Willy the Hillbilly – First Mountain Dew Commercial (1966) + Lyrics

Ya-hooo! Mountain Dew! Oh beautiful Sal was a stone hearted gal Refusing to Bill or to Coo But Clem was right smart, he appealed to her heart With that gal gettin’ good old Mountain Dew Ya-hooo! Mountain Dew! Mountain Dew will tickle your innards, cause
there’s a bang in every bottle! At the county turkey shoot,
Cousin Luke warn’t worth a hoot He was hopeless ’till he finally took the
cue Ya-hooo! Mountain Dew! Now he shoots off the cuff;
get’s more than enough After nippin’ at that good old Mountain Dew Sure as shootin’ there’s a bang in every bottle
Of our de-licious soft drink, Mountain Dew! It’ll tickle yore innards!

100 thoughts on “Willy the Hillbilly – First Mountain Dew Commercial (1966) + Lyrics

  1. I believe the 2011 translation for "It'll Tickle Your Innards" is "Stomach Cancer"

  2. @maestrojon

    Funny… But actually, the *original* meaning for "It'll tickle yore innards" is because it was originally wiskey. Check it out here:
    omg-facts,com/view/OMG/14162 (change comma before com to period)

  3. @MrPacMan36 That is pretty common knowledge dude. It is also called "moonshine"

  4. moral of this video: drink whiskey, and operate a gun at the same time. if you do, you will hit everything. also: whiskey makes girls like you

  5. they should remake this for the next superbowl or something.

    dont let a classic die!

  6. @maestrojon …lol..yeah that's what is wrong with today! I get tired of that anal retentative scared of everything crap.

  7. @maestrojon …lol..yeah that's what is wrong with today! I get tired of that anal retentative scared of everything crap.

  8. lol ittl tikle your innards, all that means to me is you'll get hit in the nuts

  9. @masterblaster273 Thats true. But every sub culture in this nation has their democrat degenerates.

  10. @EddieErwinEngines48 Well in a country were a moron socialist got elected blaming others and saying
    "Hope" and "Change", nobody smart is well liked. Idiot democrats think you can print and borrow your way into a good economy. LOL Just like Bush did, but better becuase an idiot is doing it to a greater extent.

  11. @MrMrPWN In your own words what is a socialist? I ask because I could give dozens of examples of things that he has down which are very socialist.

  12. @MrMrPWN Why can't socialist do math? Even in socialist Europe they are now having to make austerity decisions. There aren't enough rich people or wealth in the world to support all of the lazy morons who want something for nothing.

  13. @MrMrPWN Because evil always demands more. Socialist in America want more, Socialist in Europe want more, and even the communist in the Soviet Union wanted more, until they day it all collapsed.

  14. @MrMrPWN Because socialist are always wanting more. Obama has moved us as close as he could. But even in Socialist Europe they want more and consider less radical socialist to be capitalist. Bush was a big government socialist and somehow Obama has grown government 20 percent more than what Bush did, welfare is at record numbers, social security has record payouts, record grants given out, record deficits with record debt. How much more socialism do you want? I ask because we are on the edge.

  15. If this commercial was targeted at any other racial group it would be considered racist. It's very racist to me….

  16. @MrPacMan36 Extremely steroetypic view of whites from certain parts of the US?

  17. @xcellken1

    Uh… This is literally portraying the south in the 60's… So it can't be racist xD.

  18. @MrPacMan36 You're such a jerkwad, you probably think cartoons like The Flintstones accurately portrayed the life of cave men, or The Jetsons accurately portrayed life in the 21st century, or that everyone in Colorade acts just like South Park.

  19. Why do they make commercials like this anymore and what ever happened to Willy?

  20. @brb1006

    He's on the Mountain Dew Throwback bottles. Google: Mountain Dew Throwback and you'll find him.

  21. Ahhh…..One of the BEST sodas EVER! This guy at work drinks the stuff by the 24 pack!!!

  22. @Idonthaveanamelol
    I figured it out not to long ago, the last moonshiner died at 61 name was pop corn sutten

  23. All these years and still the most disgusting drink ever made, I'm drinking one now its all there is I'm pissed so and want the world to know I hate Mtn dew

  24. There selling this stuff in cans in UK it called mtn dew original it got a picture of the caricters on it

  25. i have one of those hillbilly mountain dew bottles that i found in an old bottle dump in my collection

  26. ilivein appalacha. this is insulting, but very intertaining. we watched it in history class. and to that man who said we are uneducated and toothless, Come here and say that to our faces and see what happens!!

  27. that would explain your being toothless if that's how you react to a perceived insult

  28. this was made to try to get people in my area to buy mt. dew. and, pabo6503? that last part was ment for the people who insulted the people in the Appalacha area. meny of the people who took a survey called us toothless and uneducated. i'd like those peopke to know I have only had one tooth pulled. and for the idiots who don't know where ohio is, go back to geography class!

  29. I have a vintage 1966 mountian dew bottle that is featured in this commercial

  30. you obviously don't drink it on a regular basis, if you did you would know that after about 2 years it has no effect.

  31. "It'll Tickle Your Innards."

    brb stealing that slogan for my new home abortion service

  32. This a true story:
    My great great Uncle named Mountain Dew
    He suggested it at an Ohio Institute meeting in Toledo, Ohio
    His official obituary states him as the namer of Mountain Dew

  33. It's not racist at all, but it is somewhat exploitative of a disenfranchised segment of society.

  34. That's where everyone gets their Mountain Dew I thought… You're only drinking straight from the tap 😉

  35. I think Red Bull owns a ton of money to the geniuses that created this 40 years ago.

  36. I think he means the south side of his trailer. His hog-sized of a wife is taking half his home and he's just pissed, so he came here for that good ol' Mountain Dew 😉

  37. So the first Mtn Dew commercial was in 1966? I find that interesting since Barney and Ally Hartman came out with Mtn Dew in 1940.I done some research on it.

  38. @THX1146 Yeah, I hope when we move to Kentucky (of the North Georgia Mountains) I find a girl like that (but 15% less aggressive, and also my age.)

  39. Did any of you ever see that Mountain Dew ad with an older hillbilly lookin' guy than the one in this video leap-frogging over three women?  There is so much subliminal sex imagery in that '60s ad it's hilarious.

  40. So appropriate that a hillbilly was the mascot and now the drink is famous for leaving hillbillies toothless.

  41. Funny thing is is that whenever I'd offer girls Mountain Dew they laugh but back then they'd slob your knob and buy you an Xbox if you gave them Mtn Dew wtf

  42. mtn dew was created by guys in tennessee . they got the name after moonshine that used to be made and ran there. ppl called shine mtn dew white lightening etc..

  43. Mountain Dew. The official drink of the Appalachia peoples. 🤐

  44. No, there were animated Mountain Dew commercials by spring of '65. Either this isn't the first or it's really from early 1965. I can't remember.

  45. Dag, I'm still in shock!  Never saw this commercial…just wrong on so many levels!

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