920‬ and WHATSAPP NUMBER ‪+1(681)218-8087‬ with email [email protected] and Instagram @brandongale1 you’ll feel relieved after.

  17. I mean what if her plan was to go for the car and legally make it her own and then cock block him and come back to her boyfriend again

  18. Anyone would just take the car and then say they've changed they're mind! He was actually pathetic and this whole plot was dumb!

  19. nonsense, it never made sense to me for women to leave whoever for the sake of a car or rich person. It's really creepy … to favor a complete stranger over someone close.

  20. Sergio : "This is depressing, because I can't afford any of these cars"

    Also Sergio : whipping a Tesla

  21. ഒരു കുടുംബം കലക്കിയപ്പോ അവർക്ക് സമാധാനമായി

  22. Damn!! How can a girl do that to him!?!? HE IS SOOOOO HANDSOME!! And he looks like a really chill and fun guy! 😍

  23. She is a good gold digger. She didn't or doesn't want to cheat on her boyfriend for the car, but the more she thought the car was real she became open to the idea of ditching her boyfriend.

  24. She never reply him many days even she know he won grand price

    So she not a gold digger they forcing her to be

    Anyone agree with me hit like no comment

  25. I hate this man he destroy others happy life

    Guess what I think he never find love in his life


  26. I don’t get it?! What’s so good about a car that does the SAME thing as the car you already have except go fast like I would never do what she did

  27. im getting confused u keep saying ferrari but it was a lmbo u "bought " seems strange

  28. Udy, learn how to read people man. Dylan was crushed and you're giggling like a little schoolgirl cos you've got a good video? That was a shit move bro, wise up!

  29. This is obviously scripted. But even if it was real, she technically didn’t cheat. She only said that she was gonna break up with her bf but that could’ve been a lie to finesse the dude out of a car and stay with her bf.

  30. tbh u guys kinda put her on the spot… i mean given more time, she might have thought it over some more…

  31. "We always try to stay optimistic"…. Why are they damn optimistic that she is going to be a Gold Digger Jesus. This whole thing is so manipulative, I bet if they were put in Aaliyah's shoes they would have failed.

  32. such a 😤 why she did that to him😡😡😡so hurtful she don't appreciate a good guy😡😡😡😤

  33. Seriously guys if a woman offered you a Ferrari to go on a date with her would you refuse it? I don't even get why people act like her reaction is crazy

  34. i would tell my bf what had happened since the beginning & ask him for his thoughts if i should take it or not to save that money for our future

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