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[PRESIDENT BUSH]: The resolve of our great
nation is being tested. But make no mistake, we will show the world that we will pass this
test. [FRED MILLS]: Everyone remembers where they
were on the morning of September 11 2001. The horror of that day will never be forgotten.
Its impact has literally shaped the world that we now all live in. In the aftermath, the former World Trade Center
site in New York came to be called ground zero; a focal point for recovery efforts and
for people’s grief. In time, it also became the focus of determined efforts to rebuild;
a desire to demonstrate the resolve of America and citizen’s across the free world, and
to pay tribute to those who lost their lives. In November 2001, New York’s then Governor
George Pataki established the Lower Manhattan Development Corporation (LMDC) to oversee
the rebuilding process. As those early discussions for rebuilding
got underway, recovery and clearance teams continued to work 24 hours a day to carefully
unpick and remove debris from the ground zero site, completing their work in May 2002. For
obvious reasons, this is a phase of the site’s history that we won’t be examining in detail. The site under discussion for development
encompassed the original footprint of the World Trade Centre complex with a desire to
reopen access through Greenwich Street which had been blocked by the original World Trade
Centre development when it was built in the 1970s. At this point, with masterplan proposals for
the site being developed by Daniel Libeskind, the project entered several years of disagreement,
debate and controversy. Arguments wore on about who owned the land and what would now
be constructed there. Many people wanted the Twin Towers to be rebuilt
in a stronger and taller form. Others didn’t want anything built there at all and felt
that ground zero should become a memorial. During this period, the new 7 World Trade
Center, designed by David Childs of Skidmore Owings and Merrell, was constructed on the
site of its original structure. It sits adjacent to, but separate from the main World Trade
Center complex, meaning that it only needed approval from New York’s Port Authority.
This enabled works to progress without delay and the building completed in 2006 – the
first new structure at Ground Zero. Eventually, an agreement was reached on the
main complex. Rights were granted to create a memorial on the footprints of the original
Twin Towers in exchange for surrounding that memorial with several new skyscrapers. This
deal between the major parties became known as “The Swap” and is now recognised as
the most complex real estate transaction in human history. With differences for the most part resolved,
work began on the various aspects of the new World Trade Center complex. The most recognisable new structure is the
vast One World Trade Center, a 104-storey tower that rises to a symbolic height of 1776
feet; the year of American Independence. The building was again designed by David Childs
of Skidmore Owings and Merrell. Creating the tallest building in the United
States, and the Western Hemisphere for that matter, posed significant engineering challenges. Construction began in 2006, with digging down
to New York’s bedrock and the use of explosives to clear some of this material away. From
there, concrete foundations were constructed and the first column, was lifted into place. With foundations constructed, the building’s
central concrete core was formed using a climbing rig that climbed the core as it hardened.
The steel frame structure followed, with the glazing coming up after that. As the building rose, working at height became
a significant challenge. The developing levels were cocooned in a mesh frame to prevent tools
or debris falling. This moved with the building as it grew, until the glazing was installed.
Workers slept in temporary accommodation on the tower’s levels to save the time spent
travelling back down to ground level each day. The weather also caused problems. Steelwork
and major building elements could not be lifted up the building in extreme wind speeds or
on days with poor visibility. The tower was completed in 2014 with the installation
of its antenna. Across the complex, 4 World Trade Centre was
completed in 2013. Rising to a height of 72 storeys, this impressive structure provides
modern office space with incredible views across Manhattan and the greater New York City area. As it stands, further developments are planned
for 2, 3 and 5 World Trade Centre subject to tenancy agreements, funding and approvals.
The grandest of these structures is likely to be 2 World Trade Center, the second tallest
building on the site. Closer to ground, the new World Trade Center
Transportation Hub opened in 2016. Sitting within the uniquely formed Oculus structure
designed by Santiago Calatrava to resemble a bird, the hub is a major piece of transportation
infrastructure for the city and has made an impressive architectural contribution to Manhattan. Rightly at the very core of the re-development
sits the National September 11 Memorial, consisting of two monuments positioned on the footprints
of the original Twin Tower buildings. The design is entitled “Reflecting Absence”
and is formed by waterfalls running into two pools that symbolise the loss of life and
the physical void left by the attacks. The sound of falling water mutes the noise of
the surrounding city to create a calm space for reflection. The memorial is supported by a museum that
documents the 9/11 attacks featuring artefacts, images and oral tributes from those who lost loved ones. In the years since 9/11 as ground zero has
developed into the new World Trade Center complex, it has continuously been a focal
point for tributes and memorials. Anniversaries of the attacks have been marked here and crowds
gathered when news broke of Osama Bin Laden’s death in 2011. What happened on this site will never be forgotten
and will shape our lives for decades to come. But its rebuilding has successfully balanced
the need to bounce back and move forward, with powerfully marking one of the most horrific
moments in history. It is perhaps best to finish with the words
that Barack Obama wrote across a steel beam installed at One World Trade Center: “We
Remember, We Rebuild, We Come Back Stronger”. If you enjoyed this video and would like to
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  1. Trump's proposal for the NEW "Twin Towers" is comedy gold. He seriously is pathetic.

  2. I hope the year 1368 is significant too because that’s how high the building actually is, I hate that they can just put 400ft spires on top of buildings and claim that as the height, this is the architectural equivalent of a kid holding their arm up above their head saying ‘but look I’m taller than you!’
    (Apparently the roof height is the same as the old twin towers, but it’s still stupid that it gets to claim it’s the tallest dick around even though 432 Park Avenue is 30ft higher just without a stupid antenna)

  3. 1 World Trade Center is honestly one of the ugliest most unimaginative buildings in the city. As a resident it’s one of the most disappointing parts about the whole rebuild. The memorial is beautiful though.

