Working at Google as a Cloud Field Sales Representative

My name is Joao Itaqui. I’m a
Field Sales Rep for Google Cloud. I started eight years ago in Brazil, and
I was doing enterprise sales for Latin America. And then I moved to the U.S. to
work as a Field Sales Representative. I think what attracted me to
this particular role was the fact that this is a totally different moment in the cloud market. We are actually offering our
internal technology, our Google magic. I mean this is so huge in terms of
growth and meaning for the customers. They are lighter, they are faster, they are
more competitive. You can see the impact. This is a transformational sale. First we need to make sure that the organization is open and ready. And you have to be in a position
that you are a trusted advisor. When you have enterprise IT experience, you’re
going to be able to apply your sales skills, but because of the pace of the innovation and because
we are evolving, the sales role is also evolving. I don’t think we can describe a typical day. You have to be sometimes in trainings, talking with
specialists, talking with product managers, but you want to stay as much as you can on the field. If you work in a specific vertical, this is something that
you are definitely going to be able to use here because we are touching all the verticals from
startups to Fortune 50 companies. And there’s a lot of people in the Cloud
organization that are there to support you. So the closest person that the field sales
have is the assisting engineer. There is a lot of technical discussions, and I rely
on the customer engineering on that part. I am fortunate enough to work with people from a lot of
different backgrounds, a lot of different cultures. Here at Google we use that in our advantage. So everyone who works here has this notion
that we are part of something bigger. The cloud market is changing so fast
and we are changing so fast, you’re going to have to make your own rules
sometimes, so this is the fun part of the job: talking with your customer, understanding their needs, you can go back to Google Cloud, and you can
suggest things, you can create campaigns, so everything is for you to define. It’s awesome.

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