  4. I can't help thinking that if this project was done in a place like Dubai; it would have been done in just a few years instead of the over a decade that it took.

  5. I want to see the technology utilised in the new building.

    That white building looks like a fish skeleton. Neat.

  6. 2 world trade center looks like a child stacked building blocks not top of each other, I liked the old one better

  7. yes we all remember where we were and we all remember it was the muslim faith that took us there

  8. Um, the CN Tower in Toronto is 1,815 ft, which is taller. Or are you not considering this as building.

  9. I want to thank you so much!!!!!! I have lived in New York and my father still lives there with my step-mother. The city is in my heart still. I do miss the Old two towers 1and 2 that gave New York it's signature style….Thank you…

  10. Just asking Fred… As an experienced and educated professional in the construction industry, do you believe that the Twin Towers were demolished, merely by the impact of two jetliners? How is this quantified in the field of modern engineering?

  11. If you visit New York City make an effort to go to the 9/11 memorial museum, I think its extremely well done

  12. I would assanite bush n Cheney first biggest liars I till today they did it for money no different from Pablo escabar or elchopo

  13. I wouldn't go there to see it if they bought me tickets ! A lot of people died there for nothing , Bush got his war , Larry Silverstein got his new office buildings , ( the towers were full of asbestos and losing money ) so he had a BIG problem . Here come the terrorist to save the day .

  14. You cannot expect your audience to be more interested in your material than you are. You severely understated tone comes across as bored and uninspired.

  15. Original World Trade Center 2 dominant structures

    New World Trade Center 1 dominant structure

    half ass replacement

  16. It should have been TALLER 😑 the spire doesn’t really count… the Willis tower In Chicago is taller. The the complex as a whole is very underwhelming. They should have rebuilt the twin towers taller, modernized and with the mirrored facade

  17. They should be building two identical buildings like before, its lame they are are different.

  18. Really not a huge fan of 1 WTC. It just doesn't seem to fit the city. Too glassy and futuristic looking. It does, however, look pretty cool at night.

  19. They were blown up with explosives in a controlled demolition. Those people lost their lives not due to Aircraft impact but a pre wired demolition.
    Saved Larry Silvertein huge amount of money in demolition fees and he made a fortune out of IT….LARRY SILVERSTEIN is EVIL

  20. You couldn't pay me to work in that cemetery. Muslims will target it again.

  21. I remember being there in 2008 and there were still signs of damage from the attacks on surrounding buildings. Crazy to think all this has been done since I've been there last.

  22. The POOLS look like giant toilets.
    Symbolic of The U.S.going down the drain.

  23. Whoever brought those beautiful towers down I hope they will go to somewhere worse than hell not to mention the people and every thing else

  24. Considering that the entire official explanation of Sept 11th has things that just don't add up.
    I would say this entire thing is a sham.

  25. Hi B1M please check out the massive build build build program of the Philippines government with masive infrastructure projects through out the whole country.

    Thanks and more power to B1M.

  26. Ok Guys… the 1WTC isn't THAT ugly. obviously the og towers were soo much better but this was a good design. The whole other complex messed it up. 2WTC is horrific, i wish they kept it simple like the og towers.

  27. Memorial just a hole, I hope that twins will be rebuilded taller than it was

  28. The memorial is well done, but tower 1 is just "meh".
    They should have redone two based on the original likeness.

  29. "We'll blow up the buildings, go into a war with the middle east, get our money, and then we'll build a nice little memorial for all the victims."-George Bush

  30. Just a question. Real quick question really. Why the fuck y’all put trump in here? He didn’t do shit in this whole thing

  31. Thanks for uploading! The rebuilt World Trade Center is very beautiful. Also, may we Never Forget the beautiful people who lost their lives on 9/11. May their glorious souls rest in peace.

  32. They should just build the actual tower just that without the spire for WTC 2.Not that horrible ladder😡

  33. I respect your guys's hard work. But, why not build two freedom towers.

  34. The new buildings don’t do it for me. They should have rebuilt twin towers stronger taller and better. It kind of looks like a generic Hong Kong type complex now. That being said I do like the actual memorials they’re beautiful. But they should have rebuilt two towers to commemorate the originals.

  35. While I think the new building is pretty nice, they should've rebuilt the original WTC in my opinion.

  36. Having the other three buildings there thinking about making takes something away from the 1 world trade center, prefer it to stand out like the original twin towers did. Or even have a second twin tower built.

  37. Spare the dramatics, the event was dramatic enough. No, not everyone remembers where they were on the morning of September 11th, 2001. Some are dead; some have demntia; some weren't born yet; some were in other time zones where morning was over. You don't need to exaggerate to make your point.

  38. I visited in August of 2011. As an impatient 11 year old boy, I was wondering when it would be finished and wondered what it would look like

  39. Why build any skyscrapers? Build smaller, safer buildings that are 50 stories high or lower. Making sure people can actually escape from if same fate happens as 911

  40. The old trade centers was better, they should have just recuild the two workd trade centers again.

  41. I can't believe people are debating on what 'they' like better, the twin towers or the freedom towers. it's not about you, nobody cares what you think. You're all speaking so superficially you probably have no idea what these victims and their loved ones are going through. the pools are a beautiful, eternal reflection pool, if you've ever been there, it's so serine and offers a space for those affected to reflect, if they can bare the pain of their memories. the building is strong yet humble, showing unity as the walls come to one. the museum captures the experience so well, it's almost too emotional to bare. This is not about you.

